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One of my favorite characters
Hi!!!! My name is Mariefan!used to be Sideorderfan. I'm mostly here for minor edits. My friend code is SW-2415-3752-6805. Tell me if you've friended me! I own ALL THE SPLATOON! Btw I'm non-binary 👍👍
Another one of my favorite characters.
No, he shouldn't be here!

(sorry if I make mistakes! I'm new)

(also I'm sort of British and am sort of bad at translations so if i make mistakes tell me on my user discussion page)

Splatoon stats

Splatoon 2

Rank:S- (in tower control my fav)

Level: 67

fav weapon: Dark Tetra Dualies

Me and Marie

Splatoon 3

Level: 32

Rank: A+

Beat After Alterna

Fav weapon soon: Painbrush (not now cuz no mons oof)

Fav weapon now: Hero Shot Replica

Find my ocs here.


ty for visiting my page Visitor! You've made no edits. You should start! edits. You signed up on ... Sign up and join!. btw you're cool :)

Splatfest (splat 1) stats

Cats: lost...

Water Slides: lost...

Marshmallows: Win!

Decepticons: Win!

Science: lost...

Planes: lost...

Pirates: Win!

Pizza: lost...

Naughty: Win!

Past: Win!

Poke Blue: Win!

Snowman: lost...

Patrick: Win!

Fancy Party: Win!

Night Owl: Win!

Marie: Win!

(all of this is just what I WOULD support)


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