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  • "Hello, hel- Oh my, is that truly the only weapon in your possession? You'll need more than that if you want to be taken seriously around here! I'd offer to help... bit I'm not sure you could handle my firepower at lowly Level 1. No, I simply can't let you adopt any of my beautiful children until Level 2... at the very least! Go raise your level in some regular battles, and then come see me again, yes?" -Sheldon when you enter Ammo Knights at Level 1
  • "Hello, hello! What kind of weapon are you in the market for?" - When a player enters the store
  • "You're looking fairly fresh! Yes, I think you have what it takes to wield my WEAPON! Go on, give it a try!" - When a player gains a rank or when new weapons are added
  • "And that's not all! You're also ready to wield the WEAPON!" - When more than one weapon is newly available
  • "Buy this one?" - When a player selects a weapon
  • "Equip it?" - When a player purchases a weapon
  • "Thank you ! I know you'll give it a good home. Remember-tap Equip on Wiiu-gamepad-icon.png to change weapons!" - After a player chooses whether to equip a new weapon
  • "I admire your devotion, but you already have that weapon!" - When a player tries to buy a weapon they own
  • "Hello, hel- Oh... I'm afraid you're offline right now. Come back when you're connected to the internet!" - When the player is offline.
  • "Hmmm? Wait... Are those some of my Grandpappy's long-lost blueprints you have in your possession?! Where did you find them?! Let me see those! Quickly! With these blueprints and my slightly above-average intellect, I'll be able to expand my product line!" - When a player brings some blueprints to the shop
  • "Whew...! Weapon creation: successful! If only Grandpappy were here to see his work come to life! But I still have to pay the rent here... You understand. As you know, I can't let anyone handle my wares without the proper level and, of course, payment." - After Sheldon makes a weapon from the blueprints
  • "Let's see... at your current level, you can buy the WEAPON! Though it pains me to admit it, I couldn't reproduce the technology used in these blueprints... But I did manage to remodel a standard WEAPON so that it LOOKS like the gun in the pictures! Cool, eh?" - When the player is eligible to buy the reward from defeating the final boss in an Amiibo challenge

Weapon introductions


  • Sheldon on the Custom Splattershot Jr.: I took my inspiration for this weapon from a strange liquid that was stuck to my grandpappy's blueprints! Its main weapon is just like the Splattershot Jr., but this one lets you weaken your foes with Disruptors! It also comes with an Echolocator, so rally your team behind you and charge into the fray!
  • Ah, the classic Splattershot. It's a modified version of a weapon that was used in the Great Turf War of old. When this weapon made a splash with the fresh kids, it helped popularize the Turf Wars we know today! The full-auto Splattershot, Burst Bombs and Bomb Rush make it a great choice for any situation. Whether you're a newbie or a pro, learn to use this set effectively and you'll be a force to be reckoned with!
  • The Tentatek Splattershot- designed in collaboration with the popular gear brand Tentatek! It's stats are the same as the standard Splattershot, but it comes with Suction Bombs and the Inkzooka! This makes it useful against tricky foes who like to keep their distance from you. Give it a shot, so to speak!
  • The Wasabi Splattershot is a Splattershot set featuring a few key adjustments by yours truly! The Main weapon is pretty much the same as before, but Splat Bombs really amp up its frontline capability. Alternatively, try calling in an Inkstrike to scatter the bad guys and give your teammates the advantage! This is just the set for the discerning Inkling looking for something spicy!
  • The Splattershot Pro was developed for more advanced users by the team behind the Splattershot! Unbalance your foes with Splat Bombs and Inkstrikes, and then hit them with superb range and accuracy! Its ink efficiency and fire rate aren't as good as the standard Splattershot's hence the "pro".
  • What do you get when you cross a pro weapon with top gear brand Forge? It's the Forge Splattershot Pro! Its stats haven't changed, but the Point Sensor and Inkzooka open up new tactical potential! Like the Splattershot Pro, it's not the easiest weapon to handle, so try it out if you've got what it takes!
  • Ah, the Berry Splattershot Pro. I've taken the basic Splattershot Pro and improved its setup. Suction Bombs help keep opponents at the perfect range to advantage of the main weapon! And the Bomb Rush can really pressure the enemy's defenses letting you run in and let 'em have it! Don't let the tasty paint job fool you; this baby can deal some serious damage!
  • Now the Aerospray MG is a shooter I made with a little help from my grandpappy's blueprints. Its range and accuracy are nothing to sneeze at, but the real draw is its amazing rate of fire! The Seekers and the Inkzooka are so easy to use, you're sure to have a blast! Thanks, Grandpappy!
  • The Aerospray RG is like the Aerospray MG I built from my grandpappy's blueprints, only...shinier! Combining its rapid-fire capabilities with tricky Ink Mines allows for some great hit-and-run tactics. Add the Inkstrike into the mix, and it's the perfect package if you like causing complete and utter chaos!
  • The Aerospray PG is a little update to the Aerospray MG that I built from my grandpappy's blueprints. It's a hand-crafted work of art, if I do say so myself. I really put a lot of love into it! The Burst Bombs let you control your opponents' movements before smashing them with the Kraken. Rated PG for severe splattings!
  • The Jet Squelcher has the top range of any rapid-fire weapon, approaching that of the charger weapons. It sacrifices attack power, though, so focus on hiding behind your Splash Wall and charging up the Inkstrike! It's best for fighters who know how to strike at the most opportune moment!
