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8 Bit
Species Inkling
Hair color Red with yellow tips
Eye color Red
Age At least 14
Gender Female
Location Splatsville
Maximum HP
Other forms
I'm tough, and that's why I'm strong!
— 8 Bit, at the beginning of the Team 8 Bit vs. Team Blue fight.

8 Bit is an antagonistic character in the Splatoon manga. She debuted in Chapter 69, though she appeared fully in Chapter 70.


8 Bit is a female Inkling with the "Bed Head" hairstyle, and the "Classic" feminine eyebrows. She wears the Retro Framers, Manatee Swag Sweat, and Tenya OctoReds. Her main weapon is the Dynamo Roller.


Similar to Rider and Emperor, 8 Bit has a tough personality and seems to be short-tempered. She is known for calling lesser players 'slackers' and pushing her team to exhaustion but has developed a more carefree side after fighting and losing to Team Blue. Though she is strict with her team's actions in battle, she does seem to care for them and praises them when they do their best in their fight.



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 8ビット
8 Bit