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Weapon announcements


English + Japanese Splatfests Transcribe + Translate

Splatfest/Quotes/Splatoon 2


Fix Templates

Make them work like other templates (weapon, gear, ability)!

Item Status
Change template
Hand-over-hand support (avoid breaking the main page)
Find remaining transclusions
Remove hand-over-hand
Change template
Find remaining transclusions
Change template
Find remaining transclusions
Remove hand-over-hand
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Disambiguation pages


Item Status
Initial Pass ⌛ Q-Z done
Better update
Create new pages as needed


Drinks <-> Brands

Also possibly more info in the drinks page

Weapon Brands

TBD, add more info, link back from weapons pages, etc

Hero Mode Weapon stats


Names in other languages

For gear / weapons / stages. Shouldn't be too hard to find a proper resource for all data (SplatNet 2?) and fill in the information.


Hero Mode weapon icons

These are not the same as the replicas, they have levels (the replicas usually look like level 1) and the image is smaller and has a shadow. Can be obtained from splatnet under /api/record/hero, but requires a player handle that has the correct level available to them

Weapon Lv.1 Lv.2 Lv.3
Hero Shot S2 Weapon Main Hero Shot Lv. 1.png S2 Weapon Main Hero Shot Lv. 2.png S2 Weapon Main Hero Shot Lv. 3.png
Hero Roller S2 Weapon Main Hero Roller Lv. 1.png S2 Weapon Main Hero Roller Lv. 2.png
Hero Charger S2 Weapon Main Hero Charger Lv. 1.png S2 Weapon Main Hero Charger Lv. 2.png
Hero Dualies S2 Weapon Main Hero Dualies Lv. 1.png S2 Weapon Main Hero Dualies Lv. 2.png
Hero Brella S2 Weapon Main Hero Brella Lv. 1.png S2 Weapon Main Hero Brella Lv. 2.png
Hero Splatling S2 Weapon Main Hero Splatling Lv. 1.png S2 Weapon Main Hero Splatling Lv. 2.png
Hero Blaster S2 Weapon Main Hero Blaster Lv. 1.png S2 Weapon Main Hero Blaster Lv. 2.png
Hero Slosher S2 Weapon Main Hero Slosher Lv. 1.png S2 Weapon Main Hero Slosher Lv. 2.png
Herobrush S2 Weapon Main Herobrush Lv. 1.png S2 Weapon Main Herobrush Lv. 2.png

