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Moving platforms in Beaker's Depot.

Moving Platforms are a type of platform that can be able to move without the use of a Propeller. These are mainly seen in Octo Canyon.


Moving platforms are used to assist the player from getting to one area from another. The platforms can move in a variety of directions and ways. If the platform is not moving in such a way that it creates a slope, the player on the moving platform will stay in the relative area if they are directly on the platform, though will be in the general area in the air when they jump (i.e. they risk falling off if they are too close to the edge or if the platform moves very quickly), and swimming on the wall will have their directional input be relative to the direction they are as if it were a normal wall. However, if the platform moves such that it creates a slope, the player will start sliding down if they are standing. Players will be affected by gravity while they are swimming on a sloped surface, though ultimately still be able to swim as long as they are not upside-down, in which they will fall.