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Version 2.6.0
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Version 2.6.0 is a revision to Splatoon that came into effect on March 8, 2016.[1]

It directly follows the Version 2.5.0 update.

Adjustments and Fixes[1][2]


Ranked Gameplay

  • In Ranked Battles:
    • Team sorting used to be random, but will now take into consideration weapons equipped by players.
    • It will now not be possible for the following ranks to be matched together:
      • S+ and S
      • S and A+
      • A- and B+
      • B- and C+
    • This is due to changes in the time required to perform matchmaking, and is subject to change.
    • Decreased the amount of Rank Points lost if teams are made uneven by a connection error, resulting in defeat.


  • Ability Adjustments:
    • Ink Saver (Main): The scaling has been changed to peak at 45% instead of 40%.
    • Ink Saver (Sub): The scaling has been changed to peak at 35% instead of 25%.
    • Ink Recovery Up: The scaling has been changed to peak at 82% instead of 67%.
    • Special Duration Up:
    • Opening Gambit: Instead of the previous speed boosts, the main abilities of the other 2 pieces of gear equipped will be boosted for the first 30 seconds of a battle.
    • Last-Ditch Effort:
      • In Ranked, if the other team's score reaches 30 or less, the effect will be applied regardless of its normal lifetime.
      • In Ranked, it will also be applied during Overtime.
      • Additionally, the ability will now decrease respawn time when active.
    • Tenacity: When active, the special gauge will fill 20% faster than normal.
    • Comeback: The ability will now also apply the effect of Special Charge Up.
    • Haunt: The effects of Damage Up, Defense Up, and Run Speed Up will also be applied when the player with Haunt is marked by Point Sensor, Echolocator, or Haunt.
    • Recon:
      • After leaving the base, the effects will continue for 3.5 seconds.
      • Additionally, the equipped weapons of opponents will be displayed over them.
    • Bomb Sniffer:The splash damages of the Splat Bomb, Suction Bomb, Seeker, and Ink Mine what hurt less than 100% will be reduced by 40% (excludes Defense Up and Damage Up calculations), and Burst Bombs' damage will be reduced by 20%.


  • The Vibe meter has been changed to a Splatfest Power meter.
    • Splatfest Power will be decided when Splatfest starts, and is based on factors such as Rank.
    • Splatfest Power will change based on the player's wins and loses of Splatfest matches.
    • The player with the highest Splatfest Power in a team will gain slightly bigger amount of points.
    • Players were previously matched up based on playstyle, but will now be matched up with players with similar Splatfest Power.
    • More Splatfest Power will be gained after a match if the opposing team had the higher average Splatfest Power.
    • Players in a team who chose "Continue" after a game will have the amount of consecutive games they have played displayed.


  • Changed how the Killer Wail's aiming prediction is displayed.
  • When Super Jumping, the effects of Comeback sometimes experienced a delay and activated too late.
  • Adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.