Gear Intro template

Similar to the GearAbilityAndBrandInfo one I made

Item Status
Handle S/S2/Both automatically (main ability trigger)
Shops, Price, SplatNet
Promo gear
Apply to item pages
18K Aviators
Acerola Rain Boots
Aloha Shirt
Amber Sea Slug Hi-Tops
Anchor Life Vest
Anchor Sweat
Angry Rain Boots
Annaki Beret
Annaki Blue Cuff
Annaki Drive Tee
Annaki Evolution Tee
Annaki Habaneros
Annaki Mask
Annaki Red Cuff
Armor Boot Replicas
Armor Helmet Replica
Armor Jacket Replica
Arrow Pull-Ons
Baby-Jelly Shirt
Baby-Jelly Shirt & Tie
Backwards Cap
Bamboo Hat
Banana Basics
Baseball Jersey
Basic Tee
B-ball Headband
B-ball Jersey (Away)
B-ball Jersey (Home)
Berry Ski Jacket
Bike Helmet
Birch Climbing Shoes
Birded Corduroy Jacket
Black 8-Bit FishFry
Black Anchor Tee
Black Arrowbands
Black Baseball LS
Black Dakroniks
Black Flip-Flops
Black Inky Rider
Black Layered LS
Black LS
Black Norimaki 750s
Black Pipe Tee
Black Polo
Black Seahorses
Black Squideye
Black Tee
Black Trainers
Black Urchin Rock Tee
Black V-Neck Tee
Blowfish Bell Hat
Blue & Black Squidkid IV
Blue Laceless Dakroniks
Blue Lo-Tops
Blue Moto Boots
Blue Peaks Tee
Blue Sailor Suit
Blue Sea Slugs
Blue Slip-Ons
Blue Tentatek Tee
Blueberry Casuals
Bobble Hat
Brown FA-11 Bomber
Bubble Rain Boots
Bucket Hat
Camo Layered LS
Camo Mesh
Camo Zip Hoodie
Camping Hat
Canary Trainers
Carnivore Tee
Cherry Kicks
Chilly Mountain Coat
Chirpy Chips Band Tee
Choco Clogs
Choco Layered LS
Classic Straw Boater
Clownfish Basics
CoroCoro Cap
CoroCoro Hoodie
Crazy Arrows
Cream Basics
Cream Hi-Tops
Crimson Parashooter
Custom Painted F-3
Custom Trail Boots
Cyan Trainers
Cycle King Cap
Cycle King Jersey
Cycling Cap
Cycling Shirt
Dark Bomber Jacket
Dark Urban Vest
Deepsea Leather Boots
Designer Headphones
Double Egg Shades
Dust Blocker 2000
Eggplant Mountain Coat
Eminence Cuff
FA-01 Jacket
FA-01 Reversed
Face Visor
Fake Contacts
FC Albacore
Firefin Facemask
Firefin Navy Sweat
Firewave Tee
FishFry Biscuit Bandana
FishFry Visor
Fishing Vest
Five-Panel Cap
Forest Vest
Forge Inkling Parka
Forge Mask
Forge Octarian Jacket
Fringed Loafers
Front Zip Vest
Fugu Bell Hat
Fugu Tee
Full Moon Glasses
Garden Gear
Gas Mask
Gold Hi-Horses
Golf Visor
Grape Hoodie
Grape Tee
Gray 8-Bit FishFry
Gray College Sweat
Gray FA-11 Bomber
Gray Hoodie
Gray Mixed Shirt
Gray Sea-Slug Hi-Tops
Gray Vector Tee
Gray Yellow-Soled Wingtips
Green Cardigan
Green Iromaki 750s
Green Laceups
Green Rain Boots
Green Striped LS
Green Tee
Green V-Neck Limited Tee
Green Zip Hoodie
Green-Check Shirt
Half-Rim Glasses
Half-Sleeve Sweater
Headlamp Helmet
Herbivore Tee
Hero Headphones Replica
Hero Headset Replica
Hero Hoodie Replica
Hero Jacket Replica
Hero Runner Replicas
Hero Snowboots Replicas
Hickory Work Cap
Hightide Era Band Tee
Hockey Helmet
House-Tag Denim Cap
Hula Punk Shirt
Hunter Hi-Tops
Hunting Boots
Icewave Tee
Icy Down Boots
Inkfall Shirt
Inkopolis Squaps Jersey
Ivory Peaks Tee
Jellyvader Cap
Jet Cap
Jogging Headband
Juice Parka
Jungle Hat
Kensa Coat
Kid Clams
King Facemask
King Flip Mesh
King Jersey
Knitted Hat
Krak-On 528
Layered Anchor LS
Layered Vector LS
LE Lo-Tops
LE Soccer Cleats
Legendary Cap
Light Bomber Jacket
Lightweight Cap
Lime Easy-Stripe Shirt
Linen Shirt
Logo Aloha Shirt
Lumberjack Shirt
Luminous Delta Straps
Matcha Down Jacket
Matte Bike Helmet
Milky Eminence Jacket
Milky Enperrials
Mint Dakroniks
Mint Tee
Mister Shrug Tee
Moist Ghillie Boots
Moist Ghillie Helmet
Moist Ghillie Suit
Moto Boots
Motocross Nose Guard
Mountain Vest
MTB Helmet
Navy College Sweat
Navy Deca Logo Tee
Navy Eminence Jacket
Navy Enperrials
Navy King Tank
Navy Red-Soled Wingtips
Navy Striped LS
Negative Longcuff Sweater
Neon Delta Straps
Neon Sea Slugs
Noise Cancelers
N-Pacer Ag
N-Pacer Au
N-Pacer Sweat
Octo Tee
Octobowler Shirt
Octoling Armor
Octoling Boots
Octoling Goggles
Olive Ski Jacket
Olive Zekko Parka
Orange Arrows
Orange Cardigan
Orange Lo-Tops
Orca Hi-Tops
Orca Woven Hi-Tops
Oyster Clogs
Paintball Mask
Painter's Mask
Paisley Bandana
Part-Time Pirate
Patched Hat
Pearl Tee
Pilot Goggles
Pink Easy-Stripe Shirt
Pink Hoodie
Pink Trainers
Piranha Moccasins
Pirate-Stripe Tee
Plum Casuals
Polka-dot Slip-Ons
Positive Longcuff Sweater
Power Armor
Power Armor Mk I
Power Boots
Power Boots Mk I
Power Mask
Power Mask Mk I
Pro Trail Boots
Prune Parashooter
Pullover Coat
Punk Blacks
Punk Cherries
Punk Whites
Punk Yellows
Purple Camo LS
Purple Hi-Horses
Purple Iromaki 750s
Purple Sea Slugs
Rainy-Day Tee
Red & Black Squidkid IV
Red FishFry Sandals
Red Hi-Horses
Red Hi-Tops
Red Hula Punk with Tie
Red Iromaki 750s
Red Sea Slugs
Red Slip-Ons
Red Tentatek Tee
Red Vector Tee
Red V-Neck Limited Tee
Red Work Boots
Red-Check Shirt
Red-Mesh Sneakers
Reel Sweat
Reggae Tee
Retro Gamer Jersey
Retro Specs
Retro Sweat
Roasted Brogues
Rockenberg Black
Rockenberg White
Rodeo Shirt
Round-Collar Shirt
Safari Hat
Sage Polo
Sailor-Stripe Tee
Samurai Helmet
Samurai Jacket
Samurai Shoes
School Cardigan
School Jersey
School Shoes
School Uniform
Shark Moccasins
Shirt & Tie
Shirt with Blue Hoodie
Shirtstravaganza N/A
Short Beanie
Short Knit Layers
Shrimp-Pink Polo
Skate Helmet
Skull Bandana
Sky-Blue Squideye
Slash King Tank
Slipstream United
Smoky Wingtips
Sneaky Beanie
Snorkel Mask
Snow Delta Straps
Snowy Down Boots
Soccer Headband
Soccer Shoes
Special Forces Beret
Splash Goggles
Splatfest Tee
Sporty Bobble Hat
Squash Headband
Squid Clip-Ons
Squid Facemask
Squid Hairclip
Squid Nordic
Squid Satin Jacket
Squid Squad Band Tee
Squiddor Polo
Squidfin Hook Cans
Squidlife Headphones
Squidmark LS
Squidmark Sweat
Squid-Pattern Waistcoat
Squidstar Waistcoat
Squid-Stitch Cap
Squid-Stitch Slip-Ons
Squid-Stitch Tee
Squidvader Cap
Squinja Boots
Squinja Mask
Squinja Suit
Squink Wingtips
Stealth Goggles
Strapping Reds
Strapping Whites
Straw Boater
Streetstyle Cap
Striped Beanie
Striped Peaks LS
Striped Rugby
Striped Shirt
Studio Headphones
Sun & Shade Squidkid IV
Sun Visor
Sunny Climbing Shoes
Sunny-Day Tee
Sunset Orca Hi-Tops
Takoroka Galactic Tie Dye
Takoroka Mesh
Takoroka Nylon Vintage
Takoroka Rainbow Tie Dye
Takoroka Visor
Takoroka Windcrusher
Tan Work Boots
Tennis Headband
Tentacles Helmet
Tentatek Slogan Tee
Tinted Shades
Traditional Apron
Traditional Headband
Traditional Sandals
Trail Boots
Treasure Hunter
Tricolor Rugby
Tulip Parasol
Tumeric Zekko Coat
Turquoise Kicks
Two-Stripe Mesh
Urchins Cap
Urchins Jersey
Varsity Baseball LS
Varsity Jacket
Vintage Check Shirt
Violet Trainers
Visor Skate Helmet
Welding Mask
Wet Floor Band Tee
White 8-Bit FishFry
White Anchor Tee
White Arrowbands
White Arrows
White Baseball LS
White Deca Logo Tee
White Headband
White Inky Rider
White Kicks
White King Tank
White Laceless Dakroniks
White Layered LS
White Line Tee
White LS
White Norimaki 750s
White Puffer Tee N/A
White Sailor Suit
White Seahorses
White Shirt
White Striped LS
White Tee
White Urchin Rock Tee
White V-Neck Tee
Woolly Urchins Classic
Yamagiri Beanie
Yellow Iromaki 750s
Yellow Layered LS
Yellow Seahorses
Yellow Urban Vest
Yellow-Mesh Sneakers
Zapfish Satin Jacket
Zekko Baseball LS
Zekko Hoodie
Zekko Jade Coat
Zekko Long Carrot Tee
Zekko Long Radish Tee
Zekko Mesh
Zekko Redleaf Coat
Zink Layered LS
Zink LS
Zombie Hi-Horses
O-3 Tee

