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Welcome, YourUsername, Welcome to my Inkipedia Page, I am also a Fan of Pokemon, and like Mario. I like Splatoon a lot and it's Music and also Rock Music, So Stay Fresh like the Squid Sisters say, So yeah Splatoon evolved from Tofu to Inklings according to the Beta, I drink Water, Milk and also a Human in Real life, and My Switch Friend Code is SW-2996-9954-2962 use it if you wanna be friends with Me. I have a Discord, Click there and It will join,

Splatoon-Inkling Ezra.jpg

About Me

My Hair Changes Color in Splatoon 2! I was born at the End of the 2000s in the Philipines, then Moved to Canada since 2010s, I believe so, I play Nintendo games like Splatoon 2 and Pokemon also Much more also I love Splatoon, And the Game Consoles that I have is the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch, But don't have Wii U because the Wii U is discontinued. I play other Games on those Consoles sometimes But Played Nintendo Games every time and year because I am a fan of Nintendo, I help edit pages on Inkipedia and Use Discord as a Chatting Service, I miss Satoru Iwata and I like Memes like My Body is Ready,

Inkling Vocals

  • Woomy
  • Squimeedaily
  • Yehgimmeedis
  • Rhyes

My Favorite Games in the Splatoon Franchise


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Alright, Let's get into more info about Me,

Things I hate

  • I don't know

Things I like

That's It


No Quotes from Me,

My Favorite Splatoon Songs

  1. Splattack
  2. Dubble Bath
  3. Inkoming!
  4. Wave Prism
  5. Calamari Inkantation
  6. 4 dunno

Interesting Facts About Yours Truely

Please Stay Safe Regarding the Coronavirus!

(In other words, practice social distancing, stay home, and play Splatoon and Splatoon 2. Who else is out of school? I'm pretty open to friend requests)

Yo Mama - an Girl Inkling.

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