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Hi! :) The name's signature Milchik (talk)
I'm here to add Russian translation to different stuff. Originally I made this account to translate some Russian Octo Expansion stations names because I was really bored, then I started looking for missing clothes names in Russian, then Splatoon 3 came out and now there's all sorts of new untranslated stuff to touch... It just snowballed on me haha. I can't crack the game's code to extract all the pieces of Russian language or anything, I'm just casually translating things I find in the games by myself. It's fun!

My current little project here is making a separate page for the Salmon Run Next Wave tips so they can be collected in one place instead of being scattered across multiple related pages. I'm working very slowly on it and it's still heavily in progress. You can check it here.

I'm sorry in advance for any grammar mistakes, I'm decent with short English texts and names but can go wild with long chunks of text :"D

A short bio

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Splatoon2-Loading.gif This user loves drawing!
  • I'm 25 y.o.;
  • Any pronouns are fine really;
  • My passion is digital drawing, that's also what I do for living. I like drawing in graphic/cartoony style, my main focus is characters from different franchises and commissions of people's OCs;
  • And, obviously, I love video games! Pokemon and Splatoon are my favorite series, I also really like Animal Crossing, LoZ:BotW and some more forgettable but cute stuff like Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2;
  • I'm a staff member of Pokemon: Infinite Fusion fan game Discord server, a Sprite Manager to be exact;
  • Thanks to my girlfriend, I have all Splatoon figmas and amiibos;
  • My fav Pokemon is Ivysaur :)


Splatoon related info

Sankichi Hinodeya Skull Sketch.jpg This user is a fan of Skull.
S2 Band Diss-Pair.jpg This user is a fan of Diss-Pair.
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S3 Tableturf Battle Sleeve Murch.png S3 Tableturf Battle Sleeve Spyke.png

  • I'm more of a casual player and mostly play Turf War and Salmon Run, as these are my favorite modes;
  • My Salmon Run rank is Profressional 400, and my SM Next Wave rank is Eggsecutive VP;
  • In Splatoon 3, I'm S+, but I don't have much time to go beyond S+10 so I'll probably drop and go back to S+ each season;
  • I read Splatoon manga, I find it relaxing for the brain since everything happening there is like 0 brain cells haha! (in a good way)
    • My favorite character is Skull, I also really like the rest of S4 leaders, Rider, Emperor, Prinz, and Vintage.
    • I also enjoy the Splatoon Bankara! characters a lot, my favs so far are Braids, Ocho and Barreleye.
    • My fav background characters are Fierce's team, Aviators, Bobble Hat, the rest of teams Orange, Pink and X-Blood.

My favorite weapons

Splatoon 2 Splatoon 3
1. S2 Weapon Main Foil Flingza Roller.png Foil Flingza Roller S3 Weapon Main Flingza Roller.png Flingza Roller
2. S2 Weapon Main Custom Hydra Splatling.png Custom Hydra Splatling S3 Weapon Main Custom Splattershot Jr..png Custom Splattershot Jr.
3. S2 Weapon Main Kensa Dynamo Roller.png Kensa Dynamo Roller S3 Weapon Main Tri-Stringer.png Tri-Stringer
4. S2 Weapon Main Kensa Luna Blaster.png Kensa Luna Blaster S3 Weapon Main Dualie Squelchers.png Dualie Squelchers
5. S2 Weapon Main E-liter 4K.png E-liter 4K S3 Weapon Main Heavy Splatling.png Heavy Splatling
Sub S2 Weapon Sub Fizzy Bomb.png Fizzy Bomb S3 Weapon Sub Sprinkler.png Sprinkler
Special S2 Weapon Special Booyah Bomb.png Booyah Bomb S3 Weapon Special Wave Breaker.png Wave Breaker
Grizzco S2 Weapon Main Grizzco Charger.png Grizzco Charger S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Charger.png Grizzco Charger

