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In Splatoon
S1 DJParticle squid.png
NNID: DJParticle
Country: United States FlagUSA.svg
Level: 50
Gear: Head - Designer Headphones
Shirt - Purple Camo LS
Shoes - Purple Sea Slugs
Weapons - Splash-O-Matic/Carbon Roller Deco/Aerospray PG
Playing Since: August 19, 2015

In Splatoon 2
S2 DJParticle squid.png
Team: Casual Ink
Switch Friendcode: 0728-9987-8856
Country: United States FlagUSA.svg
Level: FlagUSA.svg 136
FlagJapan.svg 136
FlagEurope.svg 135
Gear: Head - Designer Headphones
Shirt - Purple Camo LS
Shoes - Purple Sea Slugs
Weapons - Neo Splash-o-matic/Aerospray MG & PG/Carbon Roller/Flingza Roller
Playing Since: August 2, 2017

Hello, YourUsername, I'm DJ Particle, RIAAcidal Lesbian Parodist. I've been video gaming since 1978, the days of the pong consoles (first household console Magnavox Odyssey 4000 [released Aug 1977]). Nintendo fanatic since 1987 and a charter subscriber to Nintendo Power in 1988. I currently own the PS2, Wii (Mark 1 - doubles as a Game Cube), Wii U, New 2DS XL, and Switch (all NA region consoles).

My history with Splatoon is a bit checkered. I got the first game in August 2015, and struggled with the motion and double-stick controls. Intimidated, I put the game on the back burner for almost a year (until May 18, 2016). When my partner got her own Wii U and Splatoon, I vowed to conquer my own hubris so I could play with her, and ended up getting thoroughly hooked.

Unfortunately, this meant I missed every Splatfest from the first game save for the final one, and even then, since it was taking place on a weekend I wouldn't be home, I couldn't actually splat in it, so I at least picked up the Splatfest Tee for Team Callie.

To make up for my lack of Splatfest participation in the first game, I bought all three regions of the second game, and have participated in every Splatfest across those regions since release, and Queened out all but one.

I'm more hooked than ever now, and have logged over 3000 hours to date between the three regions of the game. I also have never seen a more welcoming or fun video gaming community than the Splatoon community, and I'm glad to be a part of it. Splat well, squids!

Twitch | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Discord

FemaleUser.png This user is female.

