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To do/Reminder list

  • The search term "Ninja" redirects the the "Ninja Squid" page. Should it lead to a disambiguation page instead, where the Ninja gear you get from the Spla2 amiibo Boy is also listed (even though it's officially called Squinja and already has an equivalent page)?
  • There are still pages from Spla1 that's missing Spla2 information.
  • Should (Youtube) videos of the Splatfest Quotes be added to the wiki?
  • Add to the Trivia page in Turf War that when a tie happens, the team who is assigned as being on team Alpha will win in Spla1. Also make some research if the same applies to Spla2, since I've heard that they changed it, but I can't confirm it as of now.
  • Not only does the Ikasekai website have a list over the Inkling signs but also a complete list of screenshots for the dialogue in Hero Mode.
  • Images for the start-screen of a mode showing the objective and map.
  • C.Q. Cumber's rewards for opening a new line.
  • Player customization icons.
  • Categorizing artwork
    • The page Concept art should really be deleted as the Category:Concept artwork already exists and sorts it better.
    • Category:Character artwork should really either get a overhaul or deleted.

Random Trivia

  • Li'l Max is supossed to resemble S+ with the Japanese mem cake description even mentioning being S+. Since X rank was introduced, being the highest rank, a new version of the sticker was shown, now resembling "ウデマエ X" (Rank X).
  • Splatoon 2 version 3.0.0 added a lot of octo-themed gear, and also Takoroka and Enperry having an octo version of their logo visible on the following gear:
Octologo varitations
Takoroka Jersey / There is also a number resembling an 8 (the same one used in OctoExp for Agent 8) on the back of the jersey.
Takoroka Crazy Baseball LS
Red Power Stripes / The shoes themselves kind of have a octo theme with the red color and the gradual cyan dots sort of resembling octopus tentacles.
Blue Power Stripes
Black Velour Octoking Tee / The logo basically has an octopus instead of the squid. The text beneath the octopus is also different, where the part that resembled "いか" now looks more like "たこ".
Green Velour Octoking Tee
Octoking HK Jersey / Also has an 8 on the back of the jersey.
Octoking Facemask
Other Octo gear
Black Cuttlegear LS / Has an 8 and text resembling word "octopus" at the front, and also has the Octopus Oil brand logo on it.
Red Cuttlegear LS
Octarian Retro
Rockin' Leather Jacket / There is a painted octo on the back.
Chili Octo Aloha
Deep-Octo Satin Jacket / Has text that resembles "蛸", octopus with DJ Octavio's scar, and a map over Octo Canyon with Marie on the back.
Octo Tackle Helmet Deco / Octopus and stickers of Marina's Splatfest teams.
Octoglasses / Were added in this update.
Octo Tee / Was added in this update.
  • This tweet shows that the enemy Octoling model in Spla2 has physics for the hair and that their eye-mask in this game is black. This is different from the Spla1 model that didn't have any hair physics, and the player Octoling model in that game had a purple eye-mask. Guess it's a redesign as some of the official artwork of Octolings without googles show one with black and one with purple. Here's a better view of the model.
  • In the Octo Canyon (mode), some of Marie's dialogue is a reference to Cap'n Cuttlefish's.
    • An example for this is Marie saying, "And look at that—it fits like a glove! (Not bad for an old hand-me-down.)", where the part about the Hero outfit being a hand-me-down references the first game.
    • Cap'n Cuttlefish's quote is: "What a great fit! (For a hand-me-down from Agent 1 and 2...)"
  • The Sanitized Octarians inside the boxes in the Intestinal Phase look like they been manufactured. Inside they also have a monitor hooked up to them displaying "1+1=👁️", where the eye is Kamabo Co.'s logo. This could be some kind of conditioning/brainwashing for the Sanitized subjects.
  • Some pipes running down in the escape Phases in Octo Expansion contain the liquid that exactly resembles the liquid Agent 8 was floating in during the character selection, down to the color hue and bobbles, as opposed to the other blue-green liquids seen throughout OctoExp.

Good sites

UI Squid icons in diffirent modes

Maybe put actual images

Games and modes Splatted Disconnect Empty slot
Splatoon Black squid with a cross Black squid with a cross Light gray squid outline
Splatoon 2 PvP matches Black icon with a gray-filled weapon Black icon with a colored weapon Empty gray icon
Splatoon 2 Salmon Run Black icon with a colored weapon Empty gray icon Empty gray icon
Splatoon 2 Global Testfire Turf War Black icon with a colored weapon Empty gray icon Empty gray icon

NPC Inlkling names

List of NPC Inklings in the Plaza/Square (These Inklings all have a low level and none of their gear have any unlocked abilities:

