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ни рыбный ни мясной желатин
(neither fishy nor fowly[note 1] gelatin)
Pronouns He/She/They
Age 26
Monthly nickname Чебупицца
Anarchy Battle S+ / Low X
SRNW Eggsecutive VP

Hi! :) The name's signature Milchik (talk)
I'm here to add Russian translation to different stuff.

My Rus translating plans and stuff: User:Milchik/Sandbox2
My current little project that I visit rarely: Salmon Run Next Wave tips page

I'm sorry in advance for any grammar mistakes, I'm decent with short English texts and names but can go wild with long chunks of text :"D

A short bio

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This user loves drawing!
  • My passion is digital drawing, that's also what I do for living. I like drawing in graphic/cartoony style, my main focus is characters from different franchises and commissions of people's OCs;
  • My favorite series include Pokemon, Splatoon, Hades and LEGO Monkie Kid, I also really like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, LoZ:BotW and TotK, Cult of the Lamb, and some more forgettable but cute stuff like Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, Heroes of Might and Magic V, Sonic Adventure 2, Age of Mythology, and some more;
  • I'm one of the Sprite Managers of Pokemon: Infinite Fusion fan game Discord server;
  • Thanks to my girlfriend, I have all Splatoon figmas, amiibos, artbooks and Splatunes;
  • I read Splatoon manga, I find it relaxing for the brain since everything happening there is like 0 brain cells haha! (in a good way). I like lots of characters, my fav among them all is Skull.
  • My fav Pokemon is Ivysaur :)


  • Twitter Twitter (artworks, pixel art and Switch screenshots/vids for personal use)
  • VK VK public page for Russian speaking folks
  • YouTube Youtube channel (my non-profit gallery of pixel art timelapses for Splatfest posts and Pokemon Infinite Fusion sprites)
  • Discord milchik (old Milchik#6233)

Splatoon related info

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This user is a fan of Yoko & the Gold Bazookas.
This user is a fan of Salmon Run Next Wave!
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This user is a fan of Frye.
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This user's favorite brand is Firefin.

This user's favorite brand is Z+F.

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My favorite weapons

Splatoon 2 Splatoon 3
1. Foil Flingza Roller Flingza Roller
2. Custom Hydra Splatling Big Swig Roller Express
3. Kensa Dynamo Roller Inkline Tri-Stringer
4. Kensa Luna Blaster Dualie Squelchers
5. E-liter 4K Custom Splattershot Jr.
Sub Fizzy Bomb Sprinkler
Special Booyah Bomb Wave Breaker
Grizzco Grizzco Charger Grizzco Splatana

Splatfests, Big Runs, Eggstra Work


Splatfest Rank Highest
Result Best team name Other notes
  Super Mushroom Queen 10x (10x) Winner! - My first Splatfest! I'm not into Mario tho and chose Super Mushroom just because it looks cuter in my opinion.
  Paper Ruler +1 333x (333x) 2nd place - We all know that this fest is more of like "who's your fav Deep Cut member?" or "what's your fav color?", right? Well, unless someone actually has a fav RPS gesture...
  Grub Ruler +4 100x (100x) 3rd place Teddy Band Pearl-Loving Bloblobbin' Spiky-Haired Gang Not nerd enough for "Gear", too nerd for "Fun", I also like yummies.
Note: the hairstyle team names were bugged at that moment, we actually wore the Hipster hairstyle.
  Grass Ruler +2 10x (10x) 2nd place Variety Syndicate If you include gen 9, I picked 3 Grass, 3 Fire and 3 Water type starters, so it was hard to decide... But my the most fav mon is Ivysaur, so Grass it is.
  Sweet Ruler +3 10x (10x) Winner! Lo-Vis Visor Powered Splashy Afro Crew It was a tough choice between Spicy and Sweet, but at the end I thought that if I could eat only spicy or only sweet food, I'd choose sweet.
  Milk Chocolate Ruler +3 10x (10x) 2nd place Retro Framers BlobMob Flip-Flops Hero-Splatting Octo Squad I just like milk chocolate much more than the others. I just had to eat some white choco after team White's victory tho.
  Nessie Ruler +3 10x (10x) Winner! Pearlescent Crown L Yellow Toejamz Surfcurl Crew I prefer feral creatures over anthropomorphic ones, plus I really like sea creatures.
  Courage Ruler +3 10x (10x) 2nd place Boss Floss Knotty Bois Octo Crew Not gonna lie, I really need some courage in my life. And it's totally not because Link's the hottest playable character ever, I... I promise. I lie.
Note: I found my first x100 since GearGrubFun but got a comunication error! :( So I won't count it as encountered but maaan...
  Mint Chip Ruler +1 10x (-) 2nd place Boot-Rocking Variety Quartet I actually never tried a mint ice cream but I like the choco chips!
  Money Ruler +2 10x (-) Winner! Gold Horsey Variety Squad I'd rather have good health and all the stuff I need to live peacefully than living in a constant stress and needs and sharing such life with someone I love.
Our thematic names were "5 moneys", "Pokedollar", "5 robux", "5 bells", and "5 vbux".
  Frye Ruler +1 333x (333x) 3rd place Deep Sinker Helm Hi-Topped Aerospray-RG Afro Society Of all three, Muria seems the best for me, being more enthusiastic than Big Man but also less short-tempered than Kulla. But let's be honest, neither of them would make a good leader hahaha!
  Ghost Ruler +2 10х (10х) Winner! Swim Reaper U Jellys Aerospray-RG Fade Mob All the idols outfits are so SO beautiful! If not my friends who all went for team Ghost, I'd pick Skeleton for sure. Ghosts are cute, and Skeletons are cool!
Our thematic names were "JeffKisser", "Ben Owned", "SlayderMan", "eyelesJerk", and "rat.exe".[note 2]
  Fist Bump Champion 10x (10x) 2nd place Variety Octo Society A hard choice between a funny with a cool color and how I actually greet my friends. We decided to go funni :Ъ But sadly I had no energy to play the fest.
  Friends Ruler +1 100x (100x) 2nd place Bleak Beak Flippered Hipster Squad I spent more than 20 New Years with my family and several of them alone, it's time to have a full friends party!
Our thematic names were "sneguro4ka", "snejinka", "zima", "snegovik", and "rat moroz".[note 3]
  Saturday Ruler +1 10x (10x) 3rd place Slammin' Variety Punk Gang I'm a freelancer so all days are kinda same for me lmao.
  Drums Ruler +1 100x (100x) 3rd place Variety Mob I wanted keyboard but my friends wanted red B) Can't blame them.
  Baby Chicks Ruler 100x (100x) 2nd place Nearsighted Gang An absolutely completely totally unfair choice, because ALL THREE ARE EQUALLY CUUUUTE 😭
  Bucket List Ruler 10x (10x) Winner! Shooter Syndicate Finally, another Frye victory! ANARCHY!

Big Runs

Stage Best
Golden Eggs
Wahoo World Golden Eggs 138 Top 5%
Inkblot Art Academy Golden Eggs 147 Top 5%
Undertow Spillway Golden Eggs 151 Top 5%
Um'ami Ruins Golden Eggs 161 Top 5%
Barnacle & Dime Golden Eggs 166 Top 5%[note 4]/Gold
Eeltail Alley Golden Eggs 154 Gold
BIG Big Run Golden Eggs ??? ???

Eggstra Work

Stage Weapon of choice Best
Golden Eggs
Sockeye Station
Golden Eggs 164 Top 50%
Gone Fission Hydroplant
Golden Eggs 214 Top 20%
Spawning Grounds
Golden Eggs 188 Top 20%
Marooner's Bay
Golden Eggs 178 Top 20%
Jammin' Salmon Junction didn't participate Golden Eggs - -

Notable badges

These are the badges that I personally like and proud of, not including stuff like single player main plot badges, things that I have upgraded up to silver and gold, etc.

Brands + all 30★ badges
Salmon Run + all silver Boss Salmonids
Online modes
Color Chips
Pride flag :з

My Splatoon OCs

Can be found on this sub page.


Level 99 Barnsquid
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Ranked Champion Barnsquid
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on unknown date for reaching S+ rank or higher.
2,000 Edits Barnsquid
This Barnsquid was awarded to Milchik
on 25 December 2023 for making 2,000 mainspace edits on Inkipedia. No way!


  1. A direct traslation of the Russian adjective title equivalent to "Raw"
  2. Comes from Jeff the Killer, Ben Drowned, Slender Man, Eyeless Jack, and dog.exe, all of which are characters of various creepypastas, fitting the Halloween theme of the Splatoween
  3. A rough transliteration of the words Снегурочка Snegurochka ("Snow Maiden", Grandpa Frost's granddaughter and his loyal New Year companion), снежинка snezhinka ("snowflake"), зима zima ("winter"), снеговик snegovik ("snowman"), and a combination of rat and Дед Мороз Ded Moroz ("Grandpa Frost", a Russian analog of Santa Claus)
  4. My score in the bugged version of the Big Run chart where instead of a fixed score the game used the old top system to rank players