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Splat Dualies!
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im telling you they made this after me

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Hello, I'm a Splat Dualies fan! Usually, I'm an admin over at the Splatoon Fandom, but I've decided to come over to the Inkipedia website, and see what's up. I'm kind of "self-taught" when it comes to source editing, I kind of pick apart things like info-boxes and signatures so I can figure out how it works (and I occasionally ask for help)
I've been a fan since the release of Splatoon 1, although I did not have a Wii U at the time, so I was only able to watch others play on YouTube. But, I was able to get a Nintendo Switch and Splatoon 2, sometime in December 2017. I never got into the community, was really just secretly grinding the game in the shadows, until I joined the Splatoon Fandom Wiki sometime around August 2021, working my way up to the Administrator rank.

Thanks for checking out my page! And if you want, check out my Google Site with a bunch of my fan ideas for Splatoon 3!


List of cool Splatoon 3 replays!

  • RHKM-2MM2-X2CQ-LU2V - Rapid Blaster Deco, Tower Control on Mahi-Mahi resort
  • RD9M-4VFG-95EU-B5TY - Krak-on Splat Rolller, Tower Control on Um'ami Ruins

Splatfest Teams I Picked

Winner in bold

Splatfest What I picked and why
Rock, Paper, or Scissors Rock, because I picked the team whose idol would most likely be the most popular
Gear, Grub, or Fun Didn't have the game at the time
Grass, Fire, or Water I picked Water because Quaxly was my starter
Spicy, Sweet, or Sour Sweet, because I love chocolate.
Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, or White Chocolate Milk Chocolate, with Dark Chocolate as a close second, only because I really love Milk Chocolate because it's super sweet
Power, Courage, or Wisdom Wisdom (there's no reason actually I just used a random number generator)



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