Deluxe Octobomber

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Deluxe Octobomber
Deluxe Octobomber Screenshot.jpg
Species Octarian
Hair color
Eye color
Location Octo Canyon

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The Deluxe Octobomber is an Octarian enemy similar to standard Octobombers. This enemy flies and shoots bombs in the same manner as standard Octobombers, but the Deluxe Octobomber has two thrusters on each side of its helmet, allowing it to quickly dodge left or right, similar to a player performing a dodge roll with Dualies. Its appearance is slightly darker as well, similar to the appearances of other Deluxe Octarians in relation to their standard versions. Usually when the Deluxe Octobomber is spawned, There is usually backup somewhere around the area. This can either be two or more Deluxe Octocopter or any ground support, such as the Octopod.


Octo Canyon

There is only one instance of this enemy in Octo Canyon, near the final checkpoint of

Octo Expansion

A Sanitized Deluxe Octobomber


  • When Marina mentions this enemy in Breakdance Station, she calls it a "Rocket Octobomber" instead of a "Deluxe Octobomber".
    • In the Dutch version, Marina erroneously calls it a "raketten-Octokopter", which is the same name given to the Missile Octocopter.


Names in other languages

The Deluxe Octobomber is named in Breakdance Station.

Language Name Meaning
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Raketten-Octokopter Rocket Octocopter