Sweet Valley Tentacles

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Sweet Valley Tentacles

Sweet Valley Tentacles

Added in 21 July 2018 (Squid vs. Octopus)
Total area 2,593p
Features Breakable tentacles, opening gates, sponges
Hazards Abyss

Sweet Valley Tentacles is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon 2. It was the twelfth variation of Shifty Station, and first appeared in the Squid vs. Octopus Splatfest. It returned in the Chaos vs. Order Splatfest. As of version 5.0.0, it is exclusively available in Private Battles. It features large tentacles, which can be splatted to open up gates around the stage.


This layout's main mechanic revolves around tentacles that stick out of the floor. There are three octopus tentacles and three squid tentacles, even during same-team matches. The octopus tentacles resemble those that are seen in boss battles, and the squid tentacles resemble a larger version of the Squid Bumpers seen in the test range.

Each team's spawn point is on a raised platform with a lower area in front and to the right and a walkway going off to the left. Past the lower area is a wall numbered 3 on the left, a ramp to a raised platform in the middle, and a tall, uninkable wall to the right. Beyond these is a large courtyard divided by both teams' number 1 walls and an S-shaped inkable platform between them. On each team's side, the number 1 tentacle is on the right, near the S-shaped platform. Further to the right of each team's side is a small pit hazard and a blocked-off area containing the team's number 2 tentacle. To the left of the team's side of the center is their number 2 wall, and beyond it a small enclosed area. This area contains the team's number 3 tentacle and can be reached by following the left walkway from the team's spawn. The number 2 wall is flanked by a raised platform with sponges at each end, allowing friendly team members to go around the wall without opening it.

The background of this layout features drinking jars with straws filled with a clear liquid. The background also has fireworks going off, some of them in the shape of the squid and octopus icons from the game can be seen in the sky, colored to match the teams currently playing.


Players can splat their enemy team's corresponding numbered tentacles (denoted by the Inkling numbers 1, 2 and 3). Doing so will lower a barrier with the same number, giving access to other areas, displaying a message and playing the "objective captured" or "objective lost" sound effect from Ranked Battles. Each tentacle is connected to a certain barrier and they do not heal damage or regenerate once splatted. There is a lit path on the floor leading from each tentacle to the gate it opens, and once the tentacle is splatted, the lights turn off as the gate opens.

The tentacles do not need to be splatted in any particular order, as number 2 is accessible from the start, and number 3, while hidden behind the number 2 gate, can still be accessed using long-ranged weapons and ones that provide more mobility, such as the Inkjet or Sting Ray; or by standing on a sponge and having it be expanded by an enemy team member.

The first tentacle will suffer 600 damage before being splatted, the second 3000, and the third 2000. Certain weapons do more damage to the tentacles, with the game applying the same damage multipliers as when attacking tentacles in Octo Expansion boss fights. The tentacles are unaffected by Object Shredder, so no additional damage is dealt.

Gate activation text

Gate Opened English message Japanese message Dutch message NOA French message NOE French message
Opposing gate We opened gate #! 第◯ゲートがひらく!
Dai ___ gēto ga hiraku!
(Opened gate #!)
Poort # gaat open!
(Gate # goes open!)
On a ouvert la porte #!
(We opened gate #!)
On a ouvert la porte # !
(We opened gate #!)
Player's gate They opened gate #! 第◯ゲートがひらかれる!
Dai ___ gēto ga hirakareru!
(Gate # has been opened!)
Ze openen poort #!
(They open gate #!)
Ils ont ouvert la porte #!
(They opened gate #!)
Ils ont ouvert la porte # !
(They opened gate #!)
Gate Opened German message Italian message Russian message NOA Spanish message NOE Spanish message
Opposing gate Tor # öffnet sich!
(Gate # opens!)
Avete aperto il portale #!
(You opened the gate #!)[1]
¡Abrimos la puerta #!
(We opened gate #!)
¡Se abre el portal número #!
(Gate number # is opened!)
Player's gate Gegner öffnet Tor #!
(Opponent opens gate #!)
Hanno aperto il portale #!
(They opened the gate #!)
¡El rival abrió la puerta #!
(The rival opened gate #!)
¡Portal número # abierto!
(Gate number # opened!)




  • The file name for this stage is "Deli13" and the codename is "Takoashi". Takoashi is taken from 蛸足, meaning "octopus tentacle" in Japanese. This refers to the giant tentacles found around the stage.
    • The file name implies it may have been finished after The Switches, despite appearing earlier.
  • This stage, The Bouncey Twins, and Railway Chillin' were found in the game's data after the release of Version 3.2.0. This stage, unlike the other two, had a full model, and was accessible using hacks in advance of its official debut.
  • Starting with this layout, all Shifty Stations debuted in the same order across all regions. This is largely due to there being many more global Splatfests starting with Squid vs. Octopus.
  • This stage is the only Shifty Station excluding MC.Princess Diaries to have anything to do with its debut Splatfest's theme; the tentacles correspond to their respective teams.
  • In Squid vs. Octopus, there were fireworks in the background of the stage. They were removed when the stage returned in Chaos vs. Order and Private Battles.


Sweet Valley Tentacles is named after the Sweet Valley High books by Francine Pascal, who presided over a team of ghostwriters. The name references the large tentacles found around the stage.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese たこあし注意報
Takoashi Chūihō
Tentacle Warning. A pun on Tsunami Chūihō (Tsunami Warning), by Miki Toriyama.
Netherlands Dutch Tentakelspektakel Tentacle Spectacle
CanadaFrance French Tentacules et tentation Tentacles and temptation
Germany German Tentakelwarnung Tentacle Warning
Italy Italian Ostacoli tentacoli Tentacle obstacles
Russia Russian Тенткаль-комплекс
Tentacle complex
SpainMexico Spanish Territorio tentacular Tentacular territory
  1. The you is referred to your team