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Hello! I'm Seffien. You can call me Sef if you want. If needed, I'll try and make some edits here and there. Really, I joined because I love Inkipedia and want to do anything I can to help out! That'll hopefully be easier once Splatoon 3 releases (which I'm very excited about). I haven't really become known for anything the Splatoon community just yet, as far as I know, but I just might one day!

Here's my Tumblr. Here's my YouTube channel. My Discord is seff#5128. Feel free to visit, watch, message, or say hello.

About Me

The game that introduced me to the series was Splatoon 2. The only Splatfests I've really experienced were all the bonus ones. I'm eagerly awaiting a Splatoon 3 testfire. I write and I also own a bass guitar. I've got several Splatoon plushies, the Orange Inkling Girl amiibo, The Art of Splatoon 2, and Haikara Walker. I've got both Splatoon themes on my 3DS. Regarding Splatoon 2, I'm Rank A- in Clam Blitz and Rank B or B+ in every other mode. I'm level 35 in Splatoon and level 75 in Splatoon 2. See someone named sefsprite join any Splatoon 2 lobbies? That's me. See someone named Char join any Splatoon lobbies? That's also me. See someone named sefdabest in any Splatoon 3 lobbies? Me. :]

General Things

I received Splatoon 2 as a gift on Christmas of 2019 and loved the series ever since. I love Splatoon as it is, but my favorite Splatoon-related topics are the creepy easter eggs, the lore, the bands, and some general oddities of the game. My favorite Ranked Modes are Clam Blitz and Rainmaker. I also pre-ordered Splatoon 3.

Miscellaneous Tidbits

  • The first time I tried to defeat the Octo Shower with the Hero Shot, it took me 16 minutes.
  • I have every Hero Weapon Replica in Splatoon 2 and every Sunken Scroll in both games. I'll come back here when I get every scroll in Splatoon 3, which I will.
  • I had no idea stonefish or double-lined fusiliers existed before I found out about Hightide Era.
  • I've had Octo Expansion for a year or two and still haven't beaten the final boss.
  • I thought 'kinetosis' was a made-up word. It isn't.
  • My personal record for beating The Octo Samurai is 44 seconds.
  • In Salmon Run, I got through my first three shifts of a certain rotation without dying once.
  • I played through all of Splatoon 1's Hero Mode in one go without losing all three lives once until I got to DJ Octavio.
  • I know at least one extra fact about almost every character, band or not. (At least from Splatoon 1 and 2.)
  • Out of every Multiplier Splatfest Battle I've ever played, I lost every 10x battle and won just a single 100x one.
  • On the topic of Splatfests, the only Splatfests I've participated in before Splatoon 3 were the bonus ones.
  • The screen of the Wii U GamePad I currently own doesn't pick up touch, so I can't use Inkstrike or the Super Jump mechanic. :|
  • I did this, somehow.
  • And this.
  • And this too.
  • Also, this happened.
  • I stayed up past midnight just to play a bit of Return of the Mammalians.
  • It took me 16 minutes and 56 seconds to beat After Alterna.


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