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I only get to play a couple of hours a week, so I'm not very good, but I still enjoy optimizing, strategizing, and theorizing, especially finding uses and builds for weapons and abilities that don't see much use.

Current Stats

Mii Name: MindWander
Level: 52
Splat Zones Rank: S
Tower Control Rank: A+
Rainmaker Rank: S
Clam Blitz Rank: A-
Record Salmon Run Rating: Profreshional 240 (not counting ???? shifts)
Splatoon 1 Level: 39
Splatoon 1 Rank: B+
Switch Friend Code: SW-5961-6763-3987
NNID MindWanderer
SplatNet MindWander

Favored Weapons

Since I can't aim well and don't react quickly, I lean towards weapons with a tactical advantage.

Splatoon 2

The tactician's tool, with bonus carpet-bombing. Fast, deadly, defensive, and tactical. I can play anchor and not have to aim?! Seek and destroy. Armor up! Scoot in close and unload like mad. My sub and I: A chicken and an autobomb. A fantastic control tool... when my aim is on point.

Splatoon 1

Slosh over obstacles, at maximum range, or from behind a Splash Wall. Fast run speed, Sprinkler, and Inkstrike is the perfect Turf Wars set. Seekers and Inkstrikes are both underrated. I'm not sure why I do well with this weapon, but I do. Level the playing field before getting close. For when you want both range and beakons. Catch foes unaware with a long-range burst, or disrupt them for an easy splat. Got this late in the game, but it worked out well while it lasted.