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Meow! ( YourUsername, don’t give up! You can win this!)

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Either you know what you’re doing, or you’re lost. I prefer the first one.
— ChromeWolf

Chrome Wolf
Species Octoling
Weapon Sloshing Mashine
Alterna Working on After Alterna
Salmon Run Professional +3
Gender Male
Favorite game mode Splat zones

(To know how I might help, scroll to “How I might help”)

Hey, YourUsername, this is Chrome Wolf and I am a Splatoon lore geek. I might have some answers to ur questions

I am not part of the staff, but I still like to help out. I do wish I was though.

I tend to keep a good eye for Easter eggs and other stuff Splatoon related. I also am a moderate translator.

My little buddy’s name is Spike, with the Spike haircut. Before, I thought about having him have the Karen hairstyle.

My favorite color is Chrome.

My in game name is CHRΘMΞWΘLF

My anarchy rank is S+2001

I have high hopes for becoming a patroller.


Stuff I found and added to my gallery

Dedf1sh is my favorite artist in Splatoon series

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Dabbing-ChromeWolf.jpg This user is a dabber!

Hla Sti Wst Stringer Normal 00 Lv01.png This user fought for team Stringer in the Stringer vs. Splatana Inkfest!

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I have finally gotten the dab in Splatoon 3.


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Splatfest teams I chose (just wanted to add this)



  • DC’s
  • Time added up to multiple communication errors that occur in matches😤

Links (in and out of wiki)

How I might help

I can help by adding files to the wiki, doing research to answer questions, fix minor issues, translations (errors may occur), warning vandals, welcoming new users (because I’m just trying to be nice, and make them feel like we are not rude), and add needed information to missing articles.

Let me know what you need help with in my talk page.

Current edits: Getting stuff ready for Splatana v Stringers inkfest. (Started by Octoling E s3 and Jacobearth)

I try to help out as much as possible, and try to not break the policy rules. Hopes of becoming at least admin, if not, patroller. I help edit the wiki from 3:30 PM to 9:00 PM, but takes breaks in between, to be with family, so I’m not online all the time.

Thanks for reading, and ink safe.

Dabbing-ChromeWolf.jpg Chrome Wolf ChromeWolf logo.jpg (🎙, 🗂)