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Firefin is a gear brand within the Splatoon series, founded by SAYGO and a75ching.[1] Firefin gear has 5× higher chance to roll Ink Saver (Sub), and a 0.5× lower chance to roll Ink Recovery Up.

According to SplatoonJP, Firefin produces street-style fashion for young Inklings.[2]

In Splatoon 2, the Firefin brand created the Firefin Splat Charger and Firefin Splatterscope in collaboration with the weapon brand Splat.

In Splatoon 3, Firefin merged with Zekko to form Z+F,[3][4] with the aforementioned weapons being succeeded by Z+F Splat Charger and Z+F Splatterscope, respectively, in this game.

List of Firefin gear

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Firefin Headgear in Splatoon
Firefin Shoes in Splatoon 2
Firefin Shoes in Splatoon 3



Firefin has gear with the labels 'FishFry' and 'Fugu'.



The Firefin logo, a stylized blowfish, has long been a favorite of squid-hop set and anyone else who likes to keep it 100. Fans dig the loose fit and laid-back vibe that has become Firefin signature. Did you know that Firefin fans are up to ten times more likely to take selfies in front of graffiti while gazing into the distance?

Splatoon 2

Firefin is the king of streetwear brands. Not only are their hoodies and caps always brimming with classic style, their bell hats and visors are a throwback to old-school hip-hop style, and their large selection of designs makes them stand out from the sea of other streetwear brands.

Your 'tude is righteous, as you say.
Is your science as defiant?
Prove that your battle rhymes can slay.
Agent 8 on the Firefin mem cake

Splatoon 3

Squid Research Lab Fashion Desk intern on deck! Have you stared into the angry eyes of the FishFry? Then you're already familiar with Firefin, the gear brand for the streets, by the streets. Feel gritty - look fresh. Like diving into the ocean after getting sand in your shorts.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[7]


Main article: Badge#Brands

Reaching a cumulative amount of stars on Firefin gear will reward the player with badges.

Firefin Badges
S3 Badge Firefin 30.png Combined Firefin Gear at 30+ Stars
S3 Badge Firefin 100.png Combined Firefin Gear at 100+ Stars



Splatoon 2

Splatoon 3


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ホッコリー
from "ほっこり" hokkori (Onomatopoeia for something warm and fluffy; like steamy hot food, warm rooms in winter, warming heart)
Netherlands Dutch Firefin -
Canada French (NOA) Arki
France French (NOE) Friture Frying
Germany German Rilax Relax
Italy Italian Torryd Comes from torrido (very hot or scorching), though never used in relation to cooking
Russia Russian Фритюр
From фритюр frityur (deep-fryer)
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Shachi Likely a reference to the Japanese word for killer whale, "shachi"
Spain Spanish (NOE) Chokkor Similar romanization to the Japanese name
China Chinese (Simplified) 暖流
nuǎn liú
Warm current
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 暖流
nuǎn liú
Warm current
South Korea Korean 파이어핀