Splatfests, Big Runs, Eggstra Work


Splatfest Rank Highest
Result Best team name Other notes
S2 Splatfest Super Mushroom vs Super Star.png   Super Mushroom Queen 10x (10x) Winner! - My first Splatfest! I'm not into Mario tho and chose Super Mushroom just because it looks cuter in my opinion.
S3 Splatfest Rock vs Paper vs Scissors.jpg   Paper Ruler +1 333x (333x) 2nd place - We all know that this fest is more of like "who's your fav Deep Cut member?" or "what's your fav color?", right? Well, unless someone actually has a fav RPS gesture...
S3 Splatfest Gear vs Grub vs Fun.png   Grub Ruler +4 100x (100x) 3rd place Teddy Band Pearl-Loving Bloblobbin' Spiky-Haired Gang Not nerd enough for "Gear", too nerd for "Fun", I also like yummies.
Note: the hairstyle team names were bugged at that moment, we actually wore the Hipster hairstyle.
S3 Splatfest Grass vs Fire vs Water.png   Grass Ruler +2 10x (10x) 2nd place Variety Syndicate If you include gen 9, I picked 3 Grass, 3 Fire and 3 Water type starters, so it was hard to decide... But my the most fav mon is Ivysaur, so Grass it is.
S3 Splatfest Spicy vs Sweet vs Sour.png   Sweet Ruler +3 10x (10x) Winner! Lo-Vis Visor Powered Splashy Afro Crew It was a tough choice between Spicy and Sweet, but at the end I thought that if I could eat only spicy or only sweet food, I'd choose sweet.
S3 Splatfest Dark Chocolate vs Milk Chocolate vs White Chocolate.png   Milk Chocolate Ruler +3 10x (10x) 2nd place Retro Framers BlobMob Flip-Flops Hero-Splatting Octo Squad I just like milk chocolate much more than the others. I just had to eat some white choco after team White's victory tho.
S3 Splatfest Nessie vs Aliens vs Bigfoot.png   Nessie Ruler +3 10x (10x) Winner! Pearlescent Crown L Yellow Toejamz Surfcurl Crew I prefer feral creatures over anthropomorphic ones, plus I really like sea creatures.
S3 Splatfest Power vs Wisdom vs Courage.png   Courage Ruler +3 10x (10x) 2nd place Boss Floss Knotty Bois Octo Crew Not gonna lie, I really need some courage in my life. And it's totally not because Link's the hottest playable character ever, I... I promise. I lie.
Note: I found my first x100 since GearGrubFun but got a comunication error! :( So I won't count it as encountered but maaan...

Big Runs

Stage Best
Golden Eggs
S3 Badge Cohozuna 10.png Wahoo World Golden Eggs138 S3 Badge Big Run Top 5 Percent.png Top 5%
S3 Badge Horrorboros 10.png Inkblot Art Academy Golden Eggs147 S3 Badge Big Run Top 5 Percent.png Top 5%
S3 Badge Big Run Top 50 Percent.png Undertow Spillway Golden Eggs??? ???

Eggstra Work

Stage Best
Golden Eggs
S3 Badge Sockeye Station 200.png Sockeye Station Golden Eggs164 S3 Badge Eggstra Work Top 50 Percent.png Top 50%

Notable badges

These are the badges that I personally like and proud of, not including stuff like single player main plot badges, things that I have upgraded up to silver and gold, etc.

Brands All 30★ badges
Weapons S3 Badge Flingza Roller 4.png S3 Badge Tri-Stringer 4.png S3 Badge Dualie Squelchers 4.png S3 Badge Splattershot Jr. 4.png S3 Badge Custom Splattershot Jr. 4.png S3 Badge Aerospray RG 4.png S3 Badge Tenta Missiles 180.png S3 Badge Wave Breaker 180.png S3 Badge Booyah Bomb 180.png
Salmon Run S3 Badge Max Hazard Level.png S3 Badge Big Run Top 5 Percent.png S3 Badge Cohozuna 100.png S3 Badge Horrorboros 10.png S3 Badge Sockeye Station 400.png S3 Badge Gone Fission Hydroplant 600.png S3 Badge Spawning Grounds 200.png S3 Badge Marooner's Bay 600.png S3 Badge Grizzco 100K.png + all silver Boss Salmonids
Online modes S3 Badge Rank S+.png S3 Badge Tricolor Attacker 10.png S3 Badge Tricolor Defender 10.png S3 Badge Turf War 1200.png S3 Badge Ruler of Splatfest.png
Shops S3 Badge Headgear 1M.png S3 Badge Clothing 1M.png S3 Badge Shoes 1M.png S3 Badge Locker 1M.png S3 Badge Cooler Heads 1M.png S3 Badge Jelly Fresh 1M.png S3 Badge Shrimp Kicks 1M.png S3 Badge Murch 10.png S3 Badge Spyke 10.png S3 Badge Food 100.png
Other S3 Badge Level 50.png S3 Badge Tableturf Rank 40.png S3 Badge Tableturf Cards 120.png S3 Badge Catalog 100.png S3 Badge Mr. Grizz.png

My Splatoon OCs

Can be found on this sub page.


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