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Whatever they offer you, don’t feed the plants!
— Little Shop of Horrors

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Meow! (No matter how hard times get, even if you’re an Inkling or an Octoling, YourUsername keep your head up!!)

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Level Above 40
Species This changes a lot
Title Bargain-Binned Heat Hater
Hero Mode Secret Kettle Completed!
SRNW rank Eggsecutive VP
Rank S
In game name seymour!


Sandbox- User:Oddlilgoof/Sandbox

Little Shop of Horrors wiki - Oddlilseymour

Youtube - Oddlilgoof

Friend Code - SW: 4320 1629 2811

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Hi YourUsername! I’m Oddlilgoof (or Odd) and I try my best to help out on this wiki. I have over 1570 edits. Currently, I am uploading images and adding photos to categories. Occasionally I will work on the Unused content pages. You have YourEditCount edits! That’s awesome!! If you want to help out the wiki even more the pages Inkipedia:Maintenance and Inkipedia:Current projects tell you what articles need fixed up.

My IGN is seymour! and I often make plaza posts. (Hopefully you’ve seen me) I own Splatoon 2 and 3. I have many interests other than Splatoon. I enjoy watching movies and shows, playing video games, and I love to draw. If you want to see my original Splatoon characters check out my sandbox. I am a proud Charger main!


  • Getting booyahs back
  • Picking your Style instead of Gender in Splatoon 3!
  • Pearlina
  • Inklings and Octos
  • My Splatoon Ocs
  • Using snipers
  • Trizooka and Triple Inkstrike
  • Splatfests
  • Squidparties!!
  • Splatoon glitches
  • The Splatoon series
  • CHAOS! (As the official theme for Splatoon 3)

One of my favorite Splatoon 2 official art pieces

S2 art 2D Kyoto Aquarium.png


  • Clash blasters (Please, have mercy)
  • People splatting others in squidparties (just join bro any one is welcome!)
  • Order (As the theme for Splatoon 3)
  • People taunting others for no reason (I only do it IF they do it to me :D)
  • No booyahs? (Megamind face)
  • Disconnects (Honestly this barely happens for me in Splatoon 3)
  • Flyfish (need i say more?)
  • Low tide Goldie or Mother ship
  • The Japan only clothes
  • People who make fun of Pearl and Frye because they look ‘Weird’ (Please guys you don’t have to like them. Just don’t be super hateful)
  • When someone hates certain weapon main and is rude about it (It’s fine to not like a weapon. It’s not ok to be rude towards the people who main that weapon.)


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