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Promotional chararcters are player characters often used in promotional media produced by Nintendo. The designs of these characters are mostly consistent, though skin tone and eye color frequently vary, with eye color typically adjusting to match the ink color.


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Render of six of the main eight promotional Inklings

Main Promotional Characters

Image Name Gender Gear

orange haired Inkling girl with headphones

Kaori[1] Female

blue haired Inkling boy with goggles

John[1] Male

lime haired Inkling girl with a bobble hat looking down a splatcharger's scope

Mizuho[1] Female
image of a green Inkling facing right Yuriko[1] Female

pink-haired Inkling girl wearing a mesh hat, rolling with an inkbrush

Laura[1] Female

purple haired Inkling boy with glasses rolling a roller

Rui[1] Male
image of a purple Inkling facing left Yuya[1] Male

Inkling boy with aqua hair and a hockey mask wielding an inkzooka

Pit[1] Male


Splatoon 2

Opposing teams in inkopolis square
Render of the main 8 promotional Inklings in Inkopolis Square
The two main promotional Inklings for Splatoon 2 next to the two promotional Octolings
The two main promotional Inklings for Splatoon 2 next to the two promotional Octolings
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  • Possibly add promotional octolings to table, just unnamed with a note explaining why they are unnamed

Main Promotional Characters

Image Name Style Gear Other Names

pink Inkling girl holding splat dualies

  • Female Inkling
  • Haircut
  • skin tone
  • eye colour
  • pants

green inkling boy holding splattershot

  • Male Inkling
  • Slick

purple inkling boy holding heavy splatling

  • Male Inkling
  • Hipster

purple inkling girl holding an inkbrush

  • Female Inkling
  • Hippie

purple inkling boy with splatterscope

Splashley [3]
  • Male Inkling

pink inkling boy with heavy splatling

  • Male Inkling

green inkling girl with slosher

  • Female Inkling
  • Wave

blue inkling girl with splatterscope

  • Female Inkling
  • Double-Bun


Splatoon 3

2d artwork of 5 yellow and blue Inklings and Octolings
Five of the main eight promotional characters
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  • Add features to style column
  • Add sources to names that tie them to appearances
  • Write introduction, mention that this is the first set with octolings on release maybe?

Main Promotional Characters

Image Name Style Gear Splashtag
  • Feminine Inkling
  • Skin tone 5
  • Yellow-orange eyes
  • Megalobraid
  • Slit eyebrows
  • Legwear 1
Third-Gen Ringleader[4]
  • Masculine Octoling
  • Octolocks
  • Classic eyebrows
  • Legwear 1
Inkless Office Drone[4]
  • Feminine Inkling
  • Bed Head
  • Slit eyebrows
  • Legwear 1
Southpaw Champ[4]
  • Masculine Octoling
  • Surfcurl
  • Legwear 3
Faithful C-Side SuperFan[4]
  • Feminine Inkling
  • Hippie
  • Slit eyebrows
  • Legwear 2 (ripped)
Big-Money Man-o'-Wardrobe Regular[4]
  • Feminine Octoling
  • Tentatwists
  • Classic eyebrows
  • Legwear 2 (ripped)
Clocked-Out Turf Warrior[4]
  • Masculine Octoling
  • Fade
  • Classic eyebrows
  • Legwear 1
Splatsville's Fashionista[4]
  • Masculine Inkling
  • Banger
  • Legwear 1
Attention-Seeking Bass Dropper[4]


  • VeronIKA is a pun on the name "Veronica" and the Japanese word for squid, イカ ika