  • The Custom Jet Squelcher is just a Jet Squelcher with a custom appearance. No surprise there! It comes with Burst Bombs to pin down your foes and the Kraken to let you deal the finishing blow! If you like to keep your foes under pressure, this weapon set could be just what you're looking for!
  • The Dual Squelcher adds a manifold mechanism to the Jet Squelcher for extreme range and firing rate. Claim turf, fire out those Echolocators, and then attack the opponents' position with Splat Bombs! So I'd recommend it if those kinds of tricksy tactics happen to be your style!
  • The Custom Dual Squelcher is exactly what is sounds like—a Dual Squelcher with a custom look! What's new is the Squid Beakon, letting you lead your team, and the Killer Wail to pressure your foes! I'd say it's perfect for master tacticians who can keep track of the entire field of battle.
  • Ah, now the L-3 Nozzlenose is a semiautomatic shooter. It fires three shots each time you pull the trigger! Its range and accuracy are great, but you can't keep firing by holding down Button1 ZR.png, so good timing is a must! This set includes Disruptors and the Killer Wail as well. It's well suited to those who like to fight efficiently.
  • The L-3 Nozzlenose D is a standard L-3 Nozzlenose, decorated with badges from its manufacturer. Its stats are unchanged, but this set includes Burst Bombs and the Kraken- an aggressive combination! Attack with a Burst Bomb, and then finish them with your shooter. It's an easy set to get the hang of!
  • The H-3 Nozzlenose is a semiautomatic with more firepower than its L-3 twin. The H stands for "heavy"! It can't fire as rapidly, but you can pinpoint foes with the Echolocator to make every shot count! Suction Bombs can also make an effective defense, so this set is a good choice for well-rounded fighters!
  • The H-3 Nozzlenose D is an H-3 Nozzlenose decorated with added badges from the manufacturer. The badges don't actually affect its abilities, but it does include a Point Sensor and the mighty Inkzooka. In the right hands, this interesting combination of abilities may give rise to many unique strategies!
  • The Cherry H-3 Nozzlenose is an entry-level H-3 Nozzlenose designed with user-friendliness in mind. It's super cute with its fruity color scheme and cherry-themed sticker! The sub weapon is the Splash Wall, which lets you halt the enemy and pick them off at your leisure. With a Bubbler as the special, this set suits those who believe the best offense is a good defense!
  • The N-ZAP '85 is a Shooter with excellent ink efficiency and rapid-fire capability! Its attack power isn't all that, but it's fabulous at quickly charging up the Echolocator special weapon. Combined with Splat Bombs, this set caters to fighters who like to cover a lot of ground in battle!
  • Ah yes, the N-ZAP '89. This is quite simply an N-ZAP '85 that was redesigned for... legal reasons. It includes a Sprinkler to rapidly increase your turf, allowing you to fire off remarkably fast Inkstrikes! This set is excellent at striking where the foe least expects it. Good for lone wolves!
  • The N-ZAP '83 is an N-ZAP '85 that I've modified to faithfully recreate a classic limited-edition piece. It's so faithful, in fact, that the buttons might stick a bit sometimes... But that's all part of the charm, yes? The Point Sensor and Kraken make for a set that is handy for cutting off your opponents' advance.
  • For your main weapon, I present the Splash-o-matic, a weapon fine-tuned for highly accurate barrages! It's a little lacking in power, but it can ink the ground rapidly, letting you quickly fill up your special gauge. Then with the Bomb Rush special weapon, you can toss Suction Bombs to your heart's content! Fun, yes?
  • The Neo Splash-o-matic has the same capabilities as the original set, but with new sub and special weapons. Hit your opponent with Burst Bombs, and then give them a taste of precision shooting! With the Inkzooka too, this is a set for an aggressive sharpshooter who's not afraid to get messy!
  • With its wide muzzle, the Sploosh-o-matic is specialized for close-combat situations. Beat back the enemy while placing Squid Beakons on their turf, and then mop up with the deadly Killer Wail! This weapon set excels at opening holes in the opponents' defenses for your teammates to exploit.
  • The Neo Sploosh-o-matic is a custom Sploosh-o-matic emblazoned with an original emblem. Mark your opponents with the Point Sensor, and then crush them with the power of the Kraken! Getting in close is vital for this setup, so it is suited to battlers who excel at flanking their foes.
  • The Sploosh-o-matic 7 retains the stats of the original model while adding more strategic options. Splat Bombs combined with an Inkzooka enable you to pressure opponents at both middle and long range. In fact, this weapon has so many uses, I bet it could even make your bed or do your laundry! (Not a guarantee.)
  • The .52 Gal is a heavy hitter with an extra large nozzle for shooting massive amounts of ink! It's powerful, but pretty slow. If you find yourself in trouble, throw up a Splash Wall and retreat! The Killer Wail can be used offensively or defensively, so it's good for fighters who can read the flow of battle!
  • The .52 Gal Deco is a standard .52 Gal with a little extra flair added by pro designers! Its stats aren't any different, but it does come with Seekers to open up new battle tactics. And with the Inkstrike as its special, this set allows you to really dominate the battlefield!
  • The .96 Gal's main weapon has an extra-large ink tank, allowing for powerful shots with a lot of range! And the Sprinkler and Echolocator can be used to keep foes riiiiiiight where you want them. So it's an excellent weapon for fighters who want to control the pace of battle!
  • The .96 Gal Deco is a standard .96 Gal with a little added flair! Unlike the standard .96 Gal, though, you can approach with the Splash Wall, and then...release the Kraken. That would be my strategy, anyway! I'd recommend it to fighters who want to charge the front lines!