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Hi, I'm Jelly Cat (talk) S2 Icon Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe.pngS2 Icon Li'l Judd.png! I like Splatoon, Pokémon and Animal Crossing! I like music and playing on my Switch. I'm also interested in unused content and glitches in games.

Have fun reading this, YourUsername! okay

Splatoon info

My Octoling at Brinewater Springs

I've been playing Splatoon since the Splatoon 3 Splatfest World Premiere.

I have 4-star badges on the Krak-On Splat Roller, Splat Roller which was my first main weapon, Flingza Roller, Splatana Stamper and the REEF-LUX 450. I also have a silver badges for Tenta Missiles, Kraken Royale and Big Bubbler.


My 2nd ever 100x battle win, on Team Ghosts

Since I've been playing since the beginning of Splatoon 3 I've played in all Splatfests since.

The teams I've been on are (Bold indicates wins):

  •   Rock
  •   Gear
  •   Grass
  •   Sweet
  •   Milk Chocolate
  •   Nessie
  •   Wisdom
  •   Strawberry
  •   Love
  •   Shiver
  •   Ghost

Extra info

Shiver Splatfest Direct Dance.gif

Some of my favourite Splatoon songs (no particular order):

Some ink colours I find pretty:

(I will update this, sometime)

See my edits!

Jelly editing Inkipedia

I'm an average wiki editor (who only edits Inkipedia) and I usually edit on mobile.

Some things I've done on the wiki are; fixing minor spelling mistakes, adding the Blobby Octotrooper's appearences in Return of the Mammalians, adding Spyke and Jelonzo's quotes to their pages, renaming some files, and obviously, editing this page!

By the way, here's my Sandbox.

Last seen on the wiki doing:

27 December 2023

Random images I like


Random gear things (mainly unused gear)


More about me! (in the form of userboxen)

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