Character Japanese speech patterns and trivia

Character Status
S2 Icon Pearl.png Pearl
S2 Icon Marina.png Marina
S2 Icon Callie 2.png Callie
S2 Icon Marie 2.png Marie

Japanese Splatfests Transcribe + Translate (backlog)

User:Hinamin/JP Splatfest transcript

Fest Announce Results
Rock v Pop
S2 Splatfest Icon Mayo.png Mayo v S2 Splatfest Icon Ketchup.png Ketchup
S2 Splatfest Icon Fries.png Fries v S2 Splatfest Icon McNuggets.png McNuggets
S2 Splatfest Icon Dexterity.png Dexterity v S2 Splatfest Icon Endurance.png Endurance
S2 Splatfest Icon Lemon.png Lemon v S2 Splatfest Icon No Lemon.png No Lemon
S2 Splatfest Icon Inner Wear.png Inner Wear v S2 Splatfest Icon Outer Wear.png Outer Wear
S2 Splatfest Icon Action.png Action v S2 Splatfest Icon Comedy.png Comedy
S2 Splatfest Icon Champion.png Champion v S2 Splatfest Icon Challenger.png Challenger
S2 Splatfest Icon Hana.png Hana v S2 Splatfest Icon Dango.png Dango
S2 Splatfest Icon Newest.png Newest v S2 Splatfest Icon Most Popular.png Most Popular
S2 Splatfest Icon New Lifeform.png New Lifeform v S2 Splatfest Icon Future Tech.png Future Tech