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S2 Splatfest Logo.svg Splatfest Schedule
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Unicorn vs. Narwhal
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Kid vs. Grown-Up
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Without Pineapple vs. With Pineapple
8 June 2019

The final Splatfest has been announced — Chaos vs. Order! It will be held in all regions for 72 hours from 18 July 2019 to 21 July 2019. Four new headgear items based on this Splatfest theme will be available. The Nintendo Switch News Channel will be updated in late June with instructions on obtaining the gear. All 23 previous Shifty Station layouts will appear, and a new Shifty Station layout will premiere in the last 24 hours of the Splatfest!

S2 FinalFest promo.jpg

In addition, version 5.0.0 will be released after the Splatfest. This update will add a "Turf War (Splatfest)" option to Private Battles, allowing players to experience all Shifty Station layouts as well as the Splatfest (night-time) versions of each normal stage!

22 February 2019

Crusty Sean and Murch have teamed up to provide everyone with some gear ability tips via the Squid Research Lab Report on the Nintendo Switch News Channel.
If you check out the article via your Nintendo Switch, you’ll receive some Drink Tickets as a courtesy. Keep an eye out for these articles to start popping up late next week!

Crusty Sean and Murch team up.jpg