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A mem medal

Mem medals are collectables in the Octo Expansion.


Mem medals are blue medals awarded to Agent 8 by C.Q. Cumber after beating the final Turf War boss. After this point, mem medals can be received by visiting qualifying stations and speaking to C.Q. Cumber in each level. Qualifying stations are marked on the Deepsea Metro map with a specific logo.

Taking the medals to Central Station and interacting with the vending machine allows Agent 8 to spend them in exchange for items.



There are ten medals to collect. After spending all medals Agent 8 has on them, the vending machine reverts to spending 15,000 CQ Points for an item.

Medal Reward
First One drink ticket
Second 20,000 CQ Points
Third Three of the same ability chunks
Fourth 20,000 cash
Fifth Three drink tickets
Sixth Five of the same ability chunks
Seventh One Galactic Seanwich food ticket (exp reward increased by 150%)
Eighth 40,000 cash
Ninth One Triple-Fried Galactic Shwaffle food ticket (cash reward increased by 150%)
Tenth Fourteen drink tickets, one for each drink


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ネルメダル
Neru medaru
Kamabo Medal
Netherlands Dutch Komco-medaille Kamabo medal