Super Mario Maker

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Super Mario Maker

North American box art
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Producer(s) Yosuke Oshino
Director(s) Takashi Tezuka
Hiroyuki Kimura
Platform(s) Wii U
Release JP: 10 September 2015
NA & EU: 11 September 2015
AU: 12 September 2015
Genre(s) Platformer, level editor
Mode(s) Single-player
Media Wii U optical disc
Digital download (eShop)
Game size(s) 1.4 GB
Age rating(s) JP: All Ages by CERO
EU: 3+ by PEGI
NA: Everyone by ESRB
AU: General by ACB

Super Mario Maker is a 2D side-scrolling platformer and level creator game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii U. It was originally announced at E3 2014 under the working title of Mario Maker and released on 10 September 2015. It sold 4.02 million copies,[1] becoming the seventh-best-selling Wii U game.

Although it is a Super Mario game, it references a large cast of characters from other franchises, including Splatoon, through the use of amiibo.

Costume Mario

Mario can take on unique forms upon touching a Mystery Mushroom, causing him to transform into Costume Mario. These costumes reference Nintendo and third-party characters as well as a few miscellanea. A majority are easily unlockable by using the amiibo scanning function. There are 153 available costumes, five of which are from Splatoon.

Using a costume replaces the default sound effects and jingles with Splatoon-themed ones:

  • Mystery Mushrooms: Turning into a Splatoon costume adds the spawning sound effect at the end of the regular powerup jingle.
  • Movement: Ducking, jumping and landing play different splashing sounds.
  • Appeal: Posing with the costumes triggers relevant sound effects. The Inkling costumes use "This Way!" voice clips, while the Squid Sisters costumes use their respective "Stay fresh!" voice clips.
  • Lose a Life: Losing a life with any of the costumes plays Hero Mode - SPLAT! from Octo Valley. The Inkling costumes' fail jingles make use of the "splatted" voice clips, while the Squid Sisters' do not.
  • Course Clear: Completing a level with an Inkling costume plays Hero Mode - Onward! from Octo Valley, while completing a level with one of the Squid Sisters costumes plays the City of Color jingle.

Inkling Squid

The Inkling Squid is the 62nd costume. He is unlocked by clearing a 100 Mario Challenge on Normal or harder, or by scanning the Inkling Squid amiibo. Pressing Up on D-Pad makes him pose, revealing his humanoid appearance. The Inkling Squid in humanoid form appears to be dark-skinned with green eyes, and he is wielding a Splat Roller and wearing the Studio Headphones, White Layered LS and Hunter Hi-Tops.

Inkling Boy

The Inkling Boy is the 63rd costume. He is unlocked by clearing a 100 Mario Challenge on Expert or Super Expert, or by scanning the Inkling Boy amiibo. Pressing Up on D-Pad makes him pose with a Splattershot. His appearance is identical to the Inkling Boy amiibo.

Inkling Girl

The Inkling Girl is the 64th costume. She is unlocked by clearing a 100 Mario Challenge on Expert or Super Expert, or by scanning the Inkling Girl amiibo. Pressing Up on D-Pad makes her pose with a Splat Charger. Her appearance is identical to the Inkling Girl amiibo, except for the charger in place of the usual Splattershot.


Callie is the 152nd costume. She is unlocked by clearing the Squid Sisters vs. Bloopers Event Course as Callie, or by scanning the Callie amiibo. Pressing Up on D-Pad makes her strike her signature pose seen at the end of the Inkopolis News, as well as in various promotional artwork. Her unique squid form is also visible when crouching or swimming by pressing Down on D-Pad.


Marie is the 153rd and final costume. She is unlocked by clearing the Squid Sisters vs. Bloopers Event Course, this time as Marie, or by scanning the Marie amiibo. Pressing Up on D-Pad makes her strike her matching signature pose. Just like Callie, crouching and swimming reveal her unique squid form.

Squid Sisters vs. Bloopers

Urgent report from the Squid Research Lab!
The Squid Sisters have been spotted in the world of Super Mario Maker, and the local squids don't seem to be giving them a very warm welcome!
It's up to Callie and Marie to show those Blooper bullies that the new squids on the block aren't about to be messed with.
May the freshest squid win!
— Description of the course[2]

Squid Sisters vs. Bloopers is the Event Course allowing players to unlock the Callie and Marie costumes. It was released on 7 July 2016.

The Firefin logo made out of different types of blocks.


This level uses the Super Mario Bros. tileset and is designed to evoke the Splatoon universe. The two routes are different but appear extremely similar. The underwater areas feature both a wall and a cluster of coins in the shape of squid arrows; the underground areas feature several of these, in addition to a regular squid shape made out of coins and space between blocks.

There is block art of the Firefin logo right before the Goal Pole. The logo's lineart is made out of indestructible blocks, the white parts are made out of Cloud Blocks, and the body is made out of ? Blocks.


The player begins in a small room containing two green doors, each a different route. On the left is Callie's route, and on the right is Marie's route; these can be played in either order. After choosing a door, the player will enter another small room containing the ? Block from which the Mystery Mushroom allowing them to transform into Callie or Marie will spawn.

After entering the Warp Pipe located in the Mystery Mushroom room, the player will find themselves in an underwater area, which contradicts Splatoon lore as Inklings dissolve when fully submerged in water. Leaving through the Warp Pipe at the end sends the player to a non-submerged area similar to the starter rooms. As implied by the name of the course, both areas are filled with Bloopers who try to attack the player. After a platforming section, the player can hop on a Lakitu's Cloud and collect coins on the way until the Goal Pole comes into view.[3]

Unused icons

Gear and weapon icons from an unknown prerelease version of Splatoon, presumed to date from around the E3 2014 build, were present in the Super Mario Maker files. A majority of the items are recognizable, but a few of the sprites use sample textures. Others seem to have been either scrapped early on or possibly repurposed. The Warrior Headdress, the Varsity Hoodie, and the Shirtstravaganza are notable scrapped elements.

In total, the files contain icons for:

  • 23 pieces of headgear
  • 19 pieces of clothing
  • 12 pairs of shoes
  • 14 main weapons
  • 7 sub weapons
  • 4 special weapons




Main weapons

Sub and special weapons

Debug/test icons

The following icons are either textureless or feature sample text on them.

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