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Displays a weapon in a weapon list. Intended to be used in conjunction with WeaponList/Header and WeaponList/Footer.

This template is a proxy that pre-evaluates parameters for WeaponList/ItemEx


game Optional. The game the item belongs to. The default value is "Splatoon". Must be one of the following:
  • Splatoon
  • Splatoon 2
  • Splatoon 3
main The English name of the weapon.
euoc Optional. The Europe/Oceania English name of the weapon, if different from main
sub The English name of the weapon's sub weapon.
special The English name of the weapon's special weapon.
level The level at which the weapon becomes available.
price Optional. The numeric amount of cash required to purchase the weapon from Ammo Knights.
class The weapon's class. Must be one of the following:
  • Blaster
  • Brella
  • Brush
  • Charger
  • Dualie
  • Roller
  • Shooter
  • Slosher
  • Splatana
  • Splatling
  • Stringer
class2 Optional. The weapon's subclass that would become an independent class in a future installment, for filtering purposes. Must be one of the following:
  • Blaster
  • Brush
introduced Optional The version in which the weapon was added to the game.
index Optional. The index number of the weapon set.
filter_sub Optional. No output will be produced if sub and filter_sub don't match.
filter_special Optional. No output will be produced if special and filter_special don't match.
filter_class Optional. No output will be produced if class and filter_class don't match.
filter_class2 Optional. No output will be produced if class2 and filter_class2 don't match.



{{WeaponList/Header|Example List|game=Splatoon}}
{{WeaponList/Item|game=Splatoon|main=Aerospray MG|sub=Seeker|special=Inkzooka|depletion=Light|price=4,500|scroll=Octowhirl|level=7|class=Shooter|id=30}}
{{WeaponList/Item|game=Splatoon|main=Dual Squelcher|sub=Splat Bomb|special=Echolocator|depletion=Light|price=9,800|level=16|class=Shooter|id=80}}
{{WeaponList/Item|game=Splatoon|main=Hero Shot Replica|sub=Burst Bomb|special=Bomb Rush|depletion=Light|price=1,200|amiibo=Inkling Girl|level=3|class=Shooter|id=45}}
{{WeaponList/Item||game=Splatoon|main=Splattershot Jr.|sub=Splat Bomb|special=Bubbler|depletion=Medium|level=1|class=Shooter|id=10}}


Example List
Main #ID Sub Special Special Depletion Level Price Class Introduced

Aerospray MG 30 Seeker Inkzooka Special gaugeLight 7 Cash 4,500 Shooter

Dual Squelcher 80 Splat Bomb Echolocator Special gaugeLight 16 Cash 9,800 Shooter

Hero Shot Replica 45 Burst Bomb Bomb Rush Special gaugeLight 3 Cash 1,200 Shooter

Splattershot Jr. 10 Splat Bomb Bubbler Special gaugeMedium 1 Shooter

Tri-Slosher 3010 Disruptor Bubbler Special gaugeMedium 9 Cash 7,500 Slosher