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My S3 OC: Lisa
Ahhhh... Another item for my...extremely large regret pile...

Hi there, fellow Squidkids & Octolads! How are ya? I'm P.J. GT. A 22 year-old biological male, devoted Christian and Nintendo fan that lives in the U.S.A. I do contribute to the wiki once in awhile, but I'm more active on the Inkipedia Discord server if yah want to chat. I have been a huge fan of Splatoon since I got the second Game. See ya on the Splattlefield! #ShiverFanboy!

  • Pronouns: he/him
  • Custom Signature: P.J. GT(talk)
  • Home State: Indiana
  • Time Zone: CDT
  • Switch User Name: P.J. GT™️
  • Switch Friend Code: SW-1207-2946-2895
  • [Link to My Personal Splatoon Canon's new home]

Game Stats

S2 Stats
Level: 99☆1 MAX
Super Sea Snails: 104
Ranks: X in all Modes
Salmon Run: Profreshional 400
Octo Canyon: 1000% FRESH
Octo Expansion:
1000% (NO help! NO skips!)
(Inner Agent 3 Defeated!)
Played Since: July 23, 2017
Play Time: 3,010 hours

S3 Stats
Player ID: #1301
Level: 169
Splashtag & Badges:
Splashtag Title: Dangerous Challenger
Super Sea Snails: 13
Highest Anarchy Rank: S+45
Salmon Run Next Wave: Eggsecutive VP
Tableturf Battle Rank: 50
Return of the Mammalians:
(Beat After Alterna!)
Side Order:
(30F with ALL Palettes!)
Been playing since: September 9, 2022
Play Time: 1,575+ hours
My Locker as of April 11, 2024
  • My Smallfry's hairstyle: Spiky
  • Preferred Hub City: Splatsville
  • Preferred Emote: Flip Out
  • Preferred Work Outfit: Orange Slopsuit
S3 Weapons
Topic Favorite Hate
Shooter Splattershot H-3 Nozzlenose
Roller Splat Roller Dynamo Roller
Charger Z+F Splat Charger Bamboozler 14 Mk I
Blaster S-BLAST '91 Range Blaster
Brush Octobrush Painbrush
Slosher Tri-Slosher Nouveau Explosher
Splatling Heavy Splatling Deco Hydra Splatling
Dualie Splat Dualies Dark Tetra Dualies
Brella Recycled Brella 24 Mk I Tenta Brella
Stringer Tri-Stringer REEF-LUX 450 Deco
Splatana Splatana Wiper Splatana Stamper
Rare weapon Grizzco Blaster Grizzco Slosher
Sub weapon Burst Bomb Squid Beakon
Special Weapon Crab Tank Ink Vac

How I got into Splatoon

Before Splatoon, I was a common Mario fanboy. Batting my eye at other game series like "Yeah, whatevs". I even had some imaginary Mario fan-games I drew up when I was 14 (which I completely abandoned now), as well playing the Skylanders series. But when my brother got Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, I learned that there were other game series that looked interesting, mainly Mega Man and Metroid, and got both Mega Man 2 and Super Metroid on VC. But in 2016, I began to see trailers for Splatoon 1, including its Direct, as I binged Nintendo Minute and past Nintendo Directs. Then for that year, I had an on/off interest in the game. But it was when the Nintendo Switch was announced that I decided not to get it. But then...

In July of 2017, me and my brother each finally got our own Nintendo Switch from console bundles at GameStop (after being scammed on Amazon for the consoles...). My brother's bundle had ARMS and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, while mine also had ARMS but instead had The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But later that weekend, Splatoon 2 came out and we didn't have interest in ARMS, so we went back to GameStop to turn them in and settled on getting Splatoon 2 instead, as I finally settled my interest in the series. It was then, as I heard the soundtrack and got introduced to Off the Hook, where I got...HOOKED! (Pun intended.) Sure my first matches were horrible, as I was still getting used to the controls and learning its mechanics. But I eventually got to be decent at it. A few weeks later, I decided to get a second copy of Splatoon 2 for my brother so we can play online together instead of sharing one copy. But his interest in it dwindled over a year, while I was addicted to it from the onset. Later, as the Octo Expansion was announced, I was very excited for it and made my preorder. Then as I watched the official Nintendo-held Splatoon 2 tournaments of that year, I decided to adjust my playstyle to not be as childish and picked up some of the Weapons that were meta at the time.

