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An inactive Gusher
Shoot a Gusher to make it burst skyward. So satisfying...

Gushers, written as gushers in Splatoon 3, are one of the mechanics first introduced in Octo Valley. They also appear in Octo Canyon, Salmon Run, a Shifty Station (Gusher Towns), the Octo Expansion, Return of the Mammalians, and Side Order.


Before being activated, Gushers appear to be stationary, circular, silver grates adorned with a knob. The knob has many red dots of light on it and a red wheel on the top. Upon being sprayed by ink, a large column of ink erupts from the platform. The color of the ink matches that of whoever activated it. After a certain amount of time, the column of ink will descend quickly.


Before being activated, Gushers remain stationary and do nothing. Upon being sprayed by ink, a large column of ink erupts from the platform, carrying all objects, including the player, to the top. This column of ink blocks both enemy and ally attacks. After around ten seconds, the ink from the Gusher stops coming out, and said Gusher needs to be sprayed with more ink to be activated again.

In multiplayer stages, such as Gusher Towns, Gushers require slightly more hits to activate. Touching a Gusher erupting with the opposing team's ink instantly splats the player.

In Salmon Run, Gushers only appear during Goldie Seeking waves, where spraying the Gusher with ink will cause the Gusher to erupt a column of various sizes of enemy ink. The size of the column depends on how close the Gusher is to the Goldie. They also emit light depending on how close to the Goldie they are, while other Salmonids spawn from them. All of the activated Gushers remain active until the Goldie is found and finds a new hiding place, or until the wave ends.

In Splatoon 3's Big Run, Gushers serve as additional spawn points for Salmonids during normal/high tide and the only spawn points for Salmonids during low tide. These Gushers have a wider base than ones found elsewhere.

In Side Order, Gushers serve as the primary spawn points for Jelletons.


Gushers can be activated by the player firing ink directly on their surface. They cannot be activated by Octarians or Salmonids.



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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese カンケツセン
Netherlands Dutch Geiser Geyser
CanadaFrance French Jet d'encre Ink beam
Germany German Tintenfontäne Ink fountain
Italy Italian Geyser Geyser
Russia Russian Гейзер
SpainMexico Spanish Surtidor Gusher
China Chinese (Simplified) 喷泉
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 噴泉
pēnquán (Mandarin)
pan3 cyun4 (Cantonese)
South Korea Korean 간헐천 Geyser
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