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My Splatoon 3 Character

Hello, I'm SpicyBoi (my Splatoon 3 splashtag). My Switch Username is GameWolfTX, so that is my Splatoon 2 name. I'm pretty new to Inkpedia, so I might have to ask how to work with the source code.

I have been playing Splatoon since it came out. My favorite weapon is the .52 Gal (.52 Gal Deco in Splatoon, Kensa .52 Gal in Splatoon 2, .52 Gal in Splatoon 3)

Thanks to WolfTamer S3 Icon Callie.png for the help with Icons and infoboxes.

Favorite Maps

Kelp Dome

Mahi-Mahi Resort (they kinda ruined it in Splatoon 3)


Hagglefish Market


Splatoon NA Box Art.jpg In Splatoon 1 I am

Judd1.png Level- 39

S3 Badge Rank A.png Rank- B

Splatoon2coverart.png In Splatoon 2 I am

Judd1.png Level-20

S3 Badge Rank A.png Ranks- C+ to B+

S3 Badge Grizzco 10K.png Salmon Run: Profreshional

Splatoon 3 front cover NA.png In Splatoon 3 I am

Judd1.png Level- 34

S3 Badge Rank A.png Rank- A-

S3 Badge Grizzco 10K.png Salmon Run: Eggsecutive VP

Splatfests and Big Runs

I have played in a lot of splatfests. I don't remember a lot of the first Splatoon Splatfests, but I remember the final one. My team is in parentheses. I bold the winner.

Splatoon 1

North American Splatfest Cats vs Dogs.jpg Cats v. Dogs (Dog because I love dogs and have one)

North American Splatfest Art vs Science.jpg Art v. Science (Science, because I really like science)

North American Splatfest Burgers vs Pizza.jpg Burgers v. Pizza (Burgers are better)

North American Splatfest Past vs. Future.jpg Past v. Future (Future, I love sci-fi)

S Splatfest Pokemon Red vs. Pokemon Blue.jpg Pokémon Red v. Pokémon Blue (Pokémon Blue, Blastoise is better)

Splatfest Callie vs Marie.jpg Callie v. Marie (Marie)

Splatoon 2

S2 Splatfest Super Mushroom vs Super Star.png Super Mushroom v. Super Star (Super Star, because invincibility)

Splatoon 3

S3 Splatfest Spicy vs Sweet vs Sour.png Spicy v. Sweet v. Sour (Spicy Ruler(obviously))

S3 Splatfest Dark Chocolate vs Milk Chocolate vs White Chocolate.png Dark Chocolate v. Milk Chocolate v. White Chocolate (White Chocolate Ruler +2 (yes I like white chocolate))

S3 Decoration bronze Horrorboros.png Big Run (Horrorborros) I placed in top 50%

S3 Splatfest Nessie vs. Alien vs. Bigfoot NA Text.jpg Nessie v. Aliens v. Bigfoot (Aliens Champion because I like sci-if and aliens are most likely to be real)

S3 Splatfest Power vs Wisdom vs Courage.png Power v. Wisdom, v. Courage (Power Ruler +1)

File:S3 Decoration sliver Lesser Salmonid swarm.png Big Run (Undertow Spillway) I placed in top 20%


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