And the rest is history! Booyah!

Likes & Dislikes of Splatoon

Here are lists of what I like & don't like about the Splatoon Series. (Note that all these are my personal opinions, so please don't splat the messenger!)


The Series Itself:

  • The Music!
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Lore
  • Motion Controls (THE best way to play the game.)
  • Encouraging and positive posts
  • The Flip Out Emote (Gotta stick with the OG!)
  • S2 Ink Color:   Neon Green
  • S3 Ink Color:   Yellow
  • Nintendo-held Splatoon tournaments


  • Weapon Class: Shooters
  • Main Weapon: Splattershot
  • Sub Weapon: Burst Bomb
  • Special Weapon: Crab Tank


  • Turf War
  • Salmon Run
  • Side Order
  • Rainmaker (S3)


  • Regular (S2): Ancho-V Games
  • Regular (S3): Mincemeat Metalworks
  • Salmon Run: Bonerattle Arena
  • Shifty Station: MC.Princess Diaries
  • Tri-Color (Attack): Barnacle & Dime
  • Tri-Color (Defend): Scorch Gorge


  • Squid Sisters: Marie
  • Off the Hook: Marina
  • Deep Cut: Shiver


  • Squid Sisters
  • Deep Cut
  • C-Side
  • Diss-Pair


  • Splattack! (C-Side Version)
  • Clickbait


  • "Hipster" (Inkling Boy)
  • "Pony" (Octoling Girl)
  • "Megalobraid" (Inkling Girl)
  • "Octolocks" (Octoling Boy)


  • Stackable: Ink Resistance Up
  • Headgear: Last-Ditch Effort
  • Clothing: Ninja Squid
  • Shoes: Drop Roller

Story Bosses:

  • Inner Agent 3
  • NILS Statue
  • Octobot King 2
  • Mr. Grizz
  • Asynchronous Rondo
  • Octostomp Redux

Boss Salmonids:

  • Flipper-Flopper
  • Scrapper
  • Maws


The Series Itself:

  • Inappropriate posts and Usernames in-game (e.g. sexual, political, threatening) The VERY reason why I prefer to have community posts turned off.))
  • Splatoon Character shipping theories and fan-canons (Humanity at its MOST DISGUSTING, people!! And ruins my outlooks on characters for me...)
  • The Fandom's takes around Shiver, Marie, Big Man & Dedf1sh's genders
  • Splatoon Memes & FMVs
  • Fan translations of in-game song lyrics (They just ruin the charm the gibberish give to them!)
  • Jelfonzo's F-bomb t-shirt. (Shame on you, Jelfonzo. Shame on you. Want some soap soup?)
  • The misinterpretation of one of Frye's voice-clips during her boss battle (Great. This is "So long, eh Bowser!" all over again...)
  • Spawn-Campers/Invaders
  • Players who abuse weak wifi connections to their advantage
  • Disconnects
  • Communication Errors
  • Getting 2 or more Charger users on my Team in Turf War/Ranked Battles
  • Griefers
  • Squid Parties (I love to crash them! Play the game normally, kids! (But I do enjoy Squidbagging at the end of each Wave in Salmon Run. ESPECIALLY with the Goo Tuber!) (OR if there is a DC in the first minute of a match in S3))
  • Mirror Matches during Splatfests
  • The offical Splatoon Manga (I don't like Main Protagonists that act like complete idiots...)
  • Stick Controls (I only have them on for Handheld-Mode.)
  • The Later, Undulator Emote (The most CURSED Splatoon dance!)


