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Latest comment: 5 April 2023 by Rat L. Boy in topic Inkopolis gear stores


So I see there's some inconsistency with the presentation of the Gear icons. Some use the image as seen on the Gear selection menu...

Top Black Anchor Tee.jpg

... while others use the image from the Booyah Base shop menu.

S Gear Headgear Lightweight Cap.png

On the one hand, I think the shop icon is cleaner. But on the other hand, the shop icons are smaller, and not all Gear can appear there (amiibo gear, Splatfest Tee, etc.).

I've actually gone through the game and screenshotted all the Gear I've collected so far (I almost have everything!), and have prepared large, Gear-menu images for all of them. They're all exactly the same subregion of the screen, and they're all 200×180 pixels in size.

Looks like this wiki doesn't allow external images, so you'll have to settle for links to sample images:

Additionally, there doesn't appear to be any real consistency in the file naming convention. I suggest the following:


For example, the Clothing item Zink Layered LS would have the filename Gear_Clothing_Zink_Layered_LS.png.

Before I go uploading a zillion images (I'm at 185 between Gear and Weapons), I wanted to run it by you guys first.

--GuyPerfect (talk) 22:00, 15 June 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

So it would appear I'm a moron. On the Equip menu, to the left of the item details, there's these lovely images of 12 Gear at a time and they're all in the style of the Booyah Base shop icons. I've snapped everything at the game's native 720p, so I'll get to work on processing these today. --GuyPerfect (talk) 13:38, 16 June 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

brands and abilities

I'm still hoping for a good way to look up gear/abilities for someone shopping for optimum freshness or functionality. Maybe a :hover box somewhere in the tables? Maybe another separate table somewhere purely for ability review/planning? (ugh) Maybe adding a it to the individual weapon pages info boxes? (not ideal, but probably the least icky to implement so far) --Tyroney (talk) 00:15, 16 June 2015 (UTC))Reply[reply]

Individual Gear Pages; Unnecessary?

I was wondering why almost every piece of gear has its own page. I don't think that every single piece of gear needs to have its own page, just the special ones, like the amiibo gear and the splat fest tee. Maybe even the gear earned in Hero Mode. All the information needed about the regular pieces of gear are already on the table; so many individual pages already seem unnecessary. --Jer455 (talk) 08:14, 16 June 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Disagree: people will search for gear in the search bar - we could direct them to the table or have an article telling and showing them what that gear is. We would not be able to fit all the information about one piece of gear on the table: it is meant as a summary list only. Slate Talk Contribs 12:12, 16 June 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Thing is, there's not a lot of information about each Gear piece. A quick glance suggests the following data is available:
  • Name
  • Image
  • Unlock Conditions (Cost, Hero Mode, amiibo, Splatfest)
  • Brand
  • Main Ability
  • Rarity
  • Whether it can be ordered from Spyke (some cost-less items can be ordered)
I'm thinking all of this could be added to the table, using some images to condense the needed screen real estate. The Cash, Octo Valley, amiibo or Splatfest logos can be used for Unlock (with the number of coins needed to purchase if cash is required). The Spyke icon from the Plaza map can be present if order-able, or absent if not. And then, well, that about covers it with what's already in there. Each individual Gear name could simply be a redirect to the entry in the table.
'Course, I never was quite clear on how the expand/collapse thing worked. If redirecting straight to a specific Gear, the table would have to be in its expanded state. On the other hand, does it really need to be collapsible to begin with?
--GuyPerfect (talk) 13:38, 16 June 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
with indvidual pages, gear could be given all sorts of crazy categories I suppose. (red gear, sporty gear, formal gear) Also as I mentioned it might be the easiest place to add detailed brand ability info for those shopping for particular style/ability. (I need predominantly these 6 abilities how do I find three such pieces that match?) Besides that, I agree that individual pages aren't needed.--Tyroney (talk) 16:06, 16 June 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I've done up a mockup of how this might look with all the data in the table. It's not strictly a proposal; rather, just a prototype for how it might be done. Take a look at User:GuyPerfect/Sandbox --GuyPerfect (talk) 22:34, 16 June 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Merge with List of gear in Splatoon?

This article has a few problems... it notes the list of gear in Splatoon page as its main article, even though it contains more content than that page. It includes links to headgear, clothing, and shoes, which just redirect to their section heading a little further down the page. And finally, it transcludes the entire list of gear in Splatoon page, so is there a point to having two pages? My vote is to move the list's content to this page and then redirect the list page here. The only reason for having a separate list page is if we end up getting a sequel and then this page would likely link to list pages for different games. Thoughts? --sunmarsh (talk) 22:40, 15 July 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Gear total numbers?

Would it be possible to add dynamically updating total counts for each of the gear types, such that 3 automatic total counts (and an overall count) are calculated from the number of elements in each table?

