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A Pinwheel.
Those spinny things make me nauseous... *urp*

Pinwheels are a mechanic in Octo Valley, found only in the level Pinwheel Power Plant.


Pinwheels are typically long, narrow platforms attached to a central cylindrical axis that constantly rotate in a set direction. Pinwheels can contain any number of platforms, and usually feature net barriers that rotate on the axis as well. In order to bypass these net barriers, Agent 3 must assume squid form.

Pinwheels act like Spreaders but do not place any ink.


  • Pinwheels only appear in the Octo Valley mission Pinwheel Power Plant, where they play a prominent role as obstacles and as platforms to ride. Agent 3 encounters multiple varieties of Pinwheels here, many of which include net barriers, one platform, and Octarian enemies which the player needs to splat.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
France French (NOE) Méramoulin
Germany German Zaun Fence
SpainMexico Spanish Molinillo Pinwheel