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A Propeller.
Agent 3 using a Propeller lift to ascend.

Propellers are a gameplay mechanic first introduced in the sixth level of Octo Valley, Propeller-Lift Playground. They make a return in Octo Canyon, the Octo Expansion, Return of the Mammalians, and certain multiplayer stages.


Propellers appear similar to electrical fans. In Octo Valley, Octo Canyon, Salmonid Smokeyard, and Marooner's Bay, they appear on movable platforms as fans with three axial-flow blades. The blades are rounded with a translucent blue color.

In Ancho-V Games, the propellors are inside black cases, with wire guards surrounding the front ends. The blades appear more industrial, with numerous metal blades arranged in a centrifugal arrangement.


In Splatoon

When sprayed with ink or an explosion, propellers begin to spin and the platforms they are stationed on begin to move in a designated direction. The sides of the lift light up in the player's ink color. Propellers spin for a duration proportional to the damage of the attack, after which it halts and the platform begins to move backwards slowly.

The propellers found in Ancho-V Games function similarly to the ones found in Octo Valley. These propellers can only be activated from the front and the back, and they also shoot ink out from the top in the player's color. This may also splat any opponents.

In Splatoon 2

Propellers make a return in Octo Canyon and the Octo Expansion in Splatoon 2. Their functionality remains the same, with the addition of a dotted line indicating the path the platform (more specifically, the propeller) takes.

Propeller lifts can also be found in the Salmon Run stages Marooner's Bay and Salmonid Smokeyard. In Marooner's Bay, they allow the players to quickly get to the central egg basket from the shoreline. In Salmonid Smokeyard, the propeller platforms allow the players to quickly reach the other island, and serve as the only means of reaching the islands during high tide. Additionally, the stage Ancho-V Games returns, with additional propeller platforms added on the side routes.

Propellers now face in the direction they will go. This does not include corners and curves in the route.

In Splatoon 3

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In Return of the Mammalians, propellers return and function like they do in Octo Canyon. The platforms on which they appear are now called propellervators.

The returning Salmon Run Next Wave Stages, Marooner's Bay and Salmonid Smokeyard have these and their use remains the same as before. The multiplayer stage Marlin Airport also features propellers that players can use to gain vantage points over the other team.


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Octo Valley

Octo Canyon

Octo Expansion

Return of the Mammalians




Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese プロペラ
Netherlands Dutch Propeller -
CanadaFrance French Hélice
Germany German Propeller -
Italy Italian Elica
Russia Russian Пропеллер
SpainMexico Spanish Hélice
China Chinese (Simplified) 螺旋桨 Propeller
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 螺旋槳 Propeller
South Korea Korean 프로펠러 Propeller
Translate logo.svg Internal Msn_CourseObj_12 [2]
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese プロペラリフト
Puropera rifuto
Propeller lift
Netherlands Dutch Propellerplatform Propeller platform
CanadaFrance French Plateforme à hélice
Germany German Propeller-Plattform
Italy Italian Piattaforma a elica Propelled platform
Russia Russian Вентилифт
Fan elevator
SpainMexico Spanish Plataforma propulsada
China Chinese (Simplified) 螺旋桨踏板 Propeller stepping board
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 螺旋槳踏板 Propeller stepping board
South Korea Korean 프로펠러 리프트 Propeller lift
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Splatted by propeller ink! (Splat message)
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese プロペラから 飛び散ったインクで やられた!
Netherlands Dutch Uitgeschakeld door inkt van een propeller!
Canada French (NOA) Élimination par encre d'hélice!
France French (NOE) Élimination par encre d'hélice !
Germany German Durch Tinte aus einem Propeller erledigt!
Italy Italian Ti ha splattato lo schizzo di un'elica!
Russia Russian Тебя плюхнуло краской с пропеллера!
Tebya plyukhnulu kraskoy s propellera!
You got splatted by the ink from the propeller!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) ¡Te reventó la tinta de una hélice!
Spain Spanish (NOE) ¡Te ha liquidado la tinta de una hélice!
China Chinese (Simplified) 因螺旋桨飞溅出来的墨汁 而阵亡! Defeated due to ink flying out of propeller!
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 遭螺旋槳飛濺而來的墨汁擊倒 陣亡! Knocked down by ink flying out of propeller and defeated!
South Korea Korean 프로펠러에서 튄 잉크에 당했다!
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Language Name Meaning
France French (NOE) hélévateurs From hélicoptère ("helicopter") and élévateur ("elevator, lift")
SpainMexico Spanish Bloque propulsado Propelled block


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