Chapter 7: Skull

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#6: Training
Splatoon, Vol. 2
#8: Hero Mode Part 1

Splatoon Manga Chapter 7 cover.jpg
Official English title page
Debuted on 29 December 2016
Collected in Volume 2
Chapter number #7

Skull is the seventh chapter of the Splatoon manga. It was first released on 29 December 2016.


The manga begins with Goggles now asking Skull and his team: Aviators, Stitch, and Paisley for a rematch on Moray Towers, Aviators says that is the stage where he is best at but Skull accepts. Goggles soon seriously asks why Skull does not have eyebrows which he answers saying he was born like that. Aviators notices that Skull rarely accepts rematches but it is because he was killing time and suspects the whole match will be boring.

As the Turf War starts, the Blue Team rush to get to the center first while dodging Skull's E-liter. Goggles hears it charging up and pushes Specs down, only for Skull to not fire at them and instead splat Bobble and quickly the rest as well. The range of the E-liter 3k Scope with Skull's aiming is known as the tactic of 'Skull Arena'. As they respawn, Goggles tries to throw a Suction Bomb at Skull but he mistakenly throws his jar of pickled plums at him, throwing off Skull as he thinks it is a new type of bomb. Stitch tries to splat Goggles but Headphones takes her out from behind. Specs and Goggles starts advancing towards Skull but he soon unleashes his special on the two, the Kraken and splats both of them. Bobble is then splatted by Aviators, leaving only Headphones while the rest of the Purple Team start advancing onto the Blue Team's side as she is stuck by Skull's E-liter. Specs tries to swing his Inkbrush but he was swinging around Goggles, as he apologizes, Goggles decides to have Specs keep on swinging while he shoots and they quickly splat Aviators, Stitch, and Paisley (with Goggles' shorts now ripped). As they advance, Skull is now surprised on the Blue Team's advance, Specs swims up through a trail on the wall to try and splat Skull but Skull quickly splats him before he can. He is then hit with a Burst Bomb by Bobble and shortly hit with an Inkzooka by Headphones, but Skull super jumps back to his spawn before it can hit him. With him now gone, Skull's team now fights with the three of the Blue Team with only Aviators noticing that only three of them are there. As Skull lands back, he is confused about the feeling he is having battling the Blue Team, only to see Goggles now face to face with him. It is revealed by the rest of his team that Goggles swam up one of the towers of the Purple Team's side while they were busy and Bobble and Specs shortly splats them all by firing their Inkstrikes. Goggles then uses his technique of the Squid Lightning Jet and dodges all of Skull's shots. Just as he gets close enough, Goggles falls off the stage but fires his Inkzooka as he does while the match ends, declaring the Blue Team the winners and finally the champions of the CoroCoro Cup.

As the Purple Team now leaves, Goggles stops them and says that their match was fun and reveals that he was worried about Skull bored from their last match, Skull agrees with their match being fun and returns Goggles' jar of pickled plums to him while seeing that the Blue Team's ability to make any match fun is what makes them so strong. Skull proposes another Turf War with Goggles again but Rider wants to battle Skull first since he is the one that trained Goggles, Aloha then arrives and wants a rematch with Goggles as well, Goggles proposes for all of them to battle only for the three to immediately say no to. Army then decides to celebrate with Blue Team's success with the S4 and Rider over curry in the plaza. As the manga ends, Cap'n Cuttlefish watches from afar and sees that Goggles is "the one"


  1. Goggles
  2. Bobble Hat
  3. Specs
  4. Headphones
  1. Skull
  2. Aviators
  3. Stitch
  4. Paisley
  1. Callie
  2. Marie



  • The rest of Rider's team makes an appearance with watching the match with him.
  • The issue shows Headphones using an Inkzooka which is not part of the Classic Squiffer's set, so she was probably using a New Squiffer during the match like how Specs used an Octobrush Nouveau during the battle with Aloha. Likewise, Specs is seen using an Inkstrike with an Inkbrush instead of an Octobrush.