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Hi! :) The name's signature Milchik (talk)
I'm here to add Russian translation to different stuff. Originally I made this account to translate some Russian Octo Expansion stations names because I was really bored, then I started looking for missing clothes names in Russian, then Splatoon 3 came out and now there's all sorts of new untranslated stuff to touch... It just snowballed on me haha. I can't crack the game's code to extract all the pieces of Russian language or anything, I'm just casually translating things I find in the games by myself. It's fun!

I'm sorry in advance for any grammar mistakes, I'm decent with short English texts and names but can go wild with long chunks of text :"D

A short bio

  • I'm 24 y.o.;
  • Any pronouns are fine really;
  • My passion is digital drawing, that's also what I do for living. I like drawing in graphic/cartoony style, my main focus is characters from different franchises and commissions of people's OCs;
  • And, obviously, I love video games! Pokemon and Splatoon are my favorite series, I also really like Animal Crossing, LoZ:BotW and some more forgettable but cute stuff like Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2;
  • Thanks to my girlfriend, I have all Splatoon figmas and amiibos;
  • My fav Pokemon is Ivysaur :)


  • Twitter Twitter (contains some of the latest artworks and pixel art from Splatoon 2 and 3, my Splatoon OCs + screenshots and vids from my Switch)
  • VK public page for Russian speaking folks
  • YouTube Youtube channel (It's relatively new and containst a few Splatoon 3 Splatfest speed pixel art videos. I plan to add more with more Splatfests + maybe I'll add speedpaints for sprites for a certain Pokemon fusions fan game. I created it as a hobby and I get no profit from it haha)
  • Discord Milchik#6233

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Splatoon related info

  • I'm more of a casual player and mostly play Turf War, as it's my favorite mode;
  • My Salmon Run rank is Profressional 400, and my SM Next Wave rank is Eggsecutive VP (I really like Salmon Run);
  • I ended Splatoon 2 rank battles with:
    • Splat Zones X
    • Tower Control S+1
    • Rainmaker S+0
    • Clam Blitz S
  • In Splatoon 3, I'm S+, but I don't have much time to go beyond S+10 so I'll probably drop and go back to S+ each season;
  • I read Splatoon manga, I find it relaxing for the brain since everything happening there is like 0 brain cells haha (in a good way)! My favorite character is Skull, I also really like the rest of S4 leaders, Rider, Emperor, Prinz, and Vintage. My fav background characters are Fierce, Jet, Justice, Aviators, the rest of teams Orange, Pink and X-Blood.

My favorite weapons

Splatoon 2 Splatoon 3
1. S2 Weapon Main Foil Flingza Roller.png Foil Flingza Roller S3 Weapon Main Flingza Roller.png Flingza Roller
2. S2 Weapon Main Custom Hydra Splatling.png Custom Hydra Splatling S3 Weapon Main Custom Splattershot Jr..png Custom Splattershot Jr.
3. S2 Weapon Main Kensa Dynamo Roller.png Kensa Dynamo Roller S3 Weapon Main Dualie Squelchers.png Dualie Squelchers
4. S2 Weapon Main Kensa Luna Blaster.png Kensa Luna Blaster S3 Weapon Main Heavy Splatling.png Heavy Splatling
5. S2 Weapon Main E-liter 4K.png E-liter 4K S3 Weapon Main Aerospray RG.png Aerospray RG
Sub S2 Weapon Sub Fizzy Bomb.png Fizzy Bomb S3 Weapon Sub Sprinkler.png Sprinkler
Special S2 Weapon Special Booyah Bomb.png Booyah Bomb S3 Weapon Special Wave Breaker.png Wave Breaker

Splatfests and Big Runs

  •   Super Mushroom Queen (10x) - winner!
  •   Paper Ruler +1 (333x) - 2nd place
  •   Grub Ruler +4 (100x) - 3rd place
  •   Grass Ruler +2 (10x) - 2nd place
  •   Sweet Ruler +3 (10x) - winner!
  •   Milk chocolate (aiming for Ruler) - ???
  • S3 Badge Cohozuna 10.png Wahoo World - S3 Badge Big Run Top 5 Percent.png Top 5% (138 eggs)

Notable badges

These are the badges that I personally like and proud of, not including stuff like silver Boss Salmonids, single player main plot badges, things that I have upgraded up to silver and gold, etc.. I wish I have more Salmon Run arenas badges but usually I don't have enough time to spend on playing Salmon Run, and I only have one Exeggutive VP friend (my gf haha) who's skilled enough to be able to climb the rank, and it's nearly impossible to do with random coworkers. Maybe someday...

Brands S3 Badge Firefin 30.png S3 Badge Forge 30.png S3 Badge Toni Kensa 30.png S3 Badge Krak-On 30.png S3 Badge Inkline 30.png
Weapons S3 Badge Flingza Roller 4.png S3 Badge Dualie Squelchers 4.png S3 Badge Splattershot Jr. 4.png S3 Badge Aerospray RG 4.png S3 Badge Tenta Missiles 180.png
Salmon Run S3 Badge Big Run Top 5 Percent.png S3 Badge Cohozuna 100.png S3 Badge Grizzco 100K.png S3 Badge Sockeye Station 400.png S3 Badge Gone Fission Hydroplant 400.png S3 Badge Spawning Grounds 200.png S3 Badge Marooner's Bay 200.png
Online modes S3 Badge Rank S+.png S3 Badge Tricolor Attacker 10.png S3 Badge Turf War 250.png S3 Badge Ruler of Splatfest.png
Shops S3 Badge Headgear 1M.png S3 Badge Clothing 1M.png S3 Badge Shoes 1M.png S3 Badge Locker 1M.png
Other S3 Badge Catalog 100.png S3 Badge Tableturf Cards 90.png S3 Badge Mr. Grizz.png

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My Splatoon OCs

Some of them created by my girlfriend but we share them all between each other. I'll mark the ones created by me with orange color, and the ones created by my gf with green color.

★ Main OCs


Sawfy in her gear

Name: Sawfish (Sawfy or Sophie for short)
Age: 27
Species: Inkling
Gender: Female
Main weapon: S2 Weapon Main Foil Flingza Roller.png Foil Flingza Roller
Gear: S2 Gear Headgear Hockey Mask.png Hockey Mask, S2 Gear Clothing Octoking HK Jersey.png Octoking HK Jersey, S2 Gear Shoes Black Norimaki 750s.png Black Norimaki 750s
Location: Inkopolis
Language: Inklish (native), Octarian language (elementary)
Personality: Strict, tactical, extremely grumpy, easily gets angry

  • Lynn - coworker, friend, idol and crush
  • Curry, Henry, Mars, Venera, Flirt - coworkers, kinda friends
  • Fugas - really pisses her off (and also coworker)

Info: Sawfy lives on the outskirts of Inkopolis close to the Spawning Grounds dam, as she spends most of her time working on Grizzco. Her rank is Profressional during the events of Splatoon 2 and Eggsecutive VP during Splatoon 3. She oftenly acts as a group leader among the coworkers, teaches different technics to less experienced colleagues and gets very angry when someone throws and looses a shift. This girl is always eager to fight and won't miss any nasty Salmonid on her way.
Sawfy is rarely seen outside of Salmon Run but sometimes she plays Turn War and Rank Battles with friends using Foil Flingza as her main weapon being mostly a painter and special spam player that can also switch to focusing on splats and assists if needed.
As a conservatively raised inkling, Sawfy used to hate octolings with passion, thinkig that they're inklings race's sworn enemies. She couldn't put up with them when octolings flooded Inkopolis and used to harshly reprimand her octoling coworkers for no particular reason. This was partly changed when Sawfy figured out that Lynn, one of her colleagues, is actually her new favorite singer. Her attitude towards Lynn changed from hostile to shy and modest, and she grew softer to other octolings.


Lynn by Zortie
Lynn by @_kimakuma

Name: Lynn
Age: 21
Species: Octoling
Gender: Female
Main weapon: S2 Weapon Main Octobrush.png Octobrush
Gear: Varies
Location: Inkopolis
Language: Octarian language (native), Inklish (proficiency)
Personality: Peppy, cheery and positive

Info: Lynn is an aspiring pop singer who liked music since her childhood in Octo Canyon. She loves Inkopolis vibes and inklings for their music tastes. Lynn was poor when she just reached Inkopolis and couldn't fully start her singing carreer so she worked for Grizzco a lot. This is where she met all her inkling friends including Sawfy who used to hate Lynn at first, although Lynn didn't take this seriously and found it kinda cute in a way. Now they're good friends, and Lynn enjoys embarrassing Sawfy as a joke, knowing that she's her personal idol.

★ Team Monochrome


Hermet, Mars and Henry

Name: Hermet
Age: 26
Species: Inkling
Gender: Male
Main weapon: S2 Weapon Main Kensa Luna Blaster.png Kensa Luna Blaster
Gear: S2 Gear Headgear Toni Kensa Goggles.png Toni Kensa Goggles, S2 Gear Clothing Ink-Wash Shirt.png Ink-Wash Shirt, S2 Gear Shoes Toni Kensa Black Hi-Tops.png Toni Kensa Black Hi-Tops
Location: Inkopolis
Language: Inklish (native)
Personality: Haughty, mannered, stylish

  • Team Monochrome - teammates, friends
  • Team Anarchy - rivals
  • Jelly - roommate, friend..?

Info: As a member of team Monochrome (I'll add more members with time), Hermet is a huge fan of Toni Kensa. He thinks too much of himself and his teammates, likes to win with style and to shine on top of Ranked Battles charts (even though Monochromes are pretty average in skills for an X rank team). Hermet is very cleany and picky about fashion (basically you're a looser for him if you don't wear a full Kensa kit).
When octolings showed up, Hermet and his teammates treated them with great contempt. One morning he found a young homeless octoling right inside his trash can eating leftovers. Even while being, let's say, not the greatest person in the world, Hermet decided to allow him to stay in his apartment for a few days. As the result, naive and innocent Jelly really attached to the Kensa fanboy and now refuses to leave his "new bestie" alone, which annoys Hermet a lot.

Other team members are about to be added soon.

★ Team Anarchy

All the team members are about to be added soon.

★ Splatoon 2 era


Curry and Sawfy

Name: Curry
Age: 19
Species: Octoling
Gender: Male
Main weapon: S2 Weapon Main E-liter 4K.png E-liter 4K
Gear: S2 Gear Headgear Fierce Fishskull.png Fierce Fishskull named Jerry (he's not alive though, obviously), S2 Gear Clothing Herbivore Tee.png Herbivore Tee, S2 Gear Shoes Snow Delta Straps.png Snow Delta Straps
Location: Inkopolis
Language: Octarian language (native), Inklish (elementary)
Personality: Serious, calm, focused

Info: Curry used to be a sniper among the enemy octolings, focused on his duty of defending Zapfish. When he reached Inkopolis together with other octolings, he recognized Henry as Agent 4 and started stalking on him. This actually resulted befiending him because Henry is a total jerk. Curry mostly plays Ranked Battles as a sniper and Salmon Run with Sawfy and his friends.


Hermet, Mars and Henry

Name: Mars
Age: 20
Species: Inkling
Gender: Male
Main weapon: S2 Weapon Main Sploosh-o-matic 7.png Sploosh-o-matic 7
Gear: S2 Gear Headgear Sneaky Beanie.png Sneaky Beanie, S2 Gear Clothing Prune Parashooter.png Prune Parashooter, S2 Gear Shoes Deepsea Leather Boots.png Deepsea Leather Boots
Location: Inkopolis, Splatsville
Language: Inklish (native)
Personality: Positive, simple-minded, friendly

Info: Mars and Venera are originally from Splatsville but their family moved to Inkopolis when they were in middle school. Before that, he always protected his sis and her best friend Levi from bullies. Mars is just that guy who's friends with everyone, simple and cheery. He likes his motorcycle, riding at high speeds (but he always wears protection and never breaks the rules of the road) and some good Turf War battles. He's dating Flirt, an octoling who once discovered Mars' garage and decided to live in it thinking that it's abandoned (mainly because of all the road durt that Mars didn't clean in ages). Mars bought a sidecar specifically to ride together with Flirt.


Henry with his armor being broken, artwork by Zortie

Name: Henry, Agent 4
Age: 18
Species: Inkling
Gender: Male
Main weapon: S2 Weapon Main Nautilus 79.png Nautilus 79
Gear: S2 Gear Headgear Jetflame Crest.png Jetflame Crest, S2 Gear Clothing Rockin' Leather Jacket.png Rockin' Leather Jacket, S2 Gear Shoes Orange Arrows.png Orange Arrows
Location: Inkopolis
Language: Inklish (native)
Personality: Carefree, risky, a little stupid but very friendly

Info: Henry is our local Agent 4. There's not much to say about him but that he tends to befriend octolings. He likes to have fun, do tricks with all sorts of vehicles like bike, scateboard, kick scooter, etc., chill and hang out with friends. He even managed to hang out with octarians in Octo Canyon (anyone remembers how fun Underground Expressway was?).


