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Random ideas

Square/Plaza/Default Player NPCs

Splatoon 1

Name Gender Skin Tone Eye Color Headgear Clothing Shoes Level Weapon Turf
Alice Girl light 3 Brown Tennis Headband/Def Mint Tee Orange Arrows/Run 7 Splat Roller 2985p
Anne Girl middle Green Urchin Cap/0 Sage Green Polo White Seahorses/dam 7 Classic Squiffer 1895p -
Bernardo Boy light 3? Orange Skate Helmet/Def/Qres Red Vector Tee Orange Lo-Tops/MainS 8 Jet Squelcher 2654p
Clara Girl dark 3? Green Zekko Mesh/0 Basic Tee Banana Basics/0 5 Splattershot Jr. 299p
Claudia Girl dark 3 Green Retro Specs /SwimSpeed White Tee Cherry Kicks/QuickS;Defense 9 Classic Squiffer 2873p
Daisuke Boy middle Yellow Takoroka Mesh/Qjump Shrimp-Pink Polo White Seahorses/Qj 7 Splat Charger 1908p
David Boy light 3? Pink Short -beanie/Def Camo Layered LS Red Hi-Tops/SwimS 7 Jet Squelcher 1799p
Delilah Girl light 2 Green Short Beanie/Defense Shrimp-Pink Polo Dark Green Hi-Tops/0 6 Splat Roller 1675p
Donna Girl light 2/3? Orange Lightweight Cap/0 Gray Vector Tee Orange Lo-Tops/BombUp 5 Splattershot Jr. 1369p
Erick Boy light 2? Orange Black Arrowbands/dam/SubS Sailor Stripes Tee Red Plimsolls/SwimS 10 4524p
Hyun-woo Boy light Green Backwards Cap/0 Zink LS Dark Green Hi-Tops/Qres 6 .52 Gal 1896p
Ilka Girl light skin Orange Camping Hat Pirate Stripes Tee Purple Sea Slugs 5 .52 Gal
Jeff Boy dark 3 Green Tennis Headband/SpeDu Green Check Shirt Black Trainers/SpeDur 6 Tentatek Splattershot 850p
Joseph Boy dark 3 Green Fashion Cap/def Part-Time Pirate Purple Sea Slugs/0 - 5 Tentatek Splattershot 1204p
Marie Girl light 1? Black Sporty Bobble Hat/Qjump Green Zip Hoodie Blue Lo-Tops/Qjump 10 Splattershot Pro 2397p
Mark Boy light 1/2? Black Bobble Hat/MainS Linen Shirt Cream Hi-Tops/InkRec 7 Krak-On Splat Roller 1561p
Masako Girl light 2? Orange Short Beanie/Run Berry Ski Jacket Oyster Clogs/SpeDu 8 Krak-On Splat Roller 223p
Matt Boy light 3? Brown Lightweight Cap/def Squidmark Sweat Blue Plimsolls/SubS 5 Splattershot 1002p
Monica Girl middle Blue B-Ball Headband/Qjump B-Ball Jersey (Home) Red Hi-Horses/dam 7 .52 Gal 1530p
Patricia Girl dark 1/2? Green Backwards Cap/0 Sunny-Day Tee White Seahorses/Dam 5 Tentatek Splattershot 1447p
Paula Girl dark 3 Green Takoroka Mesh/Swim Striped Shirt White Seahorses/dam 9 Blaster 3012p
Pedro Boy light 3? Blue FishFry Visor/SubS Green Striped LS Orange Arrows/0 6 Classic Squiffer 1863p
Polly Girl light Brown FishFry Visor/0 Gray College Sweat Pink Trainers/dam 6 Splattershot 1283p
Rui Boy dark 3 Pink Sporty Bobble Hat/Qres Blue Peaks Tee Purple Sea Slugs/speC 6 Splat Charger 1368p
Sara Girl light 3 Yellow Studio Headphones/Spec.Saver White Baseball LS Neon Green Sea Slugs/InkRec 9 Blaster 2986p
Sho Boy light 2? Green Camping Hat/Main Saver Yellow Layered LS White Arrows/0 8 Jet Squelcher 2609p
Steven Boy dark 2/1? Black Zekko Mesh/0 B-Ball Jersey (Away) Cyan Trainers/SpeDu 5 Splattershot 2050p
Susie Girl light 2/3? Pink Golf Visor/SpeDu Blue Peaks Tee Blue Lo-Tops/SpeS 7 Splat Roller 1899p
Victor Boy light Orange Coloured Shades/MainS Black Tee Cream Basics/def 5 Splattershot Jr. 3702p
William Boy light 1 Green Retro Specs/MainS Black Squideye Purple Hi-Horses/SubS 7 Splat Charger 1323p
  • If the player boots up the game without being connected to the internet the Plaza player NPCs would be the people from the player's latest matches. In Splatoon 2, the Square player NPCs would instead always consist of the default player NPCs.

Notable scripts

Inkling (Language)

The Splatoon series feature various glyphs that make up the Inkling language or other species' language. There appears to be glyphs that can be grouped together into various scripts, as they follow a certain style in their appearance. What is in common between these scripts is that each glyph can be rotated or mirrored.

Typeface 1/"Bold"

This Inkling language typeface resembles the font primarily used in the original Splatoon game for dialogue. Examples of this typeface seen can be on the Splatfest Tee, where it's always used as the text for the Splatfest team's name.

examples examples


Typeface 2 / "Square"

This typeface is primarily used as text concerning descriptions or large bodies, and appears on gear brands' promotional art, or the description of hazard warnings. It is also used for exclusively in the description of Shellendorf Institute and Museum d'Alfonsino's exhibits. The official font for Splatoon 2 have some of the glyphs for this typeface included in its character list.



Typeface 3 / "Round"

Typeface 4 / "Scribble"

This is frequently used in the Sunken Scrolls

"warning font"

Primarily/exclusively used as headers for hazard warnings examples

Octo Expansion font / "Deepsea Stencil"

This script first appeared in Octo Expansion and is used frequently throughout the Deepsea Metro and testing facilities. HaikaraWalker has page that displays this font.


  • The test clear screen has "Mission Clear", "Number 10008", "Nell" (Japanese name for Kamabo Co.)
  • Various signs have text such as "Staff Only", "Caution", "Notice" examples



Fruits and vegetables

Artbook 1

  • Squid leg grape (August-October). The fruit has a gummy-like texture.
  • Squidfin lemon (perennial). It's said that it's good luck to eat the fruit the bigger the fins of the fruit are and more symmetrical they are.
  • Squid Orange (June-November). The top part contains the edible segments, while the bottom has mostly comprised of the albedo. The skin is often cut up and served with noodles.
  • Squiddymelon (june-August). The edible part can change color when shot with ink. It's also mentioned that shooting a squiddymelon while blindfolded is a popular summertime activity.
    • They are also present in Makomart
  • Squid leaf
  • Squidage
  • Squidkin
  • Squidplant
  • A squid shaped carrot is also shown, but not named.

Artbook 2

  • イカバナナ (Squid banana)
  • イカメロコシ (Squid maize)
  • インクトマト (Ink tomato)
  • はくさイカ (Squid Chinese cabbage)