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Unconfigured Palettes

Smollusk's top secwet notes! They're wocked up tight unwess someone fiddles with the contwol room on the top floor!

Pearl's Palette

Did you know I study my enemies' moves in the name of order?

Thanks to the digital tickets those jerks sent me, I watch all the livestweams of their shows! Then I check the VODs to examine evewy detail of their evewy move.

CURSE THAT PEAWL! She's too cool...

Marina's Palette

Mawina used to understand the value of an unchanging world. But then SHE changed! What happened?!

Phooey! I'll never forgive whoever got to Mawina! And I won't forgive Mawina either for betwaying her pwinciples!

I'm gonna punish ALL of them!

Agent 4's Palette

THIS is who Mawina wanted in charge of Memverse secuwity? This unfwappable, fwee-spiwited so-and-so? I would never abide it!

Buuut... no weason such stwength shouldn't be used to pwotect a world of order.

An Order Defense Force is MUCH cooler than a New Squidbeak Splatoon anyway! No lawless do-gooder would be beyond our gwasp!

Upon obtaining Agent 4's Palette:
What in the world? This is Agent 4's Palette!
Oh yeah, Agent 4! Uh, who was that again?
One of the New Squidbeak Splatoon members that
Cap'n Cuttlefish introduced us to.
Ohhh yeah, the one who was supposed to be such a big
shot. Uh, what's Agent 4's Palette doing here?
Well, Palettes are actually a representation of part of
someone's soul
I guess Order somehow pulled a part of Agent 4's soul
into the Memverse, turning it into a Palette.
What, for real?! Man, we better keep this with us.
Wouldn't want anything happening to it.
I'm still getting signals from other Palettes in the
lockers. Let's keep opening them as we find keys!

Callie's Palette

This Cawwie and her foolish airheaded ways are a menace to any self-wespecting fan of order. She never wistens to her betters!

Huh? She's friends with some Octolings, you say? Not only is she cute, she's a nice wady too!

WAIT! Is her twue plan to lure Octolings to the squid world with her charm?! How wepwehensible! She must be PUNISHED!

Upon obtaining Callie's Palette:
Aaah! This is Callie's Palette!
Man, I haven't caught up with Callie in a minute. Hope
she's doing OK. She seems pretty good every time
I see her on TV.
Yeah. But can you even picture Callie NOT doing well?

Marie's Palette

What was this one's name? Mawie? She's pwobably the most pwomising of the bunch.

Her bwilliant, sharp mind cuts through the noise and stwaightens out chaotic airheads! She's pwactically a guardian of order alweady!

Except... she kinda seems OK with chaos? And that's a big no-no for sewious order fans! BLEH! NO THANKS!

Upon obtaining Marie's Palette:
No way! Marie's Palette is here too?!
Wait. Then you're holding...a piece of Marie's soul?
That's too cool! And I'm close enough to TOUCH it.
I'm freaking out over here!
Woah there, 'Rina! Breathe, girl. Find your chill.

Shiver's Palette

I saw this Shiver person call a giant beast "Master"!

But I didn't see this "Master" teaching her any wessons. Maybe this so-called Shiver is just twying to suck up to it?

NOT OK! Fwatterers like her can never twuly be twusted. Her chaotic lies must be PUNISHED!

Upon obtaining Shiver's Palette:
Shiver is so graceful and elegant...
Yeah, I guess. It's just, sometimes when I'm talking
to Frye, I can feel Shiver's eyes boring holes in me.
Really? Huh. Can't say I've ever noticed that.

Frye's Palette

GWAAAH! What a chaotic mess! Is this what souls are like in Spwatsville?!

And get this. Sometimes it pways a stwange flute and POOF! A bunch of yellow cweatures appear and do twicks! Incwedible! Wow, they seem so tame and fwiendwy with the—

NO! Keeping someone capable of such feats around would only distwact me fwom my mission. For the sake of order, they must all be PUNISHED!

Upon obtaining Frye's Palette:
Yesss! We found Frye's Palette!
Frye is so adorable. I love how every time we meet,
she makes a beeline right for you!
Yeah, though it's always a toss-up whether she's
coming in to hug me or punch me.

Big Man's Palette

I've seen how this big manta was waised with wuv in a warm, caring household!

Life seems tough for him wight now. He's got wesponsibiwities as head of his cwan, fwiends who give him all sorts of gwief, and a job that keeps him up wate writing songs.

So why is there always such a happy gweam in his eyes?! BWECH! It annoys me, so he must be PUNISHED!

Upon obtaining Big Man's Palette:
Hey, it's Big Man's Palette!
Oh man, that Ian BGM alias is super fresh. He shoulda
just gone with that stage name for everything.
WHAT? Are you telling me Ian BGM and Big Man
are the same person?!

Murch's Palette

I saw this guy conducting some sketchy business with that suspiciouswy spiky-headed old guy!

Although now it seems like maybe he's wondering if he's satisfied with his cuwwent station in life?

Don't give up! There's always a future in order for industwious young men. Wash your hands of these chaotic ways as soon as you can!

Upon obtaining Murch's Palette:
Murch? Oh yeah, that little squirt!
"Little squirt"? Pearl, he's been taller than you for
a while now.
I heard that Murch found a job out of town. I'd love
to catch up with him for a chat.

Sheldon's Palette

I personawwy saw this so-called Sheldon person taking on two small, adowable disciples a lot like me!

WHICH MEANS...he took two young, impwessionable children who've known him since they were babies and waised them to inhewit his wegacy.

What sort of tewwible person would drill a wuv for weapons into children so young? This is an outwage! He must be PUNISHED!

Upon obtaining Sheldon's Palette:
Oh, this Palette is from Sheldon!
Where'd Sheldon move to again? Splatsville?
He's found a whole new audience for his lectures
on weapons, and I love that for him!
Oof. Those poor, poor saps in Splatsville...

DJ Octavio's Palette

HWAAAT?! This is a big-shot Octarian! He seems to spend most of his time these days fwying around in his bwand-new robot.

But this is no time to be gwinding wasabi! The happiness of all Octokind depends on you! Pull yourself together!

The magistwate of order doesn't pway favowites, not even for big shots. I sentence him to PUNISHMENT!

Upon obtaining DJ Octavio's Palette:
What the?! Even Octavio has a Palette here?
He used to be your boss, right? We'll put this thing
to work as revenge for him running you ragged!
I mean...he didn't work me THAT hard. But we're going
to get a lot of use out of this anyway! Sorry, sir!

Agent 8's Palette

Oh, hiii, Eight! Can you tell I'm behaving myself and doing a good job as boss of the Spire?

I have all the Jelletons here with me, so it doesn't get too wonely. But I still want you and Peawl and Mawina and Acht to come pway sometimes! You'll always have a fwiend in Smollusk!

Upon obtaining Agent 8's Palette:
The lockers turned into Eight's Palette?!
I... did NOT expect that. Kinda weird that your Palette
was the lockers themselves, Eight!
But this is the last one, yeah? We just gotta
reconfigure it, and we're done here!
Er, wait. Something's odd about your Palette, Eight.
It seems a bit resistant to hacking.
In fact... the more hacks you have active, the fewer
color chips you can set.
Huh. That throws a wrench into the usual plan.
I like it!
All right, Eight! First, check with Marina to see if you
can live without any of those hacks. Then we'll get
your Palette to the top of the Spire, no sweat!