This would also need to be done on the Cooler Heads, Jelly Fresh, and Shrimp Kicks pages as well. This concept could also be applied to the Weapons page and its related pages.

I've found it difficult to find out how many of each gear types there are at any given time, and it seems like this would be a simple addition.

I3rend4nv05 (talk) 03:51, 20 October 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Is the article upside-down?

IMHO, the article is upside down. The 'version 2.3' list, if you don't look carefully (like I did) might be mistaken for the (in)complete gear list. I think the gear list should come first, then the "gear added in the latest version" later. --Guy jin (talk) 20:58, 3 January 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Eh, the 2.3.0 list is probably old enough that it can be taken off here anyway. Anyone else got thoughts before I remove it? --Bzeep! talk 21:13, 3 January 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Move to "Gear in Splatoon"?

I think, rather than trying to update the page to include information on both Splatoon and Splatoon 2, it would be easier to just split it off into two different pages. What does everyone think? Now dat's a nutty squid. 01:04, 15 July 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Bump. I'd like to get this done before Splatoon 2 is released if we're going to do it. Now dat's a nutty squid. 00:19, 18 July 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Gears and Abilities

I'm seeing some gears that does have another main ability. There are a lot of them, especially if the gear is from Splatnet 2. Like for example Camo Zip Hoodie has S Ability Quick Respawn.png Quick Respawnas the main ability but mine does have S Ability Ninja Squid.png Ninja Squid. Is this normal? If it is then what should we put as a main ability for these gears? --Nick10dude

SplatNet sells gear with abilities that differ from the defaults. Any ability can appear on any gear item this way, so it's not really meaningful to try to write it down. What is documented is the default ability for each item as well as the SplatNet price, which doesn't appear to change. --GuyPerfect (talk) 05:17, 16 August 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Total numbers of Splat 1 gear

It would be most helpful to list the following numbers anywhere, as it took me some time to determine (for purposes of 100% completion) and couldn't find them elsewhere:

Headgear: 70 Clothing: 122 Shoes: 67

Jaymar1234 (talk) 20:35, 17 November 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Added. Heddy (talk) 03:31, 18 November 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Redlink Online Lounge should be removed and simply changed to online battles, since the headset can be used with Salmon Run which is not in the Lounge. — Preceding unsigned comment added by JaredTamana (talkcontribs) 19:11, June 28, 2018

Wardrobe Size

Any limit to the amount of gear that one player can have? 5p1k3 (talk) 15:00, 31 October 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]

There is no limit to the amount of gear that you can have as I have every single piece of gear (except for Splatfest tees of course) in the North American version of Splatoon 2. Warriorking98 (talk) 21:43, 31 October 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Splatoon 2 Exclusive Gear

The Japan-only exclusive gear is starting to become less exclusive. I noticed that the gear page's intro description is template-based; should the template be updated? Source : Kratosauron0 (talk) 01:43, 23 July 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Brand link logos

Ok, so, just about every link in this article is this Forge, but a link like Forge Forge exists, which would be appropriate? Awildmusk (talk) 19:37, 9 March 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

The first kind is more appropriate, as the icon is not necessary. I went ahead and removed it. Heddy (talk) 06:18, 10 March 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Okay thank you! Awildmusk (talk) 16:21, 10 March 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Gear graph

I was wondering which gear was in which game and i found it quite confusing, would it not be easier to have all the gear put into a chart similar to the weapons page? it would make adding returning gear from splatoon 3 much easier Adalent (talk) 22:26, 10 September 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I think that this could be a nice improvement, I don't know if we have done this yet. I will see what I can do.
GakuGamez♪ (talk) 16:47, 11 March 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Inkopolis gear stores

I was wondering if we should add the inkopolis stores to the gear articles for Splatoon 3 because they don't currently have it.

I think this makes sense because you can buy the gear there. Rat L. Boy (talk) 02:33, 5 April 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I was actually trying to figure out how to do this myself earlier today, but I think I've come to the conclusion that with the way the gear intro text templates are set up to link things, it wouldn't be as easy as just changing the text in the relevant template to be like "Man-o'-Wardrobe and Jelly Fresh", as it would attempt to make that phrase into one link to a page that doesn't exist. Actually getting this working nicely would require editing the GearIntroTextEx template to account more specifically for Splatoon 3 having multiple of each type of store...and that template is really complicated and seems difficult to edit (along with having a high impact if a mistake is made considering it's used in so many places), so I never got around to it...It's probably a good idea from the standpoint of completion's sake though...Hopefully someone who can parse that template's code better could figure it out at some point... Pringlesfan2002 (talk) 03:29, 5 April 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Oh. I didn't realize that the gear pages used a template. Thanks. Rat L. Boy (talk) 16:00, 5 April 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]