  • Weapon Class: Chargers
  • Main Weapon: Tenta Brella
  • Sub Weapon: Squid Beakon
  • Special Weapon: Ink Vac


  • All Ranked Modes (S2)
  • Clam Blitz (S3)
  • X Battle


  • Regular (S2): Walleye Warehouse
  • Regular (S3): Undertow Spillway
  • Salmon Run: Marooner's Bay
  • Shifty Station: The Switches
  • Tri-Color (Attack): Manta Maria
  • Tri-Color (Defend): MakoMart


  • Ink Theory


  • [REDACTED] Dudes be [REDACTED] Sleepin'
  • #14 crush


  • "Afro" (Octoling Boy)
  • "Banger" (Inkling Girl)
  • "Buzz-Cut" (Inkling Boy)
  • "Fade" (Octoling Boy)


  • Stackable: Ink Saver (Sub)
  • Headgear: Tenacity
  • Clothing: Respawn Punisher
  • Shoes: Object Shredder

Boss Salmonids:

  • Flyfish
  • Stinger
  • Big Shot
  • Fish Stick


This is a list of all the Splatfests I have played in.

Splatoon 3
5 Wins - 5 Runner-Ups - 7 Losses
Team Title Results Explanation
Splatfest World Premiere
WIN There is obviously no best move in Rock, Paper, Scissors. So I just went with my fave Idol. #ShiverFanboy! (Also to quote PM:CS's minigame; ROSHAMBO!) Or when in doubt, go lazer gun! (👉) 😜
  Fun Ruler
Even though I want food to survive, I CAN'T live without my electronics! We ALL knew this Splatfest's theme was a trick question!
Pokémon S&V
Loss Well this was a wash! Not really a big fan of Pokémon, but I like to use a few of its reps in Smash sometimes. But if I had to choose one, I'd go with the Fire-Types, as their final-evos are usually cooler imo. With the likes of Charizard, Blaziken, Incineroar & Cinderace as my fav. designs. #Justice4Frye!
  Sweet Ruler
WIN Frye gets some SWEET justice! I just love sweet tasting food snacks! Cake, ice cream, chocolate, granola, you name it! 😋🍪🍨🍫
  Milk Chocolate Ruler
Loss THIS EVENT WAS RIGGED!!! 😡 I pretty much grew up loving milk chocolate candy, so... HECK YES to Hershey bars and M&M's! But I kinda do like dark chocolate on occasion (depending on the brand.), and WHITE CHOCOLATE ISN'T REAL CHOCOLATE AND IS A DISCRACE TO THE CANDY'S GLORIOUS NAME!!
  Aliens Ruler
Of course I believe that ALL of these creatures are FAKE! 1: Nessie's existence was a hoax, 2: Accounts of abductions by Aliens are just Satan's demon servants tricking us along with that God put life in the universe on ONE planet; Earth, and 3: Bigfoot was just a jerk in a costume. But if I had to choose one, I'm going with Aliens 👽🛸 because I was fascinated and interested with Sci-Fi the first time I watched Star Wars. Also, Metroid is an amazing Sci-Fi series too!
Zelda: TotK
WIN THE CLEAN SWEEP! Ganon would be proud! I just chose Power become I wanted to support Shiver for once as of S3's launch. And to quote Raven Beak; "Hadar Sen Olmen!" ("Power Is Everything!" in the Chozo language)
  Mint Chip Ruler Loss
*Annoyed Sigh*... Should've went with Vanilla... 😞🍦
  Love Ruler
Loss Well Love DID hurt this Splatfest...💔 The amount of Mirror Matches I got was HORRIFIC. Treat others how you want to be treated. The love for money is the root of all evil. Fame blooms from self-entitlement and selfishness.
  Shiver Ruler
WIN I love Shiver! 💙😎 She's my waifu!
Ruler WIN Team Ghost because Luigi's Mansion. 👻
  Fistbump Ruler Loss
That was a dumbfounding turn of events... These were tough choices tho... But I like using Fistbumps towards my friends irl, AND their in the game on the victory screen! Also, I need to give Frye more love. Maybe I should've went with my original pick and went with Handshake...😔
Loss Like I've said before; The holidays are ALWAYS best with Family! 🎄🎁👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 But, MAN was this Splatfest horrible! It was basically "Noobs vs. Elites". Worst Splatfest ever...
  Saturday Ruler Loss Two things can define this Splatfest: Frye gets karma-ed by popularity AGAIN, and MIRROR MATCHES!!😡 This was an oddball Theme... I just agreed with my 10-year-old self and chose Saturday because I can do all the activities I plan for that day of the week. #Justice4Frye
  Drums Ruler
Loss I should've gone with my gut... but GGs tho. Finally a DECENT new theme this time around. I wanted to go for Team Keyboard due to having piano lessons when I was a kid, but decided to go Drums instead as I thought it would be the least popular so I'd get into WAY less Mirror matches plus I STILL needed those Gold Deep Cut Badges, which I did manage to get! Tri-Color Flounder was surprisingly fun!
Baby Chicks
This is a pretty "meh" theme for SpringFest. But they're tough choices tho. I wanna go with Frye, but I've learned my lesson on karma, plus bear cubs are just a fasad of a maneatting beast waiting to happen. So Shiver again it is! She's my Chick!😜😎 Felt as if I should've picked Bear Cubs due to the Teddy bear I had as a kid.
Save the Day
Ruler Loss Picked because I believe that Big Man would win again. Turned out that I was wrong... But glad Frye won for once!
Splatoon 2
15 Wins - 15 Losses
Team Title Results
Ketchup (2017) Fiend Loss
Flight King/Queen WIN
Vampire King/ Queen WIN
Sci-Fi Champion Loss
Sock King/Queen Loss
Action King/Queen Loss
Love King/Queen WIN
Chicken (2018) King/Queen WIN
Baseball King/Queen WIN
Raph (1/3) King/Queen WIN
Don (2/3) King/Queen WIN
Raph (3/3) King/Queen Loss
No-Pulp King/Queen Loss
Octopus King/Queen Loss
Spoon King/Queen Loss
Retro King/Queen Loss
Treat (2018) King/Queen WIN
Salsa King/Queen WIN
Hero King/Queen Loss
Fam King/Queen Loss
Pancake King/Queen Loss
Knight King/Queen Loss
Tortoise King/Queen Loss
Teleportation King/Queen WIN
Narwhal King/Queen WIN
Order King/Queen Loss
Ketchup (2020) King/Queen WIN
Chicken (2020) King/Queen WIN
Treat (2020) King/Queen WIN
Super Mushroom King/Queen WIN

