Splatoon 3 Live Concert featuring Deep Cut at Nintendo Live 2024 TOKYO

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The Splatoon 3 Live Concert featuring Deep Cut, in Japan known as Bankalive Gou, is a virtual live concert that premiered on YouTube on 10 February 2024.


Full concert

Promotional teaser


On 30 August 2023, another Nintendo Live event was announced to be held at Tokyo Big Sight for two consecutive days starting on 20 January 2024.

Included in the event was a brand new concert featuring Splatoon 3's Deep Cut, along with an orchestral performance for The Legend of Zelda series. It was planned to be shown twice a day for a total of four showings, with the final performance of the second day being livestreamed on YouTube on 21 January 2024 at 09:00 UTC. Unlike the previous Nintendo Live in 2022, these two shows would have been separate and attendees would have only been able to view one of them in person. Those who had registered to compete in any of the Splatoon 3 competitions, including the Splatoon Koshien 2023 finals and Splatoon 3 World Championship 2024, would also have been able to attend one of the Splatoon 3 performances.[1]

The event, including the Splatoon 3 live concert, was later cancelled on 7 December 2023 due to Nintendo receiving threats towards employees and attendees.[2]

On 24 January 2024, it was announced that the a prerecorded version of the concert would be uploaded to Nintendo's official YouTube account on 10 February 2024 at 11:00 UTC.[3] Merchandise originally meant to be sold at the venue also went on sale on the Japanese My Nintendo Store at the same time as the announcement.[4]

The show lasted forty minutes and was initially premiered on Nintendo of Japan's YouTube account, with other translations being uploaded on their respective Nintendo branch's accounts soon after.


  1. No Quarters / Aquasonic / Ska-BLAM medley
  2. Till Depth Do Us Part
  3. Fins in the Air
  4. Hide and Sleek
  5. Smeared Canvas
  6. Candy-Coated Rocks / Tentacle to the Metal medley
  7. Big Betrayal
  8. Daybreaker Anthem
  9. Anarchy Rainbow / Anarchy Poisons medley (Deep Cut & Off the Hook)


  • Guitar: Haruka Sakamoto
  • Bass: Wakazaemon
  • Keyboard: Shoko Nagasaki
  • Drums: Seiichiro Hayakawa
  • Percussion: NanaN.
  • Trumpet: Hajime Gushiken
  • Trombone: Amane Takai
  • Baritone Sax: Junya Kondo


  • Because the event was rescheduled and performed on a soundstage without an audience, this concert did not include an announcement of the concert venue in the opening, unlike past performances.
  • This was the first concert to receive separate Spanish and French localizations for the Americas and Europe.
  • Unlike the 2022 live concert:
    • Deep Cut perform the Anarchy Rainbow/Anarchy Poisons medley with Off the Hook, rather than with themselves.
    • Deep Cut has a new color scheme when performing Hide and Sleek.
      • This color scheme was also used during Smeared Canvas.
    • Calamari Inkantation 3MIX was not performed at any time.
    • The Squid Sisters were absent.
    • Anarchy Rainbow/Anarchy Poisons medley, Fins in the Air, and Hide and Sleek are remade with different angles and instruments.
      • Also, Anarchy Rainbow/Anarchy Poisons medley is longer.
    • Off the Hook was present.
    • Clickbait and Sea Me Now are not performed before Deep Cut appears on stage. Instead, No Quarters, Aquasonic, and Ska-BLAM are performed.
    • Till Depth Do Us Part, Smeared Canvas, Candy-Coated Rocks/Tentacle to the Metal medley, Big Betrayal (although with different translated dialogue than the in-game version), and Daybreaker Anthem are added as new songs.

Names in other languages

Short name
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese バンカライブ 轟(ゴウ)
bankaraibu gou
Netherlands Dutch Splatoon 3-liveconcert met Deep Cut Splatoon 3 live concert with Deep Cut
Canada French (NOA) Concert en direct Splatoon 3 Live avec Tridenfer
France French (NOE) Concert Splatoon 3 avec les Tridenfer
Germany German Splatoon 3-Livekonzert mit Surimi Syndicate
Italy Italian Concerto del Trio Triglio di Splatoon 3
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Concierto en vivo de Splatoon 3 con la presentación del Clan Surimi Splatoon 3 live concert with the appearance of Deep Cut
Spain Spanish (NOE) Concierto de Splatoon 3 interpretado por el Clan Surimi Splatoon 3 concert performed by Deep Cut
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 蠻頹Live轟
South Korea Korean 삼합파 콘서트 굉
Portugal Portuguese (NOE) Concerto Splatoon 3 com os Deep Cut


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