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Species Octoling
Age Classified
Gender Male
Location Splatsville
Total Playtime 1,520+ hours

Hello, there.

I was an N-ZAP '89 main back in Splatoon 2, but I've branched out a lot more in Splatoon 3.

A few of the noteworthy things that I've done on here:

If you look for me elsewhere on the Internet, chances are you won't find me. When it comes to social media, I'm a ghost.

Splatfest performances
Name My Pick My Rationale Ultimate Rank Did I Win?
Rock vs. Paper vs. Scissors Rock The Earth is a gigantic rock. Say what you will about paper and scissors, but everything rests on rock. Ruler +??? Yes
Gear vs. Grub vs. Fun Grub The human body can't survive for long without food. Ruler +1 No
Grass vs. Fire vs. Water Water I don't play Pokemon anymore, but no known organism can survive without water. Ruler +1 Yes
Spicy vs. Sweet vs. Sour Spicy A younger me would break for Sweet, but I've been making a point of leaving my comfort zone lately. Ruler +3 No
Dark vs. Milk vs. White Milk Dark chocolate is unbearably bitter, and white chocolate I seldom ever have. Sure, milk's what most folks I know would pick, but it's what I like. Ruler +3 No
Nessie vs. Aliens vs. Bigfoot Aliens Choosing Nessie or Bigfoot would confine those creatures to only one planet, while with Aliens, it could be a whole cosmos full of life! Ruler +2 No
Power vs. Wisdom vs. Courage Power All of the knowledge and bravery in the world doesn't mean anything if you can't put it to any meaningful use. Ruler +2 Yes
Vanilla vs. Strawberry vs. Mint Chip Vanilla It's always been my favorite flavor, ever since I was a little kid. Ruler +4 Yes
Money vs. Fame vs. Love Love I've always had a few close friends throughout my life instead of a large, impersonal coterie of admirers. Connection is more genuine that way, and there'll always be things that money can't buy you. Ruler +1 No
Shiver vs. Frye vs. Big Man Shiver She seems more level-headed than Frye, and Big Man's shy and easygoing nature doesn't mesh well for being a desert bandit. Ruler +4 Yes
Zombie vs. Skeleton vs. Ghost Ghost For a zombie, I don't see how any healthy relationship could overcome their flesh-hunger, and the skeletons I've seen in speculative fiction are mere automatons. Ghosts, on the other hand, are directly descended from humans, with little to alter their minds. It's not too hard to befriend a human, so it follows that doing the same with a ghost shouldn't be too hard, either. Ruler +4 Yes
Handshake vs. Fist Bump vs. Hug Handshake It'll suffice for any interaction with strangers. Ruler +2 Yes
Friends vs. Family vs. Solo Family My family members are my best friends, and it's surely a lot more fun than spending the holidays alone. Ruler +1 No
Friday vs. Saturday vs. Sunday Saturday I don't ever have anything to do on that day; I've got the whole day to myself. Ruler +3 No
Drums vs. Guitar vs. Keyboard Drums I can't put my finger on why I picked this one; it just appealed to me more than guitars and keyboards. Ruler +3 No
Baby Chicks vs. Li'l Bunnies vs. Bear Cubs Bunnies I see some of them near where I live, and my mother once owned one for a pet when she was young. Ruler +2 No
Same Ol' vs. Bucket List vs. Save the Day Same Ol' I don't have any special skills or connections necessary to avert a catastrophe, so I'd just enjoy one more day in with my family. Ruler +2 No
Voice actor headcanons
Brenda Song
Tom Kenny
Ke Huy Quan
David Harbour
Keith David
Stephanie Hsu
Janelle Monáe
John DiMaggio
Lewis Hamilton
Michael Shannon
Tom Kenny
Mark Hamill

Other information

  • My mother headcanons that all of the King Salmonids have horrible-smelling breath. When I first showed her Megalodontia's intro cutscene, she said, "Oh my God, I can smell this picture!"
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