Misc. Content

Here is a bunch of stuff that is what I like other than Splatoon, merchandise, fun facts about me & my own miscellaneous Splatoon info.

Past Avatars
• Top Left: Duke (Agent 4)
• Bottom Left: Jen (Agent 8)
• Right: Sally (Original Agent 3 (Top Right) & Captain (Bottom Right))
My Full Game Library
Wii Sports Mario Kart Wii Wii Sports Resort Super Paper Mario Super Mario Galaxy 2 Mario Party 9
Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U Skylanders: GIANTS Skylanders: Swap Force Skylanders: Trap Team Mario Party 10
Paper Mario Mega Man X Super Mario Maker Skylanders: SuperChargers Paper Mario: Color Splash Skylanders: Imaginators
Super Metroid Metroid Fusion Mario Kart 8 Deluxe The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Splatoon 2 Super Mario Odyssey
Mega Man Legacy Collection Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Mega Man 11 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Super Mario Maker 2 Luigi's Mansion 3
Paper Mario: The Origami King Super Mario 3D All-Stars Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Metroid Dread Splatoon 3 Metroid Prime Remastered
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Super Mario Bros. Wonder Super Mario RPG
amiibo Collection
Samus (Smash) Mega Man (Smash) Luigi (Super Mario) Peach (Super Mario)
Inkling Boy (S1 Blue) 8-Bit Mario Turbo Charge Donkey Kong Hammer Slam Bowser
Zero Suit Samus Mii Brawler Mii Swordfighter Mii Gunner
Inkling Girl (S1 Green) Archer Link Inkling (Smash) Ridley
Inkling (Yellow) Octoling (Blue) Smallfry Pyra
Mythra Shiver Frye Big Man
Favorite Characters
Shiver Little Buddy Marie Agent 3/Captain
Big Man Frye DJ Octavio Sheldon
Marina Commander Tartar Pearl Jel La Fleur
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