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Image of the egg cannon from the Splatoon 3 Direct

The egg cannon is a mechanic in Salmon Run Next Wave in Splatoon 3. It is distributed to every player at the beginning of an Xtrawave.


The egg cannon is used to launch Golden Eggs at King Salmonids and Boss Salmonids by pressing or , dealing 800 direct damage on impact[1]. Unlike the usual egg throw, firing the egg cannon does not consume ink or produce an ink explosion around the player. Instead, it causes Golden Eggs to explode into ink when they fall on the ground or hit a target (with a splash damage of 200 within a blast radius of 2.5), and they are launched much further than bombs can be thrown.

The egg cannon is attached in the center of the Lifesaver on the player's back.


Secret weapon: Egg Cannon

When the Xtrawave starts, you'll get egg cannons to fire back at the King Salmonid. Get your hands on a Golden Egg, then press for a whale-sized smackdown.

The Xtrawave is a fight for survival, so no egg basket here. Use those Golden Eggs for offense, and fire off that egg cannon!



  • While launched Golden Eggs do a significant amount of damage (800) to the King Salmonid, they can be used to defeat many Boss Salmonids in one shot by aiming at their weak points, effectively trading one Golden Egg for three.
    • Big Shots, Drizzlers, Fish Sticks, armored Flipper-Floppers, Maws, and Stingers cannot be defeated in one shot.
    • Flyfish can either be defeated by launching Golden Eggs into the baskets in the same manner as bombs, or in a single shot by aiming low between the backboards.
    • Golden Egg shots do not have piercing properties.
  • The egg cannon does not produce the 100 damage ink explosion of the usual egg throw, leaving players more vulnerable if they fire eggs while surrounded.
  • When an egg cannon shot lands, it deals 200 splash damage to the surroundings, specifically within a radius of 2.5 (meters, or deci-DU).


  • A player with a loaded egg cannon will glow while swimming.

Names in other languages

Egg cannon
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese イクラキャノン
ikura kyanon
Salmon roe cannon
Netherlands Dutch Eierkanon Egg cannon
CanadaFrance French Canon à œufs
Germany German Eierkanone Egg Cannon
Italy Italian Cannuovo Egg cannon
Russia Russian Икринковая пушка
Ikrinkovaya pushka
Caviar cannon
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Lanzahuevecillos
Spain Spanish (NOE) Cañón alevínico
China Chinese (Simplified) 鲑鱼卵大炮
guīyúluǎn dàpào
Salmon roe cannon
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 鮭魚卵大炮
guīyúluǎn dàpào
Salmon roe cannon
South Korea Korean 연어알 캐넌
 Internal RoeCannon [3]

Egg Throw
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese イクラ投げ
Salmon roe throw
Netherlands Dutch Ei gooien Throwing egg
CanadaFrance French Lancer d'œuf
Germany German Eierwurf Egg throw
Italy Italian Lanciare un uovo
Russia Russian Икринковый бросок
Ikrinkovyy brosok
Caviar throw
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Lanzar un huevecillo
Spain Spanish (NOE) Lanzar un alevín
China Chinese (Simplified) 投掷鲑鱼卵
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 投擲鮭魚卵
South Korea Korean 연어알 던지기
 Internal RoeThrow [3]