The names

  • Naomi
  • Claudia
  • John
  • Ilka
  • Marie
  • Delilah
  • Elisa
  • Bernardo
  • Patricia
  • Clara
  • Rui
  • Joseph
  • Hyun-woo
  • Daisuke
  • Sara
  • Steven
  • Takeru
  • Paula
  • Olivia
  • Anne
  • Polly
  • Pedro
  • Masako
  • Jeff
  • Susie
  • Yuka
  • Erick
  • Victor
  • Donna
  • Monica
  • Mark

Names of the Inklings used in promo screenshots (Notice that one team has English names and the other has Japanese):

  • Cuttlefresh * / Cuttlefrsh *
  • KelpShot
  • Tof-U
  • Splashley
  • Surume
  • Kou
  • Yari
  • Kensaki

Splashley and KelpShot also switched names in later promos, as Splashley used to be the Inkling boy with the Matcha Down Jacket.

English names of the other team also exists, but is used less frequently:

  • Tentattack (Yari)
  • Bigfin (Kou)
  • Whip-lash (Kensaki)
  • Squee-G (Surume)

Player info

Had both 1 and 2 since launch and also both pre-release Testfires.

Splatoon 2

  • Level: 66
  • Salmon Run: Profresh 400
  • Octo Canyon: 1000%
  • Octo Expansion: Beat every mission and boss with every weapon in the equipper. Got the stamp on the Deepsea Metro map.
    • (Girl Power Station: Splattershot, Slosher, Splat Dualies, Splat Charger, Heavy Splatling, Splat Brella, Blaster, Splat Roller, Octobrush)


Rank Stage Weapons Hazard Level MAX
Profreshional 999 / mostly with team Lost Outpost Random / Random / Random / Random Random weapons with Grizzco Charger Yes
Profreshional 999 / mostly with team Salmonid Smokeyard Luna Blaster / N-ZAP '85 / Carbon Roller / Heavy Splatling Yes
Profreshional 999 / freelance only Salmonid Smokeyard Random Rare / Random Rare / Random Rare / Random Rare Random Rare weapons Not even once
Profreshional 999 / freelance only Marooner's Bay Random Rare / Random Rare / Random Rare / Random Rare Random Rare weapons 3 times
Profreshional 999 / freelance only Ruins of Ark Polaris Flingza Roller / Slosher / Splat Dualies / Heavy Splatling 1 time
Profreshional 999 / freelance only Ruins of Ark Polaris Random / Random / Random / Random Random weapons with Grizzco Slosher Not even once
Profreshional 999 / freelance only Lost Outpost Random Rare / Random Rare / Random Rare / Random Rare Random Rare weapons 6 times
Profreshional 999 / freelance only Ruins of Ark Polaris Random Rare / Random Rare / Random Rare / Random Rare Random Rare weapons 7 times


Splatfests in Splatoon
Team Title Reason for team choice
Rock Normal Rock Girl I like more rocky music over pop. Also why I miss Spla1's music.
Sleeping Normal Sleeping Girl I have times when I'm hungry and times when I don't wanna eat, but I always want to sleep.
South Pole South Pole Fangirl This Splatfest came down to Penguins vs Polar Bears, and I guess I like penguins.
Dancing Dancing Fangirl I don't like hearing singing that much.
Tidy Tidy Fangirl Even though I can be pretty messy, then I like tidiness.
Dogs Dog Fanboy Splat Tim, he does it. Yeah it was because of memes, even though I prefer cats. It was the only opportunity to be him! (Wish I saved the screenshots before Miiverse went down.)
Ghosts Ghost Defender I like ghosts more than zombies.
Pro-Pineapple Queen I don't mind and do like pineapple on pizza, as long as it's done good.
Fitness King Don't clearly remember the reason, but I guess that was my choice.
Barbarian Queen We know what happened to ninjas the last time, and my playstyles did match the theme, which was the question this time around.
Pokémon Blue King/Queen I was torn, but I personally haven't played either so I based it on which Pokémon I preferred. But I liked both, so the old trick of choosing the opposite of what kids would pick was used, which worked in Spla1's Splatfests if anyone remembers.
Jet Pack King/Queen Well, I wouldn't know how to use either, but if I could a jet pack would give you both vertical and horizontal movement. Plus I'm terrified of standing on the existing boards.
Patrick King I was also conflicted on this but went with Team Patrick.
Fancy/Black Tie Event Queen I wanted to go with Team Costume, but was pressured to choose this side.
Space King/Queen Personally I don't like travelling physically, since it stresses me out, so I just chose it as which place you like to see, and not as where would you also have the experience of the trip going there.
Marie Queen and King While I like both Squid Sisters I had chosen more themes on Marie's side. You could also preview how the ink was going to look like with the amiibo, where Marie's was really great, while I didn't like the look of Callie's ink colour.

