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hi hello

im tons-of-ducks, welcome to my page. pull up a chair.

the reason im here is because:

A) i get pissed off whenever i see something that doesn't look formal enough (example: using second person when talking about the player. please stop doing that people.),

B) Japanese translations are missing and/or incorrect,

C) music article key signatures are missing and/or incorrect (i have perfect pitch so i edit stuff like that a lot),

and D) splatoon is my hyperfixation.

other games i like include TF2 (bonk), League of Legends (yes, people on there can be rude, but there are still nice people too), Hollow Knight (currently putting off like 5 boss fights), the Ori games (started replaying Will of The Wisps but forgot to finish), and Pikuniku (pikuniku means either picnic or pink meat. either one makes sense.)

weapons i main:

  • Custom Dualie Squelchers (S2)
  • Octo Shot Replica (S2)
  • E-Liter 4K [insert comedic sniper reference here] (S2) they should've kept it with ink storm in splatoon 3. WHY DID THEY GIVE IT WAVE BREAKER OF ALL THINGS.
  • Splat Charger (S3) [insert another comedic sniper reference here]
  • Splash-o-Matic (S3)
  • Dualie Squelchers (S3)

how i got into splatoon:

i dont remember a lot but i first got into it around 6-7 years ago, back in ye olde splatoon 1 days (cries). anyway, i got hyperfixated on it and then forgot about it a couple years later. i never really thought about it after that. a few years later (a year-ish ago) i was on youtube going through my recommended, when i saw the s3 announcement trailer. i thought "hey i used to be into it, didnt realize they were makin a third one" and the hyperfixation came back for revenge

and now im here, checking for punctuation and grammar and spelling and all that jazz in random articles that no one ever looks at. it's fun though.

some other things you might wanna know:

things i like about splatoon:

  • i like lore a lot in case you didnt already read that
  • my favorite octo canyon level is the octopark and my favorite octo expansion station is gnarly rails station
  • favorite bands are dedf1sh, off the hook, turquoise october, and diss-pair (if diss-pair arent the sploon 3 idols im going to cry) (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand now im crying)
  • i stand by the opinion that pearl has a really cute design, if you dont like her... just why
  • cute cephalopods
  • big man

things about me:

  • im on the autism spectrum
  • my favorite food is pancakes bacon and eggs
  • i know english (native), some japanese (my parents forced me to learn it), and some hindi
  • i have a pixilart, you can find it here
  • favorite bands / music artists include Patricia Taxxon, AJR, Graham Kartna, Queens of the Stone Age, Vundabar, and Louie Zong

in-game data

splatoon 2

username: ahiru_onna

main weapons: see above

Octo Canyon: 1000% complete

Octo Expansion: beat the main story, haven't 1000% completed it yet

splatoon 3

username: TOD13

splashtag name: celestial avocado roll

main weapons: see above

Return of the Mammalians: working on it

smallfry name: Mushy

splatfest choices

never participated in any splatfests until splatoon 3, so there'll only be the spoon 3 ones.

i was going to make a separate page for this, but inkipedia wouldnt let me. said something about an error. eh whatever.

Splatfest Team I Chose Winning Team Reason Why I Chose The Team
Rock vs. Paper vs. Scissors Scissors Rock out of the 3, scissors are the best form of self defense.
Gear vs. Grub vs. Fun Grub Gear if im gonna be stuck on some random island for god knows how long, i may as well have some snack things
Grass vs. Fire vs. Water Fire Water


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