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The Shell-Out Machine is a capsule vending machine that dispenses various items in exchange for Cash. The dispensed items include tickets,[1] ability chunks,[1] Splashtag banners and titles,[2] locker room accessories,[2] and packs of Tableturf Battle cards.[3]

It can be found in the lobby in Splatoon 3. Normally it costs Cash 30,000 per use, but the first use per day costs Cash 5000. This first use resets at 00:00 UTC, regardless if the player has purchased something before 24 hours have passed. Players can also use Shell-Out Tokens earned from Challenges and exchanging Sheldon Licenses (although this is only possible after purchasing every weapon currently available at Ammo Knights). During the Sneak Peek period immediately before a Splatfest and for the duration of the following Splatfest, conch shells can additionally be used as an alternative manner of operating the machine, at one conch shell per use. Whilst this period is ongoing, the machine's design is slightly modified, with a neon conch shell sign on the machine and a folded sign, banner, and basket surrounding the machine. In this state, the SquidForce logo on the front of the capsules is replaced with an image of a conch shell.

Item chances

What players get out of the Shell-Out Machine relies on a component of luck. Each possible item is separated into six grades, with 0 being the rarest and 5 being the most common. Each grade has a different capsule color. There is a 45% chance of a grade 5 capsule, a 39% chance of a grade 4 capsule, a 15% chance of a grade 3 capsule, and a 1% chance of receiving any capsule with grades 0-2. This chance, however, is predetermined when a player first starts the game, so it does not reflect the chance every time they use the machine.[4]

Description Chance Grade (Capsule color) Refund
A Jackpot (seasonal) banner[jackpot 1] 0.1% 0 ( - ) ( - )
A Jackpot (seasonal) pair of title parts[jackpot 2] 0.3% 1 ( - ) ( - )
Ability Chunks 10 of every Ability chunk 0.6% 2 ( - ) -
1 Emote 2% 3 ( - ) Cash 6,000
1 Party EXP Food Ticket 3% 3 ( - ) -
1 pack of Tableturf cards 4% 3 ( - ) -
1 banner 6% 3 ( - ) Cash 5,000
1 2x EXP Food Ticket 7% 4 ( - ) -
Ability Chunks 3 Ability chunks 10% 4 ( - ) -
1 pair of titles 22% 4 ( - ) Cash 4,000 for each duplicate
2 Locker stickers 9% 5 ( - ) Cash 2,000 for each duplicate
2 Locker decorations 9% 5 ( - ) Cash 2,000 for each duplicate
1 1.5x EXP Food Ticket 13% 5 ( - ) -
1 Drink Ticket 14% 5 ( - ) -


  1. Each time this capsule is pulled from the machine, the player will be rewarded with the current seasonal Jackpot banner. If the player already has the currently-available Jackpot banner, any result that would give this type of capsule will be downgraded to a Bronze capsule instead (Grade 2). If this happens, the capsule will not be counted for the Jackpot Badges.
  2. Each time this capsule is pulled from the machine, the player will be rewarded with a pair of jackpot title noun and adjective. If the player already has the currently-available Jackpot title pairs, any result that would give this type of capsule will be downgraded to a Bronze capsule instead (Grade 2). If this happens, the capsule will not be counted for the Jackpot Badges.


Seasonal rewards

It appears that each season will bring a seasonal banner and a pair of titles to be obtained from the Shell-Out Machine. These banners and titles will continue to be available via the gacha machine once any given season has ended.

Seasonal banners

Banner Season Initially Available
Drizzle Season 2022
Chill Season 2022
Fresh Season 2023
Sizzle Season 2023
Drizzle Season 2023
Chill Season 2023
Fresh Season 2024

Seasonal titles

Adjective Subject Season Initially Available
Super-Duper Lucky Lucky Duck Drizzle Season 2022
Super-Rare Protected Species Chill Season 2022
One-in-a-Million Chosen One Fresh Season 2023
Ace Gadabout Sizzle Season 2023
Astonishing Point Guard Drizzle Season 2023
Adored Optimist Chill Season 2023
Charmed Daredevil Fresh Season 2024

Capsule colors

There are six different rarities (grades) of items available from the Shell-Out Machine, each getting a capsule color. Additionally, when it is a Splatfest, a conch shell icon is added on top.

Grade Description Regular Capsule Splatfest Capsule
0 Gold with lots of sparkles
1 Silver with a few sparkles
2 Bronze with a few sparkles
3 Red
4 Purple
5 Light Blue


Now you're full of fancy sandwiches and worn-out from going on recon, so you're thinking about a nap, right? WRONG! There's still more to do! Check out the Shell-Out Machine right next to the Crab-N-Go. You could win tickets, ability chunks, cool stuff for your Splashtag, & more!
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]
Step right up, and try your luck at the Shell-Out Machine!
The first play will cost you Cash 5,000. And it's a cool Cash 30,000 for each play after that!
— When using the machine for the first time
During Splatfests, you can use a conch shell to play the Shell-Out Machine once per day.
You can also play with cash like usual. Just Cash 5,000 for the first play, and Cash 30,000 every time after that!
— When using the machine during a Splatfest for the first time
Meow? (Have you tried the Shell-Out Machine in the lobby? It has some purrretty good prizes!) Meow! (Of course, it costs cash to play, but once a day you can get a discount!) Meow... (I've heard you can win a sparkling capsule there! Wish I had that kind of luck...)


Main article: Badge#Purchased Items

Doing certain things with the Shell-Out Machine will reward the player with special badges that they can use on their Splashtag.

Shell-Out Machine Cost Badges
Spent 300,000 Cash on the Shell-Out Machine
Spent 3,000,000 Cash on the Shell-Out Machine
Spent 30,000,000 Cash on the Shell-Out Machine
Shell-Out Machine Jackpot Badges
Hit the Shell-Out Machine Jackpot 4 Times
Hit the Shell-Out Machine Jackpot 8 Times
Hit the Shell-Out Machine Jackpot 16 Times


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Shell-out is a wordplay on "shelling out" which is to pay winnings to someone, and the conch shells that the machine accepts. It could also be a play on the word 'sellout', meaning 'to betray one's cause or associates especially for personal or monetary gain'.

Names in other languages

Shell-Out Machine
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese くじ引き
くじ [7]

Netherlands Dutch Prijzenpot Prize pool
CanadaFrance French Capsulomate From capsule and mate
Germany German Kapselautomat Capsule machine
Italy Italian Premi-o-matic
Russia Russian Капсульный автомат
Kapsul'nyy avtomat
Сapsule machine
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Premiotrón Prizetron
Spain Spanish (NOE) Sacapremios
China Chinese (Simplified) 抽奖
抽奖机 [8]

Chōujiǎng jī

Lottery machine
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 抽獎
抽獎機 [8]

Chōujiǎng jī

Lottery machine
South Korea Korean 뽑기
 Internal Lottery [9]
Sparkling capsule
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 光るカプセル
Netherlands Dutch Glittercapsule Glitter capsule
CanadaFrance French Capsule brillante Sparkling capsule
Germany German Glitzerkapseln
Italy Italian Capsula brillante
Russia Russian Блестящая капсула
Blestyashchaya kapsula
Shiny capsule
SpainMexico Spanish Cápsula luminosa
China Chinese (Simplified) 闪闪发光的胶囊
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 閃閃發光的膠囊
South Korea Korean 빛나는 캡슐