Protect the zone!

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Promotional image showcasing the "Protect the zone!" objective.

Protect the zone! or Protect the zones! is one of the five main objectives in Splatoon 3: Side Order, alongside Destroy the portal!, Defeat the fleeing foe!, Sink the ∞-ball! and Escort the turbine tower!


Similar to the Anarchy Battle mode Splat Zones, Agent 8 has to cover one or two zones on the floor to start a timer to count down. Jelletons will spawn regularly from indestructible portals. While most Jelletons target Agent 8 directly, Drizzling Capricciosos fly toward the zone to cover it in their ink, stopping the timer and slowly reverting Agent 8's progress if they capture the zone. Agent 8 must fend off the Jelletons while keeping the captured zones under their control. Depending on the Floor, there can be up to three checkpoints, which prevent the timer from increasing past that point from the Jelleton's ink covering the zones. Reaching a checkpoint also triggers portals to spawn Jelletons outside their regular spawning routine. Getting the timer to 0 ticks results in the objective being cleared.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese エリアを守れ!
Eria o mamore!
Protect the area!
Netherlands Dutch Bescherm de zone!
Bescherm de zones!
Protect the zone!
Protect the zones!
Canada French (NOA) Protège la zone!
Protège les zones!
Protect the zone!
Protect the zones!
France French (NOE) Protège la zone !
Protège les zones !
Protect the zone !
Protect the zones !
Germany German Beschütze die Zone!
Beschütze die Zonen!
Protect the zone!
Protect the zones!
Italy Italian Conquista la zona!
Conquista le zone!
Conquer the zone!
Conquer the zones!
Russia Russian Защищай зону!
Zashchishchay zonu!
Защищай зоны!
Zashchishchay zony!
Protect the zone!

Protect the zones!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) ¡Controla la zona!
¡Controla las zonas!
Control the zone!
Control the zones!
Spain Spanish (NOE) ¡Domina la zona!
¡Domina las zonas!
Dominate the zone!
Dominate the zones!
China Chinese (Simplified) 保护区域!
Bǎohù qūyù!
Protect the area!
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 保衛區域!
Bǎowèi qūyù! (Mandarin)
bou2 wai6 keoi1 wik6 (Cantonese)
Defend the area!
South Korea Korean 에어리어를 지키자!
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