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S2 Icon Grizzco.png Salmon Run Schedule
Oct 15 00:00 - Oct 16 06:00 UTC Oct 16 18:00 - Oct 18 00:00 UTC
S2 Stage Marooner's Bay.png
S2 Weapon Main Splat Dualies.png Splat Dualies
S2 Weapon Main Mini Splatling.png Mini Splatling
S2 Weapon Main Dark Tetra Dualies.png Dark Tetra Dualies
S2 Weapon Main Goo Tuber.png Goo Tuber
S2 Stage Salmonid Smokeyard.png
S2 Weapon Main Splat Roller.png Splat Roller
S2 Weapon Main N-ZAP '85.png N-ZAP '85
S2 Weapon Main Ballpoint Splatling.png Ballpoint Splatling
S2 Weapon Main Rapid Blaster Pro.png Rapid Blaster Pro
Marooner's Bay Salmonid Smokeyard
Last fetched: Oct 15 22:03 UTC
S2 Splatfest Logo.svg Splatfest Schedule
FlagUSA.svg NA/Oceania FlagEurope.svg Europe FlagJapan.svg Japan
Oct 19 22:00 Oct 19 14:00 Oct 19 8:00
S2 Splatfest Trick vs Treat.png
S2 Splatfest Trick vs Treat.png
S2 Splatfest Trick vs Treat.png
Trick vs. Treat Trick vs. Treat Trick vs. Treat
3 October 2018

Version 4.1.0 has been released! It adds the new stage Skipper Pavilion, the second Kensa Collection (comprised of the S2 Weapon Main Kensa Splattershot Pro.png Kensa Splattershot Pro, S2 Weapon Main Kensa Luna Blaster.png Kensa Luna Blaster, S2 Weapon Main Kensa Dynamo Roller.png Kensa Dynamo Roller and S2 Weapon Main Kensa Sloshing Machine.png Kensa Sloshing Machine), and four new music tracks!

S2 Stage Skipper Pavilion.png
S2 Kensa Collection 2 Promo Image.jpg
S2 SashiMori album art.jpg
S2 Diss-Pair Album Art.jpg

A special celebratory Splatfest for Halloween titled "Splatoween" was announced to take place over 48 hours from 19 October 2018 to 21 October 2018. Special festive-themed promotional headgear will be given through the Nintendo Switch News channel on the Switch.

S2 Splatoween Banner.jpg
S2 Splatoween Square.jpg
S2 Splatoween Off the Hook1.jpg
S2 Splatoween Title Screen.jpg