Too Many Trizookas!

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Too Many Trizookas!
A high-powered Trizooka battle!
S3 Challenge Mode Too Many Trizookas! Promo.jpg
Type Online multiplayer mode, Challenge
Players 8 (4v4)
Ranked No
Weapons All with Trizooka
Controllers Nintendo Switch Joy-Con with grip.png Joy-Con, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.png Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Release Date 6 June 2023

Too Many Trizookas! is a Challenge in Splatoon 3. It was first announced during the Sizzle Season 2023 announcement trailer,[1] was first available on 6 June 2023 during Sizzle Season 2023, and was the second available Challenge in Splatoon 3.


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In this Challenge, the only main weapon that players are allowed to use are weapons that come with the Trizooka special weapon. If a player tries to play the Challenge with a weapon that does not have the Trizooka, they can cancel or select an owned weapon that does; other weapons are grayed out. During the Challenge, the special gauge fills quickly by itself and by inking turf. When the Challenge is played, only primary abilities are enabled, so secondary abilities have no effect.

In-game info

Can you defeat a Trizooka user with a Trizooka of your own?! Now's the time to find out!
You can only use weapons that come with the Trizooka special.
The special gauge will fill quickly all by itself!
Only primary gear abilities will be enabled! Secondary abilities will have no effect.

List of Challenges

Duration Mode Stages Rankings
6 June 2023 at S3 icon Tower Control.png
Tower Control
S3 Stage Museum d'Alfonsino.png
Museum d'Alfonsino
S3 Stage Humpback Pump Track.png
Humpback Pump Track
Too Many Trizookas!/Top 100 (June 2023)
1 August 2023 at S3 icon Tower Control.png
Tower Control
S3 Stage Museum d'Alfonsino.png
Museum d'Alfonsino
S3 Stage Humpback Pump Track.png
Humpback Pump Track
Too Many Trizookas!/Top 100 (August 2023)
27 December 2023 at S3 icon Clam Blitz.png
Clam Blitz
S3 Stage Robo ROM-en.png
Robo ROM-en
S3 Stage Bluefin Depot.png
Bluefin Depot
Too Many Trizookas!/Top 100 (December 2023)


SRL Challenge Team here! We're a new team focused on researching Challenges in Splatoon 3. The Too Many Trizookas Challenge has begun, and will run until 9 PM PT. Can't make it? This challenge will also be available 6/6 from 3 AM to 5 AM PT, and 6/6 from 11 AM to 1 PM PT.

As the name implies, this Challenge will sort the Trizooka masters from the Trizooka try-hards. All players' special gauges will fill quickly to fully unleash the chaos. Choose your favorite Trizooka loadout, pick a time that works for you, and aim for triumphant Trizookery!

— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[2]


Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ウルトラショット祭り

Urutora shotto matsuri
Trizooka Festival
A chaotic battle where you can shoot Trizookas as much as you want!
Netherlands Dutch Trizooka-trammelant
Een overweldigende Trizooka-kanonnade!
Trizooka fuss
An overwhelming Trizooka cannonade!
Canada French (NOA) Lance-tornades pour tout le monde!
Un match pour les fans du lance-tornades!
France French (NOE) Lance-rafales pour tout le monde !
Un match pour les fans du lance-rafales !
Trizooka for everyone!
Germany German Trizookaracho
Trizooka-Trommelfeuer ohne Ende!
Trizookaracho [a]
Never ending Trizooka barrage!
Italy Italian Troppi ultraturbinator!
Una lotta all'ultimo ultraturbinator!
Too many Trizookas!
Russia Russian «Трезубец» изобилия!
Плюх-пати из гранатометов «Трезубец»!

«Trezubeta» izobiliya!
Plyukh-pati iz granatomyotov «Trezubets»!
«Trident» of plenty! [b]
Splat-party with Trizookas!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Homenaje al cañón triple
¡Cañones triples para todos!
Homage to the Trizooka
Trizookas for everyone!
Spain Spanish (NOE) Certamen del tintazuca triple
¡Lucha con tintazucas triples por doquier!
Trizooka contest
Fight with Trizookas everywhere!
China Chinese (Simplified) 终极发射狂欢祭
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 終極發射狂歡祭

zhōngjí fāshè kuánghuān jì (Mandarin)
zung1 gik6 faat3 se6 kwong4 fun1 zai3
Trizooka carnival
South Korea Korean 울트라 샷 축제
울트라 샷 무제한 쏘기 엉망진창 배틀!

Ulteula syas chugje
Trizooka festival
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Translation notes

  1. From Trizooka and Karacho ("to crash into something with full throttle")
  2. From гранатомет «Трезубец» granatomyot «Trezubets» ("grenade launcher «Trident»", the Russian name of Trizooka) and рог изобилия rog izobiliya ("horn of plenty").