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The current projects page serves to keep a tab on the tasks that still need to be done on the wiki, either in the brief future or much farther ahead. If you are working on a project, please put your name in the Involved users section.

For smaller tasks and short term projects, see Inkipedia:Maintenance.

Urgent projects should be marked with {{!!}}, which looks like Alert-icon.png.

Project Progress / Activity Description Discussion link Involved users
Quotes Inactive The shopkeeper articles are currently missing quotes. Add quotes for Sheldon, Flow, Craymond, Jelfonzo, and Bisk. Judd and Li'l Judd are also missing quotes. Splatfest quotes are needed for some languages.
Single-player articles Inactive Octo Valley, Octo Canyon, and Octo Expansion articles need massive changes. Even when done, they still need consistent, professional formatting.
Weapon strategy articles Active Create strategy articles for weapons in the competitive name-space. Use, Countermeasures, Gear abilities, tips, etc... Weapon strategy DaDoc540
Manga reformation Active Create pages for more characters, fix grammar in many Manga pages, etc... Manga Eminence, Prinz the overlord CherryAudino75, OctoCallie
Update articles with images of newer games and cleanup of paragraphs Main articles that have a lot of information on them should have the images of the latest game and should get cleanup to their paragraphs.