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ummm hi i guess lol Oddlildude 14:03, 18 July 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Welcome to Inkipedia, Oddlildude!

We're glad you decided to create an account and join us at the free, editable encyclopedia all about the Splatoon series! You are now able to edit pages, join discussions, and expand our coverage of the series. Here are some things to keep in mind while editing:
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Again, welcome, and we're glad you're joining us! Sincerely, Shahar (talk) 14:41, 20 July 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Too bright signature

Hello, your signature is quite hard to see when it's that bright on the default white background. I suggest maybe darkening the color a little bit or use a dark background to brace the brightness. If you want to check how others did their signature you can check talk pages with USERNAME/Sig and how they've done it. Thank you. Shahar (talk) 14:41, 20 July 2022 (UTC)[reply]

is this one better? so others can see my name more clearly!! (i can change the yellow again if you need me! :-D) Oddlildude (talk)AnemoneNo1.jpeg 01:51, 21 July 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Hello :)

I know that this is definitely not how user talk pages should probably be used, but reading your likes, dislikes, and user tags reminds me of myself and my preferences. :) Have a nice day! ArivakiVA S2 Gear Headgear Golden Toothpick.png JPTGoldDynamoRoller.png 18:00, 4 November 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Hi! That’s neat that out likes and dislikes are similar. My page needs work but i’ve just been busy. I think you’re fine saying this because user talk pages can be used for chatting. Hope you have a nice day! S3 art 3D Inkling splat.pngOddlildude (chat)S3 Inkling E-liter Scope Render.png 18:04, 4 November 2022 (UTC)[reply]
Alright, thank you! (Again, have an amazing day!) ArivakiVA S2 Gear Headgear Golden Toothpick.png JPTGoldDynamoRoller.png 21:15, 4 November 2022 (UTC)[reply]
Uh, small question, can I copy your 'this user loves sweets' tag? ArivakiVA S2 Gear Headgear Golden Toothpick.png JPTGoldDynamoRoller.png 21:25, 14 November 2022 (UTC)[reply]
You are more than welcome to use any of my tags! :D Have a great day. S3 art 3D Inkling splat.pngOddlildude (chat)S3 Inkling E-liter Scope Render.png 21:34, 14 November 2022 (UTC)[reply]
Okay, thanks! You have a nice day too! ArivakiVA S2 Gear Headgear Golden Toothpick.png JPTGoldDynamoRoller.png 21:39, 14 November 2022 (UTC)[reply]
Heyo! Good job absolutely beating me up with the Octobrush a few days ago! (You scared the actual flark out of me, I normally don't get scared. Good job. :,) ) Have a nice day! Arivaki-Kun S2 Gear Headgear Golden Toothpick.png JPTGoldDynamoRoller.png S3 Badge Classic Squiffer 5.png (banter) 19:23, 16 January 2023 (UTC)[reply]
Oh yeah! You did great with the Splatana. I’m trying to get the Zipcaster badge so that’s why I was using the Octobrush. :) I hope you have a nice day as well

Odd S3 Icon Frye.png (chat) 19:28, 16 January 2023 (UTC)[reply]

Thanks! I started maining Splatana recently, so I'm glad my practice is paying off. Good luck getting the Zipcaster badge, have a nice day (again)! Arivaki-Kun S2 Gear Headgear Golden Toothpick.png JPTGoldDynamoRoller.png S3 Badge Classic Squiffer 5.png (banter) 00:22, 17 January 2023 (UTC)[reply]

Competitive:Crab Tank

Thank you for contributing to the Strategy pages! Here are some tips to help you become a strategy scribe:

DaDoc540 (talk) 01:04, 30 December 2022 (UTC)[reply]

I am glad I could help with the strategy pages and thank you for your tips. I wasn’t sure if I needed be descriptive or brief for the weaknesses and strengths. Thank you for letting me know how I can improve my edits. Pearl 2D.pngOddlilgoof (chat)Marina 2D.png 01:22, 30 December 2022 (UTC)[reply]


Test Odd S3 Icon Frye.png (chat) 01:33, 2 January 2023 (UTC)[reply]


Odd S3 Icon Frye.png (chat) 01:33, 2 January 2023 (UTC)[reply]

About those categories

Sick work on categorizing files. I will say, though, that you may want to chill out on it solely because I plan to make some changes soon to the existing File template that will (hopefully) automatically categorize files for us. No pressure to stop, but I want to save you from redundancy when possible. Cheers. Trig - 05:29, 3 January 2023 (UTC)[reply]

Thank you! I’m glad I could help out with the wiki. I can slow down on categorizing files, I don’t want to mess anything up. I hope working with the auto-categorizing template goes well. Have a good day

Odd S3 Icon Frye.png (chat) 15:18, 3 January 2023 (UTC)[reply]


Sorry about mis-tagging those user files. I must have just forgotten to set the licence correctly. -DJParticle (talk) 00:15, 27 January 2023 (UTC)[reply]

You’re ok! You just forgot to remove them from the Uncategorized Files category.  :)

Odd S3 Icon Frye.png (chat) 00:17, 27 January 2023 (UTC)[reply]

Alice file

The file will eventually show up properly, MediaWiki is a bit slow on these things. Miss Delibirda (talk) 15:09, 30 January 2023 (UTC)[reply]

Thank you for letting me know! :) I will keep that in mind.

Odd S3 Icon Frye.png (chat) 15:46, 30 January 2023 (UTC)[reply]


Hi! So I was wondering, how do you add those little icons next to your name? Sorry! Thanks! Shiver101 00:58, 5 February 2023 (UTC)

The icons next to my name are apart of my signature. inkipedia:Policy/Signatures tells you how to make one :) Odd S3 Icon Frye.png (chat) 01:36, 5 February 2023 (UTC)[reply]

user page

Hi again! So for those little bubble text things I like followed all the instructions but it didn't work correctly so do you have any tips? Sorry thanks! Shiver101 19:43, 5 February 2023 (UTC)

I’m not exactly sure why the infobox was messed up. I did fix it for you though. I just copy & pasted the code for mine and then I added your info. :) Odd S3 Icon Frye.png (chat) 20:38, 5 February 2023 (UTC)[reply]

little help...

I made Shiver101 a sandbox page but they said that they can't edit it. I'm very unfamiliar with the userspace, so I don't know why this is happening. Could you help out? BobbyBobbySigSquidGhost.png 21:09, 5 February 2023 (UTC)[reply]

Yep! :)

Odd S3 Icon Frye.png (chat) 21:17, 5 February 2023 (UTC)[reply]

User image template no longer

When doing user images, use |meta=user (not type) in direct replacement of using the user image template. Thanks for all the other fixes! Trig - 01:55, 6 February 2023 (UTC)[reply]

Ok! Thank you for letting me know :)

Odd S3 Icon Frye.png (chat) 01:56, 6 February 2023 (UTC)[reply]