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Spawner drones, as seen in the Splatoon 3 trailer
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The spawner drone is a mechanic to be introduced in Splatoon 3. It functions as a new way of entering the battle.

The spawner drone was first shown in the Splatoon 3 announcement trailer.[1]


The spawner drone bears a strong resemblance to a cappuccino machine, continuing the theme of the spawn points in Splatoon 2. The symbol on the bottom resembles the spawn point from Splatoon and Splatoon 2. Each Inkling and Octoling spawns on the drone with a different animation depending on which weapon they are using.


The player is able to aim for a landing spot before being launched into battle by the drone. Before landing, a symbol is placed on the ground to show where the player will land, and where teammates will land if they launch at the same time as them [2]. The player is able to aim upwards to a degree, as well. It is currently unknown if the player will be able to Super Jump to and from their drone, or if they will also serve as a spawn point.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese イカスポーン
Ika Supōn
Squid spawn