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I only get to play a couple of hours a week, so I'm not very good, but I still enjoy optimizing, strategizing, and theorizing, especially finding uses and builds for weapons and abilities that don't see much use.

Current Stats

Mii Name: MindWander
Level: 36
Splat Zones Rank: A+
Tower Control Rank: A
Rainmaker Rank: A+
Record Salmon Run Rating: Profreshional 200
Splatoon 1 Level: 39
Splatoon 1 Rank: B+
Switch Friend Code: SW-5961-6763-3987
NNID MindWanderer
SplatNet MindWander

Favored Weapons

Since I can't aim well and don't react quickly, I lean towards weapons with a tactical advantage.

Splatoon 2

The tactician's tool, with bonus carpet-bombing. You cannot hide from the autobomb.  Please run away from it and directly toward me, thanks. Might as well face it, I'm addicted to autobombs. The quickest of kills.  Seek and destroy. A fantastic control tool... when my aim is on point.

Splatoon 1

Slosh over obstacles, at maximum range, or from behind a Splash Wall. Fast run speed, Sprinkler, and Inkstrike is the perfect Turf Wars set. Seekers and Inkstrikes are both underrated. I'm not sure why I do well with this weapon, but I do. Level the playing field before getting close. For when you want both range and beakons. Catch foes unaware with a long-range burst, or disrupt them for an easy splat. Got this late in the game, but it worked out well while it lasted.