Splatfests in Splatoon 2
Team Title Reason for team choice End Power Highest Power Clout
Ice Cream Queen I don't eat ice cream anymore, but when I did I preferred it over cake. Though both are better together. 2028.3 2039.6
Cake King I didn't enjoy the session I had with EU's pre-release Splatfest, so I thought about taking it easy and try a weapon I usually don't use. This also lead me to choose Team Cake for balancing out the vote. 1722.2 1773.1
Mayo Queen Ketchup is a perfectly good way to ruin tomatoes (unless tey were going to be thrown out), and I still use mayo sometimes. 2167.5 2199.3
Flight King Don't have much use for invisibility, but flying sounds fun. 2131.8 2131.8
Front Roll Queen Why would it be the other way? 2271.2 2294.1
Warm Breakfast King I have warm cereal for breakfast. 2185.5 2185.5
Film King Don't have much of a preference, but I guess I had recently seen some good films. 2102.7 2132.0
Action Queen Was really torn on this as they specified it to be film genres, where I prefer comedy in general, but neither seem too good in a film format alone. Action/comedy is way better together, but I thought that pure action may be lesser bad than pure comedy here. 2118.7 2373.4
Gherk-OUT Queen I don't like pickles. 2194.9 2259.9
Chicken Queen The ink color. 2278.0 2335.9
Salty King Haven't really tried sweet, so I guess I would prefer salty. Also it's a nice ink color. 2322.1 2322.1
Raph King I was gauging the initial reaction regarding both teams' performance and it looked like it was one of those Splatfest, so I chose Raph. 2331.8 2342.9
Donnie Queen Didn't really know what to pick. 2287.2 2292.2
Donnie King Didn't know what to pick, since both teams sounded awful. And wow, it really was bad. 2079.9 2114.7
No Pulp King I don't drink orange juice, but when I did I didn't like pulp. Though, I'm fine with pulp in something like smoothies. 2366.2 2382.5
Squid King くコ:彡 I like both Inklings and Octolings, and I don't know too much about the sea-dwelling creatures to pick a favorite, so it's mostly the ink color and that the team is less popular(?) Had lots of fun this time around and there seemed to be a good atmosphere among the teams! Went in as an Octo on Team Squid too! ⊂:彡 2273.2 2273.2
Adventure Queen Didn't know what to pick, so I chose based on ink color. 2144.3 2144.3
Modern King Both the ink color and I do like a lot of new stuff. - - N: 54249

(10x: 1)

Trick King I don't eat candy, so Team Trick it is. - - N: 62473

(10x: 1)

Save It for Last King I usually save the best for last, if it's relevant for the food in question. - - N: 28507
Hero King I usually prefer the hero or protagonist. Also Marina's argument for Team Villain also applies to the other side, since just as heroes can have boring characterization and villains can have exciting ones, so can the opposite apply. So her argument kinda falls flat there, and most of the media I like, I tend to prefer the hero. Another thing about Marina's argument that villains are just misunderstood, and may be the good guy kind of defeats the name Villain; by going with the logic that the villain is the hero and the hero is the villain, then who do you vote for, Team Hero or Villain? Stories can have black and white sides, while others have grey sides, so to choose a team you have to narrow down the definition as to not be stuck in a loop of "do I technically choose Team Villain if I think the villain is just a misunderstood good guy, or do I choose Team Hero because the villain is the true good guy and that would make him a hero?". If we look into the world of Splatoon, such as Octo Exp. I would define Agent 8 and co. as the heroes and Tartar as the villain, and I would choose cute cephalopods over a genocidal AI. - - N: 22359
Friends King I don't have any friends to celebrate the holidays with, and I like some of my family so this choice was mostly based on principles. - - N: 48950
Pancakes Queen I like pancakes more, because even if we assume they tasted the same I would prefer the texture of pancakes, since I like the smooth surface compared to the grate-like one. For me, the topping is also not an issue for pancakes as I don't like to put syrup on them anyway. And for the type of topping I put on pancakes I prefer their smooth, even surface to the waffles that trap the topping into pockets and make it too concentrated at some points. - - N: 88616

(10x: 2)

Chaos King I had a hard time deciding, because I both have a orderly and chaotic side and think that a healthy mix of both is good. While most of my favourite characters were Team Order (with the exception of Pearl), I was leaning more towards chaos. I kind of wanted order to win, since the Splatfest may influence the story of the next game and I hoped that it would be something along the lines of there is a corrupt authoritarian regime leading Inkopolis with the new order, and you have to rebel against it to take down. Overall, after taking a break from Splatoon I actually really enjoyed this Splatfest - - N: 92795

(10x: 1)