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Fuzzy Ooze and a Fuzzball

Fuzzy Ooze is a mysterious substance found in the Crater and Alterna. A Fuzzball may be attached to each splotch of Fuzzy Ooze.


Fuzzy Ooze pulsates like a life-form, but is not a living creature. It is covered with a brown furry substance, which may have a connection with the hairy Octarians. There are Fuzzballs on Fuzzy Ooze splotches, which can be cleaned and eaten by Smallfry. According to Alterna Log.exe, it was created by Mr. Grizz with liquid crystals found in the remains of Alterna, Golden Eggs, and his own fur.

If an Inkling or Octoling comes into contact with Fuzzy Ooze, some manner of brown hairy fur-like substance grows all over their body, and they lose their sense of self. In this state, they are unable to do much but hopelessly roll around and respawn after a few seconds. However, Salmonids like Smallfry are unaffected by Fuzzy Ooze, and can clean it up by eating it. The player needs to grab Smallfry and throw it at a Fuzzball, at the cost of Power Eggs on the overworld, or Golden Eggs during the Rocket  1 The Ursine Anomaly - #03. This cleans up the Fuzzy Ooze.


Cleanable Fuzzy Ooze with Fuzzballs appears in:

Fuzzy Ooze as static environmental hazard appears in:

Fuzzballs and fake Fuzzballs appears in Rocket  2 Return of the Mammalians as a unique boss mechanic.



  • The Fuzzy Ooze and sanitized ooze from the Octo Expansion share a few similarities:
    • Both of them were created by the respective campaigns' main antagonists — Mr. Grizz created the Fuzzy Ooze and Commander Tartar compounded a primordial ooze that would be used for sanitization.
      • Additionally, both of these substances have infected the Octarians. Respectively, the Sanitized Octarians serve as enemies in the Octo Expansion, while the Fuzzy Octarians appear in the Crater and Alterna.
      • The antagonists have also used these substances to attempt to destroy the world in the finale of the single-player campaigns. This is further reinforced in their bad endings:

Names in other languages

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Missing translations for Fuzzball edit
Fuzzy Ooze
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ケバインク
Fuzzy Ink
Netherlands Dutch Vloeivacht Flow fur
CanadaFrance French Bouillie hirsute Shaggy ink
Germany German Flauschplasma Fluffy plasma
Italy Italian Melma pelosa Fuzzy slime
Russia Russian Шерстудень
Fur jell
SpainMexico Spanish Plasma pelificador Hairifying plasma
China Chinese (Simplified) 绒毛墨汁
Róngmáo mòzhī
Fuzzy Ink
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 絨毛墨汁
Róngmáo mòzhī (Mandarin)
jung4 mou4 mak6 zap1 (Cantonese)
Fuzzy Ink
South Korea Korean 털나잉크
Hairy ink
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ケバインクのコア
Keba-Inku no Koa
Core of Fuzzy Ink
Netherlands Dutch Haarbal Hairball
CanadaFrance French Boule de poils
Germany German Flauschknäuel Fluffball
Italy Italian Palla di pelo
Russia Russian Пушар
SpainMexico Spanish Bola de pelo Hairball
China Chinese (Simplified) 绒毛墨汁的核心
Róngmáo mòzhī de héxīn
Core of Fuzzy Ink
Máo qiú
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 絨毛墨汁的核心
Róngmáo mòzhī de héxīn (Mandarin)
jung4 mou4 mak6 zap1 dik1 hat6 sam1 (Cantonese)
Core of Fuzzy Ink
Máo qiú (Mandarin)
mou4 kau4 (Cantonese)
South Korea Korean 털 뭉치