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Type Patroller
Level Unlocked 50
Cost Cash 9999999
24 / 100
Ink Speed
42 / 100
88 / 100

Splatoon Fan Girl ^_^

Mostly do edits on weapon pages. Interested in the different weapon brands (official names, nintendo??).

Maybe one of these days I will finish to make a proper user page. Maybe. Eventually.

My favorite weapons:

It intrigues and fascinates me, rather awkward yet so GOOD <3 My most used weapon. It took so long, but finally we are together <3 Brushie brushie brushie :3 Be the Headhunter, search and destroy. I WILL hunt you down. The one-kid, one-squid apocalypse. Rainmaker hasn't been the same since its debut. Zoom around with your Seekers. I'll hunt you down. The brush with sibling-approval issues, and I love her so much <3 Fact: Point Sensor to half-circle charge is a true combo. Is as good as a drink named like it would be. Intoxicatingly good! Another "awkward yet good" weapon. Burst point blank <3 Super delicious zoning weapon. Killer Wail for days <3

B-sides and various assorted remixes:

Explosions everywhere <3 Sloshing Machine has won me over in the long run though. You are now Sonic, and you're running in the nineties. The true and original master brushinobi. Respect. How it usually goes: Disruptor, Splat, Bubbler, Splat, Disruptor, Splat, Splat. *hisses next to the Splash Wall* Somedays, I suck horribly with it and other days, I become an absolute killing machine with it. Ink Mine shenanigans! Oh why couldn't you have Kraken instead? </3 "There was an attempt", the weapon. Still like that sweet sticker though.