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Fog rolls in on Spawning Grounds.

Fog is a Known Occurrence in Salmon Run and Salmon Run Next Wave that is also used as a feature in Return of the Mammalians and Challenge mode.


Fog will cover the battlefield during this event, making it more difficult for players to see. Additionally, Salmonids spawn all over the map instead of concentrating on a single area at a time. Although it is said to be rare, at least two Goldies will spawn during Fog, so keep an eye out for them.

Fog can occur at any tide level.

Salmonid Field Guide

Salmonid Field Guide page detailing Fog

The following text is quoted from the Salmonid Field Guide.

What Happens
  • The area is covered in a dense fog, drastically reducing visibility.
  • Enemies will take advantage of the fog and attack from all directions.
How to Get Golden Eggs
  • Defeat Boss Salmonids.
  • The extremely rare Goldies may appear in foggy conditions.
Advice from Mr. Grizz
  • Try to maintain contact with your teammates at all times while in the fog.
  • Being alone in the fog is extremely dangerous.
Supplementary Information
  • Goldies are extremely rare Salmonids—only one of every 10,000 hatchlings is a Goldie.
  • They live longer than and possess far superior intelligence to normal Salmonid specimens.


  • Lure Goldie and mobile Boss Salmonids as close to the Egg basket as possible. If the team is lucky enough to drop a large number of Eggs from the Goldie, it's possible to meet the quota early, allowing players to prioritize surviving.
    • Be aware of the surroundings when collecting Eggs near the basket. If the crew gathers too close to each other and focuses solely on the Eggs, Salmonids can overflow the stage and easily wipe out the team. Long-range Boss Salmonids are especially dangerous in such situations.
  • Because it's much harder to navigate through the fog, try to take out Flyfish, Stingers and Big Shots if it's safe. Don't ignore Fish Sticks or it will be very hard for the crew to control the turf.



  • Fog and The Mothership are the only Known Occurrences that can occur no matter the tide.
  • Fog is used in the "Foggy Notation" Challenge mode.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese
Netherlands Dutch Mist Fog
CanadaFrance French Brouillard Fog
Germany German Nebel Fog
Italy Italian Nebbia Fog
Russia Russian Туман
SpainMexico Spanish Niebla Fog
China Chinese (Simplified)
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional)
South Korea Korean 안개
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