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Hiii! Hope to be good friends with you all! :3 If you would like to know me better, go to my talk page. I have one embarrassing moment in Splatoon... I died to a sprinkler, the "propellor ink of death", and a splash wall in Splatoon 2. I cried for the remainder of the match.... At that moment I felt like the worst player to ever walk the planet. After that (all the embarrassing deaths) I just disconnected. (Hence why my S3 character's splashtag has the name of: DisconΞct.) Also, the "propellor ink of death" is found in Ancho-V Games where the two platforms that move, with the propellor, are at. When I hear Ska-Blam! in game I will be someone that only plays that one song over and over and over again in private battles. Sometimes I wonder if Splatoon likes me ;-; All I did was put my controller down for one second... and then I disconnect. That's not right Splatoon, lol.

Please add me, I'm lonely and bored: 7838-5380-5306

Note: I might change my octoling to an Inkling soon, so just make a mental note of that. Thanks! Also, Inkling has red eyes, hair matches outfit. The hair is usually banger.

If something is wrong with my page tell me in my Talk page or ask to fix it. Thank you! :)

My out of game name: i'llBeBack (May turn back to being 30 dots idk, and yes having 30 dots is possible)

My Halfling's (Inkling/Octoling) name is Zee (Zariyah)

Fun fact(s): After Lo-Vis Visor came out my birthday came. Link to topic here. I like squids in real life, but I'm scared of octos.  ;-; Annnd most of this is copy and paste. I might copy your work from time to time if you have a really cool user tag on your page… very unrelated but it’s a fact about me.

Team Hot Coffee Userbox.jpg This user fought for team Hot in the Hot vs. Cold Inkfest!

Sig test: ❤💜Dɛkʋ💜❤ S3 Badge Hydra Splatling 5.png S3 Badge Booyah Bomb 30.png (talk)

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Splatoon 2 "2" icon.svg
Splatoon 3 "3" icon.svg

About Me

Splatoon 2
  • Main weapon(s): Kensa Octobrush, or Aerospray PG
  • Rank/Level: Tower Control: B-

S2- Deku
My inkling (red orange).png
Username: i’llBeBack
Gender: Girl
Species: Inkling
Age: 12
Hair: any, but pigtails is only for hats
Eyes: Red
Level: USA 40
Clam Blitz: B-

Rainmaker: C+

Splat zones: B

S3- Zariyah
StarDekuStar Meeting Smallfry.png
Username: GIRL★LIKER
Gender: Girl
Species: Inkling/Octoling
Age: 13 (almost)
Hair: Octoling: Tentatwists, Pony, Octolocks, or Tentacurl. Inkling: Banger and Megalo-braid.
Eyes: Octo: Purple. Squid: Red.
Level: USA 43
Splatoon 3
  • Main weapon(s): Hydra Splatling, Classic Squiffer, Ink Brush, or Octobrush
  • Rank: B or B-


  • Brushes.....
  • Rollers.....
  • Annaki gear
  • Kensa weapons
  • Wipeouts
  • Squid/Octo party
  • Private battles
  • 1v1 in public
  • 1v4 in public
  • All my friends on the other team (in public) LOL
Splatfest Teams (Winners in bold)
Theme Team Quote Win/Lose
Rock vs. Paper vs. Scissors Not there


#1 you can cut stuff

#2 can protect urself .-.

Gear vs. Grub vs. Fun Not there...

;-; Gear

You can't survive without


Grass vs. Fire vs. Water Still not there


lapris........... won
Spicy vs. Sweet vs. Sour and again, not there T^T


Candy, Cake, Cookies,


Dark vs. Milk vs. White I made it to this one!


So~ Smooooth

I also lost alot of Splatfest battles (open and pro)

. . . win

#1 how??

Nessie vs. Aliens vs. Big Foot Nessie

We call her Tessie

#1 Cute, what beauty

#2 I believe in her

Power vs. Wisdom vs. Courage Wisdom

IDK, I'm an idiot ;-;

I won like 30 tricolor battles. Both attacker and defender!!! AND I LOST THE SPLATFEST?!?!?!? L.O.S.E.
Custom Splash Tags for my characters.
User Image
Zee (Zariyah)
Zee's Splashtag.
Deku (Zee's friend/me)
Deku's Splashtag.
Sturr (older brother

of Zee)

Belonging to Sturr, Zee's older brother.

Sad I didn't have the game until Feb. of 2023. Also, I'm from the U.S.A. so my date might be strange for some.


Sandbox (Only because I was bored)

I thought this is what Zee would look like if she were sanitized.
Sandbox #1

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Made from a splashtag maker online. What I wish and what my splashtag closely looks like.