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The current projects page serves to keep a tab on the tasks that still need to be done on the wiki, either in the brief future or much farther ahead. If you are working on a project, please put your name in the Involved users section.

Urgent projects should be marked with {{!!}}, which looks like Alert-icon.png.

Project Progress Description Discussion link Involved users
People In Progress Create pages for musicians and staff members involved in Splatoon. N/A “Octoseeker Violist” Meena (美奈)
Quotes In progress The shopkeeper articles are currently missing quotes. Add quotes for Sheldon, Flow, Craymond, Jelfonzo, and Bisk. Judd and Li'l Judd are also missing quotes. Splatfest quotes are needed for some languages. - Destinithompson, Adamsquid, Yoshi0621
Singleplayer Walkthroughs Almost finished Add walkthroughs and videos for every stage and Deepsea Metro Station. - StanKraftYT, “Octoseeker Violist” Meena (美奈)
Commander Tartar In progress Needs information about character, creation in general, etc. - Puds, Splattersky
Updated Octarians Page In progress The main Octarians page is need of some improvements to bring it more up to speed and to make it a better go-to hub for information. The goal is to add some new sections detailing the Octarians' history, origins and development. We will also need relevant images and quotes. Octo-Wiki Expansion Octo-maker71, Splattersky, “Octoseeker Violist” Meena (美奈)
Music Articles In progress Creating individual articles for every major song in the Splatoon series to replace the current media file links Here? KA467, ShinyCelesteela, SundaeSquid, “Octoseeker Violist” Meena (美奈)
Template Descriptions Just started-ish Describe and add wiki markup to templates User talk page:Eleven23 TBA
Haicalive Kyoto Mix translations Transcriptions almost finished Provide a faithful translation to the Haicalive concerts held in October 2019. - StarAdamStar
Single-player articles In progress Octo Valley, Octo Canyon, and Octo Expansion articles need massive changes. Even when done, they still need consistent, professional formatting. - GloverMist, Calamarie
In-depth cover of the ranking system and matchmaking In progress
  • Add monthly Rank X top 500s and ranked stages rosters when ranking period ends Rank X data
  • Add references to updates and stages rosters related to the X Power reset
  • add info about the glicko2 ranking system used in Splatoon 2: Power level
  • Add version history related to power level adjustments
  • Add in-depth info of how matchmaking works in each game type and cover the changes in the patch notes (Weapons, distance, updates, etc...)
- Shahar
File management In-progress This project covers several main goals:
  • Rename files to be more accurate, follow policy, and have a set standard.
  • Improve categories, summaries, and licensing amongst files
  • Ensure files are licensed and sourced correctly
  • Find low quality images and tag as such; work towards replacement
  • Optimize pre-existing and newly uploaded images to improve loading times
  • Delete or integrate the vast amount of unused files.

Information is currently presented in a list with little description, but a suggestive guide and sign up will be created shortly.

Content is currently housed on this page, with a guide for some aspects here. Led by Trig Jegman
Weapon data 25% done Make sure all weapons have their complete statistics added and updated in the data section.
  • Splatoon completion status: ❌charger ❌roller ❌shooter ❌splatling ❌slosher
  • Splatoon 2 completion status: ✔brella ✔charger ✔dualie ❌roller ❌shooter ❌splatling ❌slosher
Use weapon talk pages and data template talk pages Heddy