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There are various different brands of gear, and oddly enough... each brand's gear takes more easily to different kinds of extra abilities! So if there's an ability you like, try getting gear from the same brand!

Gear brands are the names and logos of the creators of gear and some weapons. Most brands affect the probability of what ability gets assigned to an empty secondary ability slot of a gear; the favored ability is ×5 as likely, and the unfavored ability is ×0.5 as likely.

List of brands

Brand Logo Brand Name Favored Ability (×5) Unfavored Ability (×0.5) Pieces of equipment
(weapons and gear)
amiibo 33
Annaki Main Power Up
Ink Saver (Sub)
Special Saver 22 gear
1 weapon
Barazushi Intensify Action Sub Power Up 12
Cuttlegear 36 gear
11 weapons
Emberz Intensify Action Special Charge Up 13
Enperry Sub Power Up Ink Resistance Up 36 gear
1 weapon
Famitsu 3
Firefin Ink Saver (Sub) Ink Recovery Up 30[a] gear
2 weapons
Forge Special Duration Up
Special Power Up
Ink Saver (Sub) 45[a] gear
1 weapon
Grizzco 30 gear
6 weapons
Inkline Defense Up
Bomb Defense Up DX
Sub Resistance Up
Damage Up
Main Power Up
Intensify Action
38 gear
2 weapons
Krak-On Swim Speed Up Defense Up
Bomb Defense Up DX
Sub Resistance Up
38 gear
1 weapon
Rockenberg Run Speed Up Swim Speed Up 44
Skalop Quick Respawn Special Saver 32
Splash Mob Ink Saver (Main) Run Speed Up 41[a]
SquidForce Damage Up
Ink Resistance Up
Ink Saver (Main) 52 gear
1 weapon
Takoroka Special Charge Up Special Duration Up
Special Power Up
Tentatek Ink Recovery Up Quick Super Jump 50 gear
3 weapons
Toni Kensa Main Power Up
Ink Saver (Main)
Sub Power Up 28 gear
17 weapons
Z+F Special Saver Ink Recovery Up 25 gear
2 weapons
Zekko Special Saver Special Charge Up 42
Zink Quick Super Jump Quick Respawn 37 gear
1 weapon



  • Gear brands typically create a specific style of gear, such as Inkline's products, which are geared toward the outdoors.
  • Gear brand logos can be found on stickers and pieces of graffiti, scattered throughout Inkopolis, Octo Valley, and many multiplayer stages.
  • Bomb Range Up from Splatoon is the only stackable ability without an associated brand for it.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ブランド
Netherlands Dutch Merk Brand
CanadaFrance French Marque Brand
Germany German Marke Brand
Italy Italian Marca Brand
Russia Russian Бренд
SpainMexico Spanish Marca Brand
China Chinese 品牌
South Korea Korean 브랜드


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