Fugas, Mina, Jelly and Flirt

Name: Fugas
Age: 33
Species: Octoling
Gender: Male
Main weapon: S2 Weapon Main Octo Shot.png Octo Shot
Gear: S2 Gear Headgear Octoling Shades.png Octoling Shades, S2 Gear Clothing Neo Octoling Armor.png Neo Octoling Armor, S2 Gear Shoes Neo Octoling Boots.png Neo Octoling Boots
Location: Octo Canyon, Inkopolis
Language: Octarian language (native), Inklish (intermediate)
Personality: Conservative, strict but fair, very stubborn, extremely caring of his receiver octolings

  • Mina - favorite and the closest child, roommate
  • Curry, Lynn, Jelly, Flirt - they're like his own kids
  • Henry - strongly annoys him
  • Sawfy - the worst inkling of them all

Info: Despite his appearance, Fugas was a nanny for baby octolings, future soldiers of DJ Octavio. This was his duty since the age 14, and all the octolings listed here were his receivers. He is a trained fighter, and he had to raise the same fighters from the kids, although he loved (and still loves) them so much that he never forced them to do anything they'd not like, raising them like his own children. Fugas tried his best to not have any favorites but Mina always required so much attention and was so attached to Fugas that he had no choise but to spend a bit more time with him.
Fugas is a rare octoling who'd still serve Octavio even after double Calamari Inkantation and still hates inklings, treating them like sworn enemies. Even though he was forced to learn Inklish to be able to survive in Inkopolis, he almost never uses it, prefering speaking Octoling language most of the time. He can be oftenly seen in Octo Canyon, collecting old memories and looking for different stuff from his past, partly because Mina that now lives with him lost all his memory about the canyon life. Fugas' current job is a kindergarden teacher, who is... certainly unique in his teaching manner. But he still loves his kids, even the triangle shaped ones.


Name: Mina
Age: 19
Species: Octoling
Gender: Male
Main weapon: S2 Weapon Main Splat Brella.png Splat Brella
Gear: S2 Gear Headgear Squid Hairclip.png Squid Hairclip, S2 Gear Clothing Whale-Knit Sweater.png Whale-Knit Sweater, S2 Gear Shoes Pearl Punk Crowns.png Pearl Punk Crowns
Location: Inkopolis
Language: Octarian language (native), Inklish (advanced)
Personality: Soft, kind, just a little spoiled

Info: Mina never liked fighting but was forced to become a soldier and guard a Zapfish anyway, so Fugas tried his best to put Mina in the most pieceful place possible, being the Underground Expressway. This is where Mina met Henry for the first time and didn't even recognize him as an enemy inkling. For his entire childhood Mina tried to get as much of Fugas' attention as possible, while Curry competed with him just because he knew how spoiled Mina is.
After a certain incident that Mina never told about to anyone, he had no choise but to escape the Octo Canyon, and he succeeded. Although, in the process, something happened to all the octolings, and Mina completely lost his memory (kinda like Agent 8). He was found in Inkopolis by Henry who recognized an octoling he had fun with on the dash tracks, and they quickly became friends. Then Fugas appeared, and now he's the one who helps Mina to restore his lost memory and cares about him. Although he can be a little too overprotective, not even allowing Mina to touch a kitchen since it's too dangerous and Mina can get burnt or cut himself (but it doesn't stop Mina from cooking while Fugas isn't aware, as he really enjoys it).
After everything that happened to him, not even remembering a thing, Mina still hates battling, and if he's forced to earn money in Turf War, he hides behind his Splat Brella most of the time while Fugas sweeps the entire enemy team.


Henry and Jelly for team Grub

Name: Jelly
Age: 19
Species: Octoling
Gender: Male
Main weapon: S2 Weapon Main Splattershot Jr..png Splattershot Jr.
Gear: S2 Gear Headgear Fake Contacts.png Fake Contacts, S2 Gear Clothing Takoroka Rainbow Tie Dye.png Takoroka Rainbow Tie Dye, S2 Gear Shoes Musselforge Flip-Flops.png Musselforge Flip-Flops
Location: Inkopolis
Language: Octarian language (native), Inklish (elementary)
Personality: Silly, big child, always hungry

Info: The only reason why Jelly was so poor when he moved to Inkopolis isn't a lack of skills or anything. He's actually a pretty strong and trained fighter, despite his silly childish look. He earned enough money in Turf War battles but spent ALL of it on super yummy inklings food he never tasted before! Jelly was lucky enough to meet Hermet, a very high-fashion inkling who was so kind that he allowed Jelly to stay with him for a couple of days. These couple of days still last by the way, these two became the best of friends and now share everything together. Well, at least that's what Jelly believes.


Flirt in Zapfish Satin Jacket by Zortie

Name: Flirt
Age: 23
Species: Octoling
Gender: Male
Main weapon: S2 Weapon Main Jet Squelcher.png Jet Squelcher
Gear: S2 Gear Headgear Li'l Devil Horns.png Li'l Devil Horns, S2 Gear Clothing Annaki Drive Tee.png Annaki Drive Tee or S2 Gear Clothing Zapfish Satin Jacket.png Zapfish Satin Jacket, S2 Gear Shoes Pearlescent Kicks.png Pearlescent Kicks
Location: Inkopolis
Language: Octarian language (native), Inklish (pre-intermediate)
Personality: Flirty (wow), sassy, picky

Info: There was a joke that the octarian name "Flirt" actually means something highly moral, beautiful, etc etc. But Flirt is just what his name means. He's very into inkling boys, and he enjoys friendly flirting with them, mosty when he meets them in Salmon Run, Turf War and Ranked. It doesn't go beyond flirting though, as Flirt has extremely high, if not ridiculous, standarts for a boyfriend. Luckly, Mars meets most of them (still not all). Flirt lives in Mars' garage for free and for that keeps it clean and upgrades/fixes Mars' motorbike and other appliances from time to time. He's super afraid of riding at high speeds but Mars seems to not care about it that much. It can be fun sometimes after all! Just very scary.

★ Splatoon 3 era

Broth and Cracker (and Ananasy)

Broth and Cracker (collab with Zortie)
Broth and Cracker by @_kimakuma

Name: Broth
Age: 14
Species: Octoling
Gender: Male
Main weapon: None
Gear: Custom clothes similar to New Agent 3's
Location: Splatlands, Splatsville
Language: Octarian language (native), Inklish (proficiency)
Personality: Curious, resourceful, prudent, greedy for money

  • Cracker - best friend, like a brother, roommate
  • Ananasy - lil buddy

Name: Cracker
Age: 14
Species: Octoling
Gender: Male
Main weapon: None
Gear: Custom clothes
Location: Splatlands, Splatsville
Language: Octarian language (native), Inklish (proficiency)
Personality: Extremely curious, skillful, collector, greedy for money

  • Broth - best friend, like a brother, roommate
  • Ananasy - lil buddy

Name: Ananas, Ananasy, Ananasik
Age: not much
Species: Smallfry Salmonid
Gender: Male
Location: Splatlands, Splatsville
Language: Salmonid language (if he can even speak)
Personality: Yes

  • Broth - dad :)
  • Cracker - mom (:

Info: These two are inseparable best friends who live in Splatlands outlide of Splatsville and hunt for junk (the idea is to split New Agent 3 into two characters but without New Squidbeak Splatoon stuff). They live in what looks like an abandoned warehouse which they remade and modified to fit their needs. They spend most of the time collecting scrap-metal and building different things out of it, and when they need money they're taking equipment and mechanisms repairing requests and sometimes visit Splatsville for quick part-time jobs and Salmon Run shifts.
Both are very similar to each other but, out of two, Broth is the more rational one, while Cracker is more of a spontaneous person. Cracker dreams of finding his love, while Broth doesn't want to change much in their lifes.
Ananasy is their Smallfry buddy who does pretty much the same stuff as Broth and Cracker do, except he's a baby Salmonid. But he tries his best and is beloved by his friends! The only issue's that he also tries to be eaten by his octoling pals with every given chance, unsuccessfully so far.

★ Fish characters

All the non-ink(octo)ling characters are about to be added soon.

Future to-do list:

  • Characters artworks: Sushi, Slime, Venera, Levi, team Monochrome minus Hermet, team Anarchy, fish characters, maybe also Taylor and Bonbon
  • Gallery of other artworks

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