Personal Splatfest Data

Splatfest Stats
Click on team names for my "Splatfest Musings"
Team Region Result Rank Date Reward
  Callie FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg Lose Callie Fangirl (0/10) FlagUSA.svg July 22, 2016 Super Sea Snails 2
Splatoon 2 (Battle Tally)
  Ketchup FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg Win* Ketchup Queen FlagUSA.svg August 5, 2017 Super Sea Snails 21
  Flight FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svg Win Flight Queen FlagUSA.svg September 2, 2017 Super Sea Snails 24
  Fries FlagJapan.svg Lose Fry Queen September 9, 2017 Super Sea Snails 21
  Front Roll FlagEurope.svg Win Front Roll Queen October 7, 2017 Super Sea Snails 24
  Dexterity FlagJapan.svg Lose Dexterity Queen October 14, 2017 Super Sea Snails 21
  Vampire FlagUSA.svg Win Vampire Queen October 14, 2017 Super Sea Snails 24
  Warm Breakfast FlagEurope.svg Win Warm Queen November 4, 2017 Super Sea Snails 24
  Lemon FlagJapan.svg Lose Lemon Queen November 11, 2017 Super Sea Snails 21
  Sci-Fi FlagUSA.svg Lose Sci-Fi Queen November 18, 2017 Super Sea Snails 21
  Outer Wear FlagJapan.svg Win Outer Wear Queen December 9, 2017 Super Sea Snails 24
  Film FlagEurope.svg Win Film Queen December 9, 2017 Super Sea Snails 24
  Socks FlagUSA.svg Lose Sock Queen December 16, 2017 Super Sea Snails 21
  Comedy FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg Win Comedy Queen FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg January 13, 2018 Super Sea Snails 72
  Challenger FlagJapan.svg Win Challenger Queen February 3, 2018 Super Sea Snails 24
  Gherk-IN FlagEurope.svg Lose Gherk-IN Queen February 10, 2018 Super Sea Snails 21
  Love FlagUSA.svg Win Love Queen February 17, 2018 Super Sea Snails 24
  Dango FlagJapan.svg Lose Dango Champion (42/99) March 3, 2018 Super Sea Snails 13
  Egg FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svg Lose Egg Queen FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svg March 10, 2018 Super Sea Snails 42
  Newest FlagJapan.svg Lose Newest Queen March 24, 2018 Super Sea Snails 21
  Baseball FlagUSA.svg Win Baseball Queen April 7, 2018 Super Sea Snails 24
  Salty FlagEurope.svg Win Salty Queen April 7, 2018 Super Sea Snails 24
  Future Tech FlagJapan.svg Win Future Tech Queen April 21, 2018 Super Sea Snails 24
  Leo FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svg Lose Leo Queen FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svg May 5, 2018 Super Sea Snails 42
  Donnie FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svg Win Donnie Queen FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svg May 12, 2018 Super Sea Snails 48
  Donnie FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svg Win Donnie Queen FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svg May 19, 2018 Super Sea Snails 48
  Hello Kitty FlagJapan.svg Win Hello Kitty Queen May 19, 2018 Super Sea Snails 24
  My Melody FlagJapan.svg Win My Melody Queen May 26, 2018 Super Sea Snails 24
  Hello Kitty FlagJapan.svg Lose Hello Kitty Queen June 9, 2018 Super Sea Snails 21
  Pulp FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svg Win Pulp Queen FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svg June 23, 2018 Super Sea Snails 48
  Octopus FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg Lose Octopus Queen FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg July 21, 2018 Super Sea Snails 63
  Bamboo Shoot Village FlagJapan.svg Lose Bamboo Shoot Queen August 18, 2018 Super Sea Snails 21
  Adventure FlagEurope.svg Win Adventure Queen August 18, 2018 Super Sea Snails 24
  Fork FlagUSA.svg Win Fork Queen August 25, 2018 Super Sea Snails 24
Splatoon 2 (Clout)
  Retro FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svg Lose Retro Queen FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svg September 22, 2018 Super Sea Snails 42
  Koshian FlagJapan.svg Win Koshian Queen September 23, 2018 Super Sea Snails 24
  Treat FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg Win Treat Queen FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg October 19, 2018 Super Sea Snails 72
  Pocky Chocolate FlagJapan.svg Lose Pocky Chocolate Queen November 10, 2018 Super Sea Snails 21
  Salsa FlagUSA.svg Win Salsa Queen November 17, 2018 Super Sea Snails 24
  Save It FlagEurope.svg Win Save It Queen November 24, 2018 Super Sea Snails 24
  Hero FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg Lose Hero Queen FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg December 15, 2018 Super Sea Snails 63
  Fam FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg Lose Fam Queen FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg January 4, 2019 Super Sea Snails 63
  Boke FlagJapan.svg Win Boke Queen February 2, 2019 Super Sea Snails 24
  Waffle FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svg Win Waffle Queen FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svg February 9, 2019 Super Sea Snails 48
  Wizard FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg Win Wizard Queen FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg March 16, 2019 Super Sea Snails 72
  Tortoise FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg Lose Tortoise Queen FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg April 19, 2019 Super Sea Snails 63
  Pacific League FlagJapan.svg Win Pacific Queen May 11, 2019 Super Sea Snails 24
  Time Travel FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svg Lose Time Travel Queen FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svg May 18, 2019 Super Sea Snails 42
  Narwhal FlagUSA.svg Win Narwhal Queen June 15, 2019 Super Sea Snails 24
  Pineapple FlagJapan.svg Lose Pineapple Queen June 15, 2019 Super Sea Snails 21
  Grown-Up FlagEurope.svg Win Grown-Up Queen June 15, 2019 Super Sea Snails 24
  Order FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg Lose Order Queen FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg July 18, 2019 Super Sea Snails 63
  Ketchup FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg Win Ketchup Queen FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg May 22, 2020 Super Sea Snails 72
  Egg FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg Lose Egg Queen FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg August 21, 2020 Super Sea Snails 63
  Treat FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg Win Treat Queen FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg October 30, 2020 Super Sea Snails 72
  Super Star FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg Lose Super Star Queen FlagUSA.svgFlagEurope.svgFlagJapan.svg January 15, 2021 Super Sea Snails 63
Fastest Splatfest Queenout Times
Rank Team Time
1   Wizard 1h 18m
2   Pineapple 1h 19m
3   Ketchup 1h 41m
4   Order 1h 44m
5 (tie)   Time Travel 1h 47m
5 (tie)   Tortoise 1h 47m
7   Treat 1h 55m
8   Pacific League 1h 56m
9   Treat 1h 57m
10   Fam 1h 58m
Private Splatfests
My team in bold
Match Hosted By Result Date
  Lemon vs. Lime   Lunaaa Lose August 10, 2019
  Chocolate vs. Caramel   #9 Party Win August 17, 2019
  Mac & Cheese vs. Pasta & Red Sauce   Twitter Splatfests Win September 4-27, 2019
  Autobomb vs. Suction Bomb   Twin Tropical Win September 14, 2019
  Spring vs. Autumn   Extrafest Win September 14, 2019
  Joel vs. Mike   DJ Particle Win September 14, 2019
  Bat vs. Jack O'Lantern   Twin Tropical Lose October 12, 2019
  Sadako vs. Kayako   DJ Particle Lose October 12, 2019
  Video Games vs. Board Games   Twitter Splatfests Win October 14-27, 2019
  Pumpkin Pie vs. Apple Pie   Twin Tropical Lose November 9, 2019
  Stuffing vs. Potatoes   DJ Particle Lose November 9, 2019
  Cereal vs. Turkey   Extrafest Lose November 23, 2019
  Stuffing vs. Potatoes   Redstone Win November 30, 2019
  Cookies vs. Brownies   Subspace King Lose December 14, 2019
  Rudolph vs. Frosty   DJ Particle Lose December 14, 2019
  Getting vs. Giving   Splatfest Remix Win December 17-31, 2019
  Giving vs. Getting   Redstone Win December 28, 2019
  Giving vs. Getting   Twin Tropical Win January 11, 2020
  Squid Sisters vs. Off The Hook   Toon Inkopolis Win January 11, 2020
  Rat vs. Mouse   Subspace King Lose January 25, 2020
  Snowman vs. Snow Angels   Redstone Lose January 25, 2020
  Hot vs. Cold   Extrafest Win January 25, 2020
  Ranked vs. Turf War   DJ Particle Win January 25, 2020
  Light vs. Darkness   Walk The Plank Lose February 1, 2020
  Flowers vs. Chocolate   Cephalopod Kickback Lose February 15, 2020
  OwO vs. UwU   DJ Particle Lose February 15, 2020
  No Splatfest Tee vs. Splatfest Tee   Redstone Win February 29, 2020
  Perky vs. Edgy   DJ Particle Win March 14, 2020
  Care Bears vs. Care Bear Cousins   Vicvillon Win March 28, 2020
  Bunny vs. Egg   DJ Particle Win April 11, 2020
  Food vs. Friends   Redstone Lose May 30, 2020
  Beach Party vs. Pool Party   DJ Particle Lose June 13, 2020
  Cat vs. Dog   Subspace King Lose July 4, 2020
  Squid Squad vs. Wet Floor   DJ Particle Lose July 18, 2020
  Outer Space vs. Deep Sea   DJ Particle Lose September 12, 2020
  Horde vs. Alliance   DJ Particle Lose November 21, 2020
  Console vs. PC   DJ Particle Lose December 19, 2020
  Hope vs. Despair   DJ Particle Win February 13, 2021
  Inkopolis vs. Splatsville   DJ Particle Win March 13, 2021
  Mounds vs. Almond Joy   DJ Particle Lose April 3, 2021
  Ranked vs. Turf War   The Splatfest Society Lose April 24, 2021
  Sunflower vs. Rose   Custom Splatfest Win May 28, 2021
  Early Bird vs. Night Owl   DJ Particle Win May 29, 2021
  Sub vs. Wrap   DJ Particle Lose June 26, 2021
  Mario vs. Sonic   DJ Particle Win July 24, 2021
  Miiverse vs. Miitomo   DJ Particle Lose August 14, 2021
  Grizzco vs. Kamabo   DJ Particle Lose September 18, 2021
  Chills vs. Thrills   DJ Particle Lose October 16, 2021

Splatoon 2 Multiregion FAQ

  • What's the easiest way to do this?
    • Import the physical carts from sites like Play-Asia or Offgamers. At that point, it's just plug-and-play, and each version will use its own save file. Easy peasy.
  • I can't wait that long for the mail! Can I get it online from the eShop?
    • Yes, but not with your regular Nintendo account. You will need regional accounts. This is also the only way to import foreign versions of the Octo Expansion
      • a) To make a regional account, it MUST be attached to a different email address than the one you use with your main account. Luckily, there are many common free email services (Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc) you can use. Be sure to label the home region either 'United States', 'Japan', or a Euro-currency EU member country (NOT the UK!! I used Ireland, for example) depending on which version that account will be purchassing. You need one new account for each different region you plan to purchase.
      • b) Unless your PayPal or credit cards are clear to use internationally (most are not), you will need to purchase game time cards in each region. These are usually readily available (and instantly via email) at sites like Play-Asia and Offgamers. Be sure your game cards match the region you specify in the placeholder account, and when you get the code, add it to that account's funds by logging into the eShop using the new account.
      • c) Browse the eShop using the new account, find Splatoon 2, and buy it with your account funds. Let it download and install..
      • d) The upside now is, if you want to import other games via eShop, you already have the account defined!
  • How about after I buy it? Can I at least use my regular Nintendo Account to play the imports? I don't want to remake my friends list.
    • Yes. Once a version of the game is on your Switch, you can play it with your regular Nintendo account.
  • Can the foreign versions read my existing save file at all? I don't want to start back at Level 1.
    • No. Each region's copy has its own save file, so you will have to start back at Level 1 for each new region you buy. There is no way to make it read another region's save file.
  • Can I use SplatNet 2 for all regions?
    • Yes, but SplatNet 2 will always connect to and reflect the stats for the region you most recently logged into. If you want to purchase an item for a particular region's toon, be sure to log into that region of the game before opening SplatNet 2.
  • This sounds really cool! Will I be splatting with international squids/octolings?
    • Rarely. The matching servers are region-agnostic, so unless you're joining overseas people on your friends list, you will still be paired with whoever's available that has the best peer-to-peer connections to you. In most cases, this will still be players from your home region.
  • What about language support? What versions support which languages?
    • NA/AUS: English, Canadian French, Mexican Spanish
    • EU: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Russian
    • Japan: Japanese
    • NOTE: Whereas the English translations are the same between NA and EU, note that the French and Spanish translations are not, and many item, place, and character names will differ despite the common base language.
  • My family plan includes my regional accounts. Why was I only given E-Shop codes for the special gear for my home region?
    • Nintendo did not take into account that family plans may have people from multiple regions added. This is an oversight from Nintendo that they have yet to fix.
  • Single-region Splatfests in Splatoon 2 ended in July 2019. Is there any reason to get other regions of the game now?
    • Not Really until Splatoon 3. The JP version of Splatoon 2 had exclusive gear, if you could get your hands on the corresponding CoroCoro magazines or codes, but the codes for such gear have now all expired, so it is no longer possible, even in the JP version, to get such exclusive gear if you do not already have it.
  • If you have any other questions, ask me on my talk page. :)

Personal Quirks

Sometimes I may refer to certain weapons/stages by different names.

  • Splash-o-matic - I call it the Sharpie Marker (similar to JP name), because just about every other language localization calls it a name based on, well, what it *is* - a fine/sharp marker. Curious why only the English version doesn't refer to that.
  • Sploosh-o-matic - I call it the Bold Marker (its JP name), see above, similar reason.
  • Bloblobber - I call it the Overflosher (its JP name), because for some reason I have trouble saying "Bloblobber".
  • Ultra Stamp - I call it Da Hamma, because that's what it does to us! *heh*
  • Shellendorf Institute - I call it Devon Museum for 2 reasons:
    • 1) That's what the Inkling script says
    • 2) The English language is the only localization that ties the place to Sheldon's family. Since apparently in the original Japanese, it has no such lore connection, I refuse to acknowledge it by its English name.
  • Wahoo World - I call it Woomy World, because Nintendo missed a golden opportunity there. It just feels more natural.

Who is "Bad Cop Callie"?

If you're unfortunate enough to disconnect your way into Splat Jail, headcanon says your toon has to deal with the Squid Sisters interrogating you, with one as "good cop" and one as "bad cop". Unfortunately for all of us, Callie wanted to be the "bad cop"...after all, she's seen it lots of times on TV! *heh* Think of perky Callie TRYING to be the "bad cop", accusing your toon of all sorts of silly impossible shenanigans ("You hacked the map...WITH YOUR MIND!!!"), and mentioning she has "zillions" of evidence against you (MARIE: "Callie, "zillion" isn't a number! *sigh*")...and failing hilariously. Poor Marie can only facepalm in disbelief.

Console History
System Regionlock Make Released Owned
Odyssey 4000 NTSC Magnavox 1977 1977-80
Ultra Pong Doubles NTSC Atari (Sears variant) 1977 2006-
Intellivision NTSC Mattel 1980 1980-84
Atari 5200 (Mk 2) NTSC Atari 1982 2006-2013
Colecovision NTSC Coleco 1982 1982-87
NES NA Nintendo 1985 1987-2013
Atari 2600 (Mk 4) NTSC Atari 1986 2006-2013
Master System NA Sega 1986 2004-2013
Game Boy None Nintendo 1989 1990-2013
Game Gear NA Sega 1990 2004-2013
Super NES NA Nintendo 1991 1991-2013
Dreamcast JP Sega 1999 2001-2013
Game Boy Advance None Nintendo 1999 2001-2013
Playstation 2 JP Sony 2000 2002-2013
Playstation 2 NA Sony 2000 2003-
Game Boy Advance SP None Nintendo 2001 2001-2003
Wii NA Nintendo 2006 2015-
3DS XL NA Nintendo 2011 2012-2014
Wii U NA Nintendo 2012 2015-
New 3DS NA Nintendo 2014 2014-2019
Switch None Nintendo 2017 2017-
New 2DS XL None